Adventure where you choose, Adventurers!

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Adventure where you choose, Adventurers!

World of Adventure - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
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Alright, I'd like to run a dungeons and dragons 3.5 game, but don't have a story-line or a gimmick, so I'm not going to use one. Based on your characters, motivations, histories, and the like, I will be making a story as we go. All I need from you for now is a character application:

Name: <Put what you want your character to be called here>
Race: <Run almost anything you want by me. generally I'll approve unless it's really out there. Half-Vampire draconic raptoran, I'm looking at you!>
Class: <put what you want, not what you feel is necessary for a group. I'll be shaping the game to you, so if you can't handle undead because you don't have a cleric, I won't pit you against undead>
Age: <please don't be silly about this>
Alignment: <anything you want. this may even end up being an evil campaign if all the best applicatons are evil
Appearance: <if you want your elf to have bright pink hair, yet be the most badass ranger in the world, go right ahead. that's your right>
Personality: <well, just give me a bit of description, ok?>
History: <a good backstory is the best thing in the world for me. a good joint-backstory is even better. and hey, if you can fit in a few plothooks, even unintentional ones, I'll be even happier!>

you'll be starting off with 160 gold to buy your equipment with, and stats are generated at either 32 point buy or 6m4d6v1. you choose, then you stick with it, but if you roll excessively horridly, then I'm willing to grant rerolls. As far as races go you can choose anything with a +1 LA or none at all, but the game begins at level one, so those with LA with level slower, and I'm not allowing LA buyoff for this one. oh yeah, and evenbody can take as many flaws and traits as they want, to a maximum of 2 each.

if you have a question about books, then run it by me and if I don't have it I'll let you know. I probably will though, as I have almost every 3.5 and 3.0 book ever printed, including some not actually from wizards. Ask and ye shall receive.

remember, be creative and have fun with this

Game Description:

This is a sandbox game - you tell me where you're going, and you will end up there with plot hooks that you can use or ignore at your leisure. The world is your playpen and you are free to go wherever you want. Just mind the trolls. They tend to not like people.

Name: Lady Tisyphone de Adenhart, Lady of Norghast
Race: Human
Class: Knight
Age: 23
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Appearance: The Lady of Norghast is a tall woman with a lean athletic build, with a clear skin complexion, dark emerald green eyes that seem to sparkle with intelligence and charisma, and red-tinged obsidian hair which is cut short, just above shoulder-length. Her face is one of determination and cold-hearted ruthlessness, and though possessing of aristocractic features, most would consider it to be that of a footsoldier's, not a politician's. She is almost always armed, at the bare minimum with a dagger or a set of gauntlets, both of which she is well trained in use...her speciality though is swordplay and shieldwork, and her well-used silver longsword and cold-iron spiked heavy shield are testements to her skill. Her armor is a metal cuirass, leggings, gorget, and gauntlets, designed to allow for both protection and manuverability on the battlefield. Both her shield and her armor are inscribed with the heraldry of the House of Norghast, as is the signet ring often worn around her finger, and the pommel of her sword. On the road, she is rarely seen without her black steed, a heavy warhorse known as Helfax.

Possibility for Background Tie-ins:
A squire/servant: a rogue, monk, scout, sorcerer, bard, or other type of mid/low-BAB class...especially support classes, would work great. The Lady's personal assistant who polishes her sword, or helps her don her armor. If they are also a squire, they may be receiving combat or riding training from her as well as a trade off.
A scholar/minstrel: A bard, wizard, archivist, or another knowledge based class, who documents The Lady's achievements and adventures through scroll or song. Could also work as an adviser, someone who is level-headed enough to bring Sophi out of one her cold-aggression fits after a tough fight, or warn her against trying to go one-on-one against that high-level ogre chieftain...

Also note, that I can easily change the location specifics to anything else that fits the campaign better.

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