Spelunking - Lorem, Joachim, Garak

Feeling it has the edge, the Org strikes at you viciously, hoping to add you to its list of victims. Fortunately, the creature's blow misses, but your own attacks do not. Slashing and cutting at the Org, your blade finds its way into the loosely-protected stomach, twisting and
Critical Hit! 23 damage
puree'ing the Org's insides.
Pulling out your gore-covered sword, you wrinkle your nose as the Org looses his bowels, dying sickeningly on the ground in front of you...
Using the death of the Org as cover, Joachim quickly turns around to face the final Orc, stunned and surprised at the death of its massive companion.
12 damage
A quick slash cuts through the Orc's armor, though it doesn't go down...

Meanwhile, Lorem holds his Orc at a standstill, neither combatant able to get a blow in on the other...

"Run and leave you here alone? You must be jok... ARGH! What a stench!" It's Lorem's first comment as he smells the contains of the Org's stomach and bowels as they empty on the ground. If you allow me a fourth wall breaking moment, I'd say it took Improved Stenchy Insides when he last leveled up. "Whatever. Let's get back to you. Seems like the situation has just turned in our favour." Lorem immediately attacks his own opponent again, hoping to bring an end to this battle as soon as possible.

Joachim does not bother the smell. It was not to far of what he himself would be smelling like in a few hours if he did not clean somehow, that if he was not smelling like it already due to the rotten food in his fullplate and the sour mead that had dried on his cloths. As the huge mass falls to the ground in front of him Joachims mind is already at another front, a decent punchline! "Smells like he looks!"

And in thought he adds sad in spirit For you Elvira.

Not a moment after his blade searches the body of the last of the unpleasant trio. His blows are fierce, but not as hearty as at the big bad half orc orgre (BBHOO), he had taken vengance for his blade and the dealing with the woman. His raging vengeance was decreasing and the power draining through the still running blood of his cuts and pain of bruises.

With his large buddy dead, his armor ravaged, and his weapons failing him, the Orc does what any Orc would do in a similar situation - he runs away.
Unfortunately for the Orc, his opponents are faster, and he is quickly brought down by Lorem's blade.

Wiping the Orc's blood from your blade, you look about, and finally exhale. The girl you rescued earlier is still in the corner, curled up in a fetal position on the floor. Blade lying on the ground, she rolls back and forth on her heels, head tucked in and hands over her ears.

"Darn... That was tougher than what I thought... I guess that I prefer long range fighting." Lorem says, wiping the blood from his blade with a clean piece of the orc's clothing, before holding his hurt side. "Thanks the gods for potions... Or maybe you could just lay hands, Joachim... Uh?" Looking around, Lorem notices that the girl that they had rescued earlier was having a breakdown. "H-Hey! It's over! They're gone! They're all gone!" He tooks a single step in her direction, trying to not upset her further. "C-Come on... Get it together... Your friend, Malissa... We need you to help her... We need her to see a familiar face..." Lorem says, gritting his teeth at the thought of the poor girl behind the wooden board.

Joachim pulls his blade back out from in between the orc's ribs. Wiping the blood of it on the dirty cloths of the same. He takes a quick look at the girl then turns to Lorem "Perhaps it is best if we leave her with Artax?" His looks is almost one of desdain, he had intended for the girl to either wait or leave, it was a bad idea to give her an actual choice as Lorem had done. In these times there was no room for small quarrels about who got to say. One would act in a group even if the ideas differed. Joachim sights.

"How wounded are you?" he proceeds in no more regard of the girl on the ground, she was alive, safe and sound as she could be. There was nothing he could do for her at least not without wasting to much time and his breath. Nothing, ignoring the fact of seeing to it that the ones who did evil to her were punished. He was no judge, in the sense that he would argue and weight defence against offence, he was beyond that. He was the one who had to see that justice was actually done. If he was handling humans he would have probably simply tried to knock them down and see that they are imprisoned. These were even less then human, they were malignant creatures, orcs. Death seemed to be the only solution, after the escape of the one who he had shown goodwill. A proof of the mistake Joachim had incurred in letting him live. As he thinks of that "By the way what happened to our second prisoner the one who didn't get away?"

As Lorem is answering he gets out two flasks and
Dice Roll:
1d8+5 1d8+5
d8 Results: 5 (Total = 10)
d8 Results: 3 (Total = 8)
drinks the blueish liquid inside. His power was
21HP layonwise
beyond that of fixing both men's wounds and his own were not that important, at least to Joachim. The shimmering liquid touches his lips and almost instantly takes effect. Some cut's diminish and actually stop to bleed. After the deed is done he sees to it that Lorem is helped best he can. He puts the palm of his hand onto the others shoulder concentrating his thoughts on the same. A short flickering light pulses onto the shoulders and closes a few of Lorem's
ok I'll give you 11HP keep the other 10 for last resort

After some of the healing is done Joachim takes a quick look around the room. "You go take care of her while I take a look behind these curtains." He then proceeds in opening all those where orcs had come out through, starting with the one where the org had come out through. He takes a big step over the corpse and kicks it as he has reached the other side.

"Alright... From the sounds that came from behind that curtain, though... I think we found Malissa." Lorem admits, grimacing at the thought. He then kneels down to the girl's level, checking his body to see that indeed the paladin had healed a great deal of them. "Hey. We took care of them. They're gone. They're not going to hurt you anymore. I said I'd protect you, didn't I?"

Looking up at the kind hand offered her, Leeka hesitantly grabs hold, allowing Lorem to pull her slowly to her feet. Snatching the blade as she rises, Leeka pauses at the top, regaining her wits after the encounter...

"I'm fine," she replies to Joachim, her look souring as the Paladin rudely turns before she even finishes, clearly preoccupied with something else. Quaffing a pair of potions, and using his divine gifts to heal his comrade, Joachim quickly moves onward, beginning his search of the curtained-off rooms.

Stepping over the massive Org's corpse, you push through the thin cloth-like door, and enter the room. A foul odor of musk, trash, and excrement assaults your nose, nearly as powerful as the Org's attacks. The room itself is small, just big enough to uncomfortably fit the Org, housing only two things of note. First, stood up towards the wall, is a small table, roughly the size of a small human. Bent over the table, another human girl, naked and positioned face-down on the table. Glancing at her face, you see that although she is clearly alive, and breathing, her eyes are covered with a makeshift blindfold, a foul strip of brownish cloth wrapped tightly around her head. In her mouth, a similar gag, the girl thus rendered blind and mute...

"... The more I see in this place, the more I want to kill every orc, goblin, hobgoblin and hybrid inside here along with Zetroc." Lorem rips out the cloth, since he doesn't have another old mantle to use, and covers the girl with it. "... Hey. Can you hear us? We're here to help you." He then moves his hands to the blindfold and gag, to take them away, while talking to the first girl they saved. "Please, talk to her. Maybe hearing a familiar voice will help her."

Joachim seeing that Lorem went past his "orders" once more, and instead of comforting the other girl came rushing to see what he had found, sights. He lets the other free the girl and comfort her in his ways. As far as he was concerned that was all. The girl was alive. Shamed, but alive. Only one more reason to bring the rest of the group down. Joachim simply goes over to Lorem and whispers into his ear "I'll be checking the remaining rooms." Joachim quickly looks over the room seeing if he can see some blanket of sorts or the clothes of the girl, if he does he points it out to Lorem.

As the paladin exits the room still filled with disdain, and somehow a picture of Gerwin in his mind, which somehow is disturbing and alluring at the same time. What if that on the table had been Gerwin? His anger
ok J. is turning green

His thumb points backwards into the room. "Your friend is well" the paladin tells the girl who's name he has forgotten, already, in the midst of combat. He then proceeds in opening the curtains to every single other room taking a peek inside.

As this is accomplished he looks over the bodies to see if he can get a grip on some decent weapon in alternative to his greatsword, the club of the beast comes into mind. This search is stretched out into the first room they had encountered, where Joachim ends up waiting in case Lorem has not caught up with him already. "One more to go." the blond man tells in a mixture of statement and explanation to Lorem and the rescued girls respectively.

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