Spelunking - Lorem, Joachim, Garak

"Ngh..." May it for the long time since he last used his melee weapons, be it for pure luck, the orc had managed to slip a hit past Lorem's defense, wounding him. Even if the damage was nothing compared to how he himself had injured the orc, it still irked him. "I hope you had a good life... Scratch that. Just die." Again, Lorem aims and attacks the orc with a flurry of blows.

The Org recovers from its initial blows quickly, and its club is again up and swinging, faster than something that size could be. Flexing its shoulders as it brings the club across, the Org smashes it into Joachim's blade, catching the warrior on a cross-swing. The
8 damage to the Greatsword
force of the blow nearly
Down to 2 out of 10 HP, before it breaks
knocks the sword from the Paladin's hands, and the shockwave
4 damage
echoes painfully along your arm.
Shrugging off the pain, you lash out at the Org after regaining control of your blade, but
8 damage
the cut seems to barely faze him...
Taking advantage of your preoccupation with the larger Org, the small Orc behind you pokes and prods at you with his own blade, using his height atop the bench to
9 damage
slash at your shoulders.

Lorem, meanwhile, seems to be having no problems dealing with his part of the battle. Slashing furiously at his Orc, Lorem easily deflects the creature's pathetic attacks,
14 damage
cutting in with his own blade. The poor Orc seems to be nearing the end of his days, clutching his gut as it spews Orc-juices onto the cold ground...

As his blade cuts into orc skin easily, Lorem observes his handiwork with disgust, not for the patetic act of trying to keep in spilling guts, but at the thought of just what had transpired in that room by those monsters' hands. "Nice pose. Now stay still..." He raises his swords and drops it on the orc yet again, hoping to have enough momentum left to slash at the other orc, who had been 'entertaining' Joachim from the sounds he had heard coming from behind his back.

"ELVIRA!" Joachim exclaims as his blade gets hit, almost troubled by the thought his blade might be no more soon enough. It had served him well over the years, but in this conditions it would be no good anymore, he had to get himself a new one as soon as he reached town the paladin thought casually as he tries to catch an opening in the defence of the ogre. Then he gets struck in the back. The armor took most of the impact but somehow the blade had managed to find a way through, to his skin. Blood was running out in between the cracks of his fullplate. It was nothing seriously, but combined with all the bashing around Joachim had encountered he was starting to feel a bit worn. "I knew this day would come, but lend me your service one last time, poor Elvira!" Joachim mutters to his blade in an strange pause of battle that came over the whole scene of a sudden giving him time to look at his beloved blade and cherish it looking at it valiantly as it was held up in a gesture of heroism.

Suddenly reality came back dashing in and the private scene with his blade gets washed away. "Lorem take care of this orc for me, HE IS A PAIN IN THE BACK!" Joachim exclaims as he slashes at the org hoping to bring him down.

The Org's eyes beam as it watches you stumble from the powerful club, and it leans through in another strike, lunging wildly. Club high and body low, the Org's downward slam just barely misses, steel spikes whooshing by your ear and impacting upon the ground. Seizing the opportunity, you cut in with your own sword, hacking at the Org's exposed flank and back. Elvira, keen even in pain,
24 damage
hews a sizable chunk out of the monster's back, slicing down its leg as the creature lands on the ground.
Sword dripping Org blood, you steady yourself as the creature turns and regains its balance, hatred dripping from its eyes...

Across the battlefield, Lorem swiftly puts and end to his beleaguered Orcish opponent, and uses his momentum to swing himself around, plants one foot on the bench, and cut down as he lands, dealing
11 damage
a quick blow to the second surprised Orc.

"One down." Lorem says, referring to the orc he had just killed, if orcish guts and an orcish head falling to the ground were any indication, turning towards the other which he had just injured using the remaining momentum of his last attack. "And you're next." These words were said in orcish to put more enphasis on his try to intimidate his enemies. "I will relieve you of the pain in your 'back' right away, Joachim." He again attacks, focusing on the last remaining normal orc.

Joachims eyes blaze in fury (only they are greenish blue in nature). His blond hair covered in a copper red by now from all the blood and other dirt he had caught in it. His moustache a sign to fear for his enemies. "Any last words?!" He mutters to the Org not expecting him to understand, grateful someone was taking care of the guy flanking him.

Seemingly focused more on his taunt, Joachim's strikes miss wide, not even coming close to hitting the Org. Using the Paladin's failed attacks as momentum, the Org swings its huge club across, catching Joachim flat across the back. The massive weapon leaves
16 damage
a huge dent in the thick armor, along with several puncture wounds where the steel bits
4 damage
punched through.
6 damage
Stumbling itself for a second after the huge impact, the Org quickly regains its footing, and now that both combatants bear significant injury, the monster's outlook is far better...

Lorem, meanwhile, seems to also get carried away in the moment, daring the Orc on in its own language. Though he manages to
4 damage
slice at the Orc, the blow is overdone by a flourish of motion. Using the excessive fanciness to its advantage, the Orc stabs straight in,
Critical hit! 9 damage
piercing the warrior's dragon-scale armor. As the blade cuts in, several scales dislodge from the damaged armor, finding their way
9 more damage
into the open wound...

"Ghk!" Lorem staggers a little as the orc strikes true, managing to inflict a big wound on his body. He grits his teeth at the feeling of the wound, further damaged by the pieces of his own armour. "... Almost looks like a punishment for not using my bow..." Nonetheless, Lorem holds his ground and this time more carefully, he slashes at the orc once again.

Joachim almost gets thrown to the ground by the impact of the hit. This reminded him of the ogre tribe he had to face before his own village was destroyed by the very same. Had he met them perhaps he would have died back there. This was but a half descendant of such a tribe, imagine how a full fledged group of such beasts must have looked like. Or where they not ogres? It had been perhaps destiny that took him through a route the others were not travelling on and the ogres straight to the village murdering hundreds of unprepared men. It had been his fault and blessing. On Joachim's face appears a tear of both pain and despair. He could have done nothing to save these people, but he sure would not stand around and let these creatures hurt any more of his kind. They had to pay for their sins. No he would spare no one.

Ignoring his own wounds he shouts to Lorem. "Are you ok? I could need some help over here, can you bring that orc down?" Joachim was unsure if he should help his companion or continue his task. He was unlikly going to survive another heavy hit as that one. This was a critical situation. He was divided between the idea of making a fall back to the door where they could face them one on one and the thought of bringing down the huge fellow as quick as he could.

He was a man of risks, how bad could this combat go? "When you see the chance, get the hell out of here, I will back you up as soon as I see the chance as well. No sense in getting beaten down by this thug!" With these words Joachim waves his blades twice more at the huge fellow.

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