Spelunking - Lorem, Joachim, Garak

Joachim blinks once ... twice ... another time. He did not get the joke. Of course she had been better, you would not be ok after you had been raped, it was against every logic there could exist. Poor girl she must have suffered much. But there was no time to ponder about the mislead destiny of the singular. There was a group to save here after all and every second wasted was precious. "Again I must apologise, if you can direct us? I will make sure that those responsible for this will pay, not only these ..." he looks around at the bits and bloods "animals."

"... I can easily believe so." Lorem allows a tiny sad smile to grace his lips, content that the girl was still sane and in a normal state of mind, before rolling his eyes at Joachim's insistence. "We came here because we heard about your situation... And Zetroc." Lorem narrows his eyes at the floor mentioning the mage's name. He then raises his head again, the narrowing gone, trying to be as gentle as possible to not upset the girl further. "What about the other girls? Are they all alright or... Where are they keeping them?"

Nestling herself within the makeshift blanket, the girl shivers slightly, curling her bare toes against the hard rocky ground.
"There's a room...over there," she squeaks, pointing to the opposite wall. Set into the rock is a second door, one previously unseen, decorated unsubtly with a large steel padlock.

"I don't know about the others," she says, curling in further, "but I know Malyssa is in there," the girl adds, pointing to the same door.
"I heard her screaming, for a long time...and then nothing," she mumbles, the words barely audible through the cape wrapped around her frail body.

"... I understand." Lorem says, grief filling him hearing those words. Maybe they had been too late for some of the women, maybe Delphine too. Their comrade... He gripped his hands. "Joachim, could you please see if the door opens or if we will have to bring it down by force?" With that big lock? Yeah, right. Garak, where are you when we need you? He groas and then gently and slowly puts a hand on the woman's right shoulder, fearing to make any more intimate contact, knowing that it would be a long time, if she would ever get used to it again. He offers the girl a smile. "You've been very strong. I know that many women would have been broken by such an ordeal, miss..." Lorem stops in mid-sentence and blinks, he then rubs the back of his head with his other hand. "Ehm... My bad. I didn't ask for your name."

"Lorem there is not time for courtesies, unfortunatley. Go go over the bodies see if you can find something use full!" Joachim instructs the apparently less experienced man on a rescue mission. He gives the girl one last smile. Before he goes over to the big door. He hoped to hear something from the other side or be able to spot through the lock. At the same time he uses his inspection to see if he might be able to break down the door in one go or if he could simply take out the lock. Some strikes with the dull handle of his greatsword did miracles. On the other hand it might not even be locked in the first place. It was strange somehow though that with all this noise no one had taken notice of their presence, that again could be the reason of their malevolent tortures and raping. He would not tolerate any presence to escape his hand. Joachim was already regretting the fact that he had left two orcs alive of those they had met earlier. His inspection fullfilled he returns to the girl and says as comforting as he can "Keep here, try not to make any noise and wait for our return, if we are not back within the hour run outside this cave, it is the first turn on the right. You will find a white winged horse waiting give him this and ask him to fly you home. Also take this weapon to fend of any further threads. If this is the last you hear of us, live a decent life, have some kids and try to forget what happened here." Joachim was a bit fatalistic but he had to make sure this women was cared for happened what might happen to him. He gave her his shortsword. It was mostly a gift to raise her self confidence. He gives her a last smile but does not say goodbyes, it was a bad omen to do such.

He goes back to the door, hoping Lorem was done with his quick search. "Let's go" he says before opening the door the best way he is able to.

"... Joachim, just what in the nine hells are you going on about?" Lorem takes a hold of the shortsword, aware that the girl was going from relief to confusion and fear again in a few seconds, thanks to the paladin. "In case you've forgotten, there are five of us in this cave. We can afford some time to at least 'ask' the people we rescue if they're able to stand on their feet or if they feel safe with being left alone again." Lorem shakes his head.

"On one thing the paladin is right, though. We're here to rescue you and the other girls, so, we cannot dawdle much. The other girls could be in danger as you. You can stay here or follow us. If you stay behind me, you'll probably be safe from harm, but we can't be sure of that... But at the same time, I fear for you safety, leaving you alone..." Lorem shakes his head, groaning. "What do you want to do? Please, answer truthfully."

"My name is Leeka," the girl replies, glancing down to the floor.
In response to Lorem's offer, she looks about the room, taking in the horror of this place, then looks her two gentlemen up and down, finally returning her eyes to the floor.
"I - I'll stay behind you...if that's ok?" she asks, eyes glued to the blade offered her by Joachim.
"May I have that?"

"... Yes. Of course." Lorem slowly hands the girl the shortsword and then helps her back on her feet, if she wants to. "I pray to the gods that I will be able to keep you safe, Leeka. If something should happen to me, please, start running. And I hope we will find the other girls soon." Lorem turns around and start searching the bodies, trying to find anything useful, maybe some keys or a map of the caves.

Dice Roll: 1d20
d20 Results: 14
Search Check

The moment Leeka grabs ahold of the blade and gets to her feet, she flies out of Lorem's loose grip, jumping quickly atop the body of the dead Goblin. Raising the sword with both hands, the crazed woman plunges it down into the creature's face, again and again. Each stab sends a burst of blood and brains into the air, but Leeka pays it no mind, continuously stabbing the corpse until it is barely recognizable as a Goblin...

Seemingly satisfied, the girl rolls back off the corpse and regains her previous position on the chair, breathing heavily as she wipes a bit of gore from her face. Blade still clutched in her hand, she gives you a hard look that says "Back off!", and sits regaining her breath as you search the room.

Turning your attention back to the room, you first move to examine the far door. Oddly, the door is set somewhat lower into the ground, as if the entire room beyond was on a lower foundation than this one. This also prevents it from opening inwards towards you, and the entire thing is quite clearly locked, its handle sealed with a large metal padlock.
With a couple light taps from the hilt of your sword, you realize you could smash it off, given a hard enough blow...
Putting your ear to the door, you try and block out the conversation behind you, focusing solely on the noises beyond the door. Though the thick wood seems to be blocking much of the sound, you can quite clearly hear grunting, and the occasional thud of wood against rock.

Moving back to the bodies, you first search the Orc, setting aside its blood-spattered greataxe. The creature wears thick scale-mail armor, also drenched in blood, and thick leathery boots. Rummaging through the creature's foul-smelling gear reveals little save a small bag of 15 coppers, a single silver coin, and several coins of the same type found at the brothel. Around his neck, a charm necklace consisting of teeth interposed with fingers and ears. The whole thing reeks of death and decay, but it does look quite fashionable on the Orc.
The tunic around his waist is particularly bloody, and as you search the corpse you realize that this particular Orc is, well, missing an important member of his team. No wonder he looked so angry...

Shuffling along to the two Hobgoblins, you see that each wears studded-leather armor, a longsword clutched in the right hand. Each also carries a small steel shield, though neither had been wearing it during the combat. The two Hobgoblins together only hold a dozen silver coins, and nothing else of much interest.

Finally, you get to the Goblin's corpse, his face and head hopelessly destroyed by the girl's violent outburst. He too wore studded leather armor, and carries an unused morningstar in his thin hands. His pockets reveal nothing of interest, and though he wore a small leather cap on his head, it is now far beyond salvage...


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