The Roster

The Roster

Please post (exactly one post) your character's description, from the perspective of a person seeing your character for the first time. If you have a character portrait, please link it as well. Title the post with your character's name.

Eberhart Zurbruck

A young dwarf with a scruffy brown beard. Eberhart carries himself with a bit of a swagger, accentuated by the matching pair of maces swinging from hooks on his belt. He wears a single brass hoop earring in his left ear, and a rather torn-up chainmail shirt. His shoulders seem perpetually hunched, until he's looking at a woman.


A short, slender, human woman, with stylish brown hair and a devilish gleam in her eyes. Whether she's wearing her skin-tight black leather armor, traveling clothes, or elaborate evening wear, she likes to draw eyes. She's quick with a quip, and doesn't always play nice.

Karn Lee

Karn is a large young man with bowl cut straight black hair. You might think of him as fat until you see him move and then you can understand that under that layer of fat is muscle. He moves with a grace and speed that is surprising for of his size. He wears no armor, just standard, loose clothing and carries no obvious weapons.

Brynna Wyllam

Brynna is a slender woman of average height. She has blue eyes and flowing, red-brown hair and is moderately pretty. Her manner is somewhat diffident, but her jaw is square and determined. She moves rather gracefully, but it is an unconscious grace. She is direct, not in the least flirtatious, and is slow to open up to others.


Layna stands about as tall as most human women, though her fine features are a bit exotic, especially this far from her home on the outskirts of the Sudern Wildwood. Hazel eyes are in constant movement, settling on people and objects just long enough to keep track of them and their movements, but never long enough to lose track of her surroundings.

About town (Astangard) Layna tends to wear her shoulder length auburn hair loose so that it covers her slightly elongated ears and allow her to draw slightly less attention. Soft but sturdy boots a simple shirt and pants and sturdy drab colored cloak which largely obscures her lean, muscular build and barely hints at her gender. Yet looking beneath the utilitarian plainness of her attire and detached demeanor, there is a certain beauty and awkward femininty which she almost seems to be intentionally hiding. Seemingly out of place is a simple leather "bracelet" bearing a few small charms that she wears about her left wrist.

When free of the burdens of the city, Layna though in her travels she tends to wear her auburn hair in a simple ponytail or braid that falls between her shoulder blades. The same cloak and boots that she wears about the city are part of her traveling attire, as is a simple yet well made suit of leather armor which is adorned with a pair of short swords, a longbow, and a dagger. Seemingly out of place is a simple leather "bracelet" bearing a few small charms that she wears about her left wrist.

Tobeha (Tobie)

Tobie is a hardworking, fairly pretty girl with long dark chestnut hair that, left down, would fall to her waist in waves. Jade green eyes peer out from long lashes a shade darker than her hair and freckles sprinkle her nose and cheeks. A true smile brings a small dimple to her left cheek. She wears worn, home cured leather pants and tunic and carries a lumberjack's axe at her belt. Her hands are gentle but calloused, and her skin is tanned. Although the figure is definitely feminine, she has the strength of one long accustomed to axe, hatchet, saw, and hard work. She's as comfortable outdoors with hard labor as she is behind a bar or waiting tables.


A tall, lanky man, with brown hair and brown eyes. He is dressed quite simply in his clothes, with leather armor hinting from beneath. On his arms he wears a pair of gauntlets, which appear to be finely made, and stand in contrast to his dress.

Crow Torren; Human Paladin (Avenger)

Although Crow stands only an inch over six feet tall he carries himself with a proud and stern bearing that makes him appear much taller. His dark hair is regularly combed back away from his angular face, and dark eyes peer out from deep, bruised sockets; eyes that have clearly seen too much. Despite his youth, his face is sharp and worn, with pronounced cheeks and a strong jaw. A sword is usually girt at his side, and a sheathed dagger at his waist.

Blake cultivates the look of "slovenly commoner." His shaggy brown hair looks like it was cut with a knife. His pale blue eyes are guileless.


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