Spelunking - Lorem, Joachim, Garak

"I guess you had to let it all out, somehow." Lorem says, letting the girl do what she wants with the goblin's dead body before searching it and the others, reminding himself to be more wary of people who went through troubling events from that point onward.

"... It seems that one of the girls bit back. Literally." Lorem says while searching the orc's body, before going over the others, not finding anything of interest. "... So, we'll have to open this door by force. And from what we can hear from the other side, other enemies wait us. Joachim... Be ready."

Lorem gets back on his feet, and grabs a hold of his bow and arrow, crouching down so to compensate the fact tha the next room is probably on a lower level. He gives the girl behind him a glance. "Stay back. Don't attack. Just because you have a weapon now, it doesn't mean that you could survive if you attacked an orc. Defend yourself if the need arises, but other than that, let us do all the fighting." Lorem prepares to attack, one hand on his quiver, grabbing a hold of an arrow, ready for whatever they may see through that door.

Dice Roll: 1d20+2
d20 Results: 3 (Total = 5)
Sense Motive

"You heard him. I do not approve of you following us, it will only get you into danger, but I will not oppose ether it is your decision. Keep a safe distance if possible though." Joachim had shortly reported to Lorem about the door. "Shall we go then?" he asks almost rhetorically simply smashing his blade down on the lock hilt first using the remaining blade as weight.

Am I rushing this to much? Also this probably will leads us down some unwelcome path we might want the others to join us on, but it would not fit Joachims character to wait on anyone, specially now his adrenaline is flowing.

Taking the girl slightly off to the side, Lorem waits for Joachim to take the door down, bow trained and ready to fire.

Smashing the hilt of his sword on the metal lock, Joachim easily breaks it off, and pushes the door inward, to reveal a large room, about as big as the one you find yourself in now. Along the left and right sides of the room, several large curtained-off areas, makeshift wooden boards set around the outside and jammed crudely into the ground. A large bench runs down the center of the room, big enough for a half-dozen human-sized occupants, and through the gaps in the curtains can see small carpets and rugs along the floor of each makeshift room.

Glancing about, the room seems unoccupied, and you carefully enter the room, stepping down through the odd door. Inside, the sounds of grunting break you from your trance, and you realize that you're not alone. Loud, wet, moany noises come from behind a large curtain on the far left-hand side of the room. Alternating with the thud of a shelf against the wall, the source of the noise is painfully clear...

"..." Lorem gets a sick feeling inside his stomach at what he hears as he enters the room, and rage fills his whole body. They'd better not be violating a dead body, at least... Now, they couldn't attack directly like before, and if the just rushed in the newest enemy could take the girl as hostage if he noticed something was wrong. It was at times like this that he wished there was Garak with them. They needed subtlety, caution... I'm not Garak, but I have to try.

Lorem silently whispers to Joachim that he should get into a position from where he could rush at an opponent the moment he came out from behind the wooden board as soon as he started moving as well, and to the girl to stay where she is. This had to be done to perfection. It was an important bluff. Lorem roughed up his voice and started to talk in Orc.

"We have problems! Intruders! A group of damn pink-skins have come for the girls and the boss!" He shouted, while trying to get silently behind the woodboard next to the one in front of the curtain from where the noises were coming, picking an arrow out of the quiver and tensing his whole body, ready to unleash an arrow at the first sight of an orc, goblin, hobgoblin or whatever. "Leave the bitch there and come help us! The boss has said that if they take away even a single wench, he's going to take them the rest away from us for good!"

Joachim looks at Lorem, confused. If there was someone here shouldn't they have been alerted to their presence already? Also what was it with these creatures. He lets Lorem have his fun mimicking orcs voices but inside all he wants to do is tear every curtain down and kill what ever he meets and does not fit the profile of a captured woman. He awaits to the reaction ready to kill what ever might come out of this.

Somehow, the pair still had the element of surprise, as nobody seems to react the the sound of the door being broken in. Perhaps they're busy?
Creeping up near to the final stall, Lorem gets into position, waiting until Joachim and the girl take theirs as well, the latter as far off to the corner of the room as possible.
"We have problems! Intruders! A group of damn pink-skins have come for the girls and the boss!"
At the sound of the cry, the moaning comes to a halt, replaced by angry grunting and cursing.
"Leave the bitch there and come help us! The boss has said that if they take away even a single wench, he's going to take them the rest away from us for good!"

Mission accomplished, the curtain flies open, revealing a large Orc-like creature, though its size suggests it has Giant or Ogre blood. Pulling himself out of a small member of the "staff" here, he turns at you and snarls. Again he pulls out, only this time its a large steel-spiked club, its polished inserts beacons of light in the darkness of this underground brothel. Though the creature's anger stems from its unfinished business, upon seeing the pink flesh of Lorem and Joachim, the "Org" roars violently, spittle flying from his sharp teeth, and prepares to greet its visitors...

As you confront the Org in front of you, simultaneous cries of alarm and anger sound from the other curtained-off rooms, and two Orcs appear, each one clearly still half-asleep. Seeing that their cave is being attacked, however, the creatures quickly draw arms, though they hesitate to act until their larger comrade takes the lead.

I wasn't 100% on where you wanted to position yourself, so if that's not right, let me know
OOC for Lorem
Please roll Initiative + actions. (Thanks for the reminder!)
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Hearing the shuffling and obvious displeasure in the voice of the monster about to get out of the ten, Lorem smirks. His bluff had worked. He was ready to attack the creature when it came out of the tent... Only to freeze for an instant when he finds himself observing a larger, more dangerous looking creature. "What the..." The moment is enough for the beast to gain his bearings and for Joachim to suddenly stand in front of him, while two more orcs suddenly appear in the room. As the creature roars, Lorem puts back in place his bow and the arrow and gets out his sword and shield, seeing that this time he would not be able to use it, the monsters being so close to him.

... We have to be swift, and cautious. That orc must be some kind of hybrid... A monstrous hybrid. Lorem grits his teeth before attacking the orc right in front of him, the only enemy that he could reach from that position. "Be on your guard, Joachim! It seems like this creature will be more of a challenge than the ones before!" He says, his sword making an arc for his enemy, in a flurry of swings.

"The bigger they are ..." Joachim simply says as he is already swinging his sword for the creature hoping to get it down by surprise before it can defend itself properly.

The emergence of the huge creature puts a pause on the entire room for a brief second, and when the moment passes, chaos ensues.

Using its own dramatic entrance to its advantage, the Org heaves its massive club high in the air, swinging it viciously at Joachim's shield. The creature's swing is slow and heavy, and the Paladin manages to sidestep the swing, letting the full force of the blow fall upon the floor. With its club temporarily embedded into the ground, the Org is unable to dodge Joachim's strikes, though its thick armor absorbs the blows rather easily. Roaring violently, the monster again brings up its club, readying an attack...

Off to the side, Lorem is forced to watch from the sidelines as his companion tackles the Org solo, and takes his anger out on the half-alert Orc. Moving in quickly before the Orc can bring up a proper defense, Lorem slashes at the Orc twice,
21 damage
each time drawing blood. Though the creature is unable to stop Lorem's attacks, it manages to hack at you with its rusty blade,
9 damage
landing a single hit.
And on the opposite side of the room, the other Orc hesitates for a second, unsure of who to attack. Within seconds though, its mind is made up, and it runs over to the bench, clambering up behind the two warriors...

Joachim had focused on his first blow, furhter he had intended it to be a deadly one changeling the might of his holy thoughts and feelings through the blade to smite this foe. He had intended his blow to be one of such incredible might he had actually forgotten to actually aim. A rookie mistake which cost him much. His blade does not even get near this foe and the strike that should follow is obviously misplaced as well. Regaining his balance the paladin tries to recompose his next strike should be more precise and match the blow at least in power. The org would not stand long.

BTW sorry bout the AC it actually is 20; J. is using his greatsword two handedly.


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