Seeking new Controller for Hell Hath No Fury

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Seeking new Controller for Hell Hath No Fury

Hell Hath No Fury - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Just as it says, our Controller has gone AWOL for nearly a month now, and we find ourselves lacking a key role and are at a prime point to introduce a new replacement player.

We lost our Eladrin Wizard. But are not requiring an Eladrin nor a Wizard.

Character Creation:
Players will start at Level 1.
Standard 100gp.
22 Point buy, or you could use the Standard array.
Alignment: No Evil please, it wouldn't fit well.

For Applications:

Appearance: Character's physical and gear descriptions please.
Personality: Goals, hopes, dreams, and how your character will behave in general.
Background: Preferably within the Kingdom of Vorash, (with the exception of Eladrin who still come from the Feywild). Try to keep it reasonable length (both minimum and maximum). About a paragraph minimum, page and a half max, (if I pasted it on Word at 12 Times)
A statblock: Would be nice.

Sources Allowed: PHB, PHBII, Adventurer's Vault, Anything else must be cited. (I can access the sources if need-be but they are not readily available)

Just as a note, this is my first 4e DMing shot, and I think I've done a decent job so far. As of now we're still in our early stages and have yet to have combat. The early part of this campaign is primarily story and skill related, later on the action will be near-constant. I intended this to run from level 1 to late Heroic- early Paragon, depending on the players.

Deadline is Wednesday October 22.

Game Description:

You hear shouts from outside the inn, and decide to investigate. You arrive to see the villagers gathered around a shadowed figure. Approaching the figure you can hear his words. "I am not making this up! You must believe me! I tell you I saw the Princess murder her father, the King! I worked at the accursed castle as a servant. I tell you the new Queen is not what she appears! Be wary, friends, for I fear she will be the cause of our destruction." The man's words affected you gravely, the princess? How could such a charismatic leader, and innocent girl murder her father in cold blood? Something pulled at your soul, you have to investigate...

The King, Lord Suurin, has been murdered by an assassin unknown. The deed was done less than a fortnight ago. Killed in his sleep with a dagger of dark origins. An unfortunate butler claims to have witnessed the beloved princess, Atryn, murder her father. The man was traveled the kingdom of Vorash spreading what he is convinced is the truth. He arrived in your town less than an hour ago, and began warning anyone he saw. Soon enough, a crowd had gathered, mocking him and calling him a liar. Most in town were under the opinion that the man was insane, some believed he was the assassin. You, however, know that something foul is afoot in Vorash, something that could well threaten the world itself. Will you step up and stop it?

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Name:Josef Arcador
Race: Human
Class: Invoker

*Some things taken from Divine Power

[b]Gender Race:male halfling
keeps to self lurks in the shadows
all any one sees is a small clocked figure with long silver hair and red eyes
grew up with the dwarves in the mountains these were trying times for the halfling but he learned the strength and skills now a grwon man he leaves to find adventure and treasure.

I'm thinking about an elementalist genasi wizard - would reflavouring spellcasting to be more of an invocation / summoning be ok?

There are also a couple of feats that would help the character which i'd like to check are ok:
Prerequisite: Genasi
Benefit: Select a new genasi elemental manifestation:
earthsoul, firesoul, stormsoul, watersoul, or
windsoul. When you take a short rest or an extended
rest, you can adopt this new elemental manifestation
instead of the one you had been exhibiting.
Special: You can take this feat multiple times, choosing
a new manifestation each time. When you take a
short rest or an extended rest, you can choose to switch
between any of the elemental manifestations you know.
Extra Manifestation from the forgotten realms players guide pg 133
Prereq: genasi, wizard
Benefit: when you use a wizard power that has the acid, cold, fire, lightning or thunder keyword, you add your strength mod to damage rolls
Elemental Empowerment from arcane power pg 125
Senses Low-light vision
Speed 6
Constant Benefits
You gain a +2 bonus to Athletics and Endurance checks.
You gain resist 5 fire. If you already have resist fire, increase
it by 2. Your resist fire increases by 2 while you are bloodied.
Active Benefits
Lizard’s Immunity: The fire lizard is immune to fire.
Fire Lizard familiar from dragon 374 pg 25

Clearly only one of these would be at first level, but that's the eventual direction i'd like him to take.

Oh, and also whether it's ok to play a genasi!

Name: Vondal
Race: Dwarf
Class: Druid
Appearance: About 4 feet tall and weighs about 190 pounds. His head is completely bald and he has tattoos of vines creeping across his head with tiny animals peaking out from be hind the leaves of the vines. His black beard is all the way down to his belt and is a tangled mess. He has green eyes and his skin is a dark tan. He wears hide armor and carries a plain undecorated staff. On his back is a brown backpack.
Personality: He has a deep desire to learn even more about the natural world and protect it from harm. To those he considers allies he is fiercely loyal and he is merciless to those he considers enemies. He has little use for the civilized world but the intelligent beings, like humans and dwarves, are also creature of nature and so long as they are not the threat to the natural world he will protect them to. He is gruff and crude in his manner of speech, having no use for civilized tongues. He is the kind of person that faces things head on, not beating around the bush.
Background: Vondal was a very unusual dwarf. He never had any of the same interest of the other dwarves. Instead of spending his time at the forge he was exploring the forests in the valleys of his mountain home. While other dwarves where working stone Vondal would be watching animals. This of course had the rest of the dwarves thinking he was one strange dwarf.

One day as he was exploring a valley he had never been to before he ran across a human man. It turns out the man was a druid living in the valley. After learning that the human was packed full of knowledge of nature Vondal keep visiting the druid to talk to him. Pretty soon the druid begin to teach him all about the natural world and even started him down the path to becoming a druid himself.

It has been a couple of years since Vondal meet the druid and he has now set out into the world to find where his place in it is. Coming down out of the mountains he enters into the kingdom of Vorash. As he is passing through a village he comes upon a scene in front of the Inn. As he hears the bad news Vondal does not understand it but he feels some need to get involved in this matter. For some reason he believes that this matter could be important to his future. If nothing else it could affect his family back home, for his clan does a lot of trading with this kingdom.

If you're looking for more information on the kingdom, I left it open on purpose, I planned on building around the player's backgrounds. What had been established can best be found in the IC threads. As most of the kingdom is in a state of flux where borders are negotiable. In short: King dies, land grabs spring up.

Also, maniki, yes Genasi is fine. The Manifestation feat is fine. The Familiar is fine. But the Empowerment feat I'm going to say no to.

In case some of you haven't pieced it together, I haven't stopped recruiting because of the few full applications I've received. (being only two) I'll extend it for another few days. 4 at the most.

Name: Anastasi, Speaker of the Word
Race: Deva
Class: Invoker (Preserving)
Appearance: Anastasi stands tall and proud in his newest incarnation. Some might consider his blood mingled with that of the giants for his height nears that of the tallest dragonborn, while his muscular frame would seem chiseled from granite and polished to a high sheen. His skin his smooth, hairless, and starkly contrasting in color. While the majority of the deva is colored the white of polished marble, intricate lines cross his face and chest in the darkest black, accenting the pure white of his eyes.

Anastasi dresses in flowing robes of light blue and white, his bald head covered by a swath of white cloth secured by a golden circlet about his forehead. Golden shoulder ornaments reminiscent of small wings give the deva a strange, yet divine appearance reflected by the soft yet commanding tone of his voice.

Personality: Anastasi is a peaceful being that wishes only goodwill towards those around him. He does not have an argumentative nature, and would probably go along with about anything anyone said unless it contradicted something he knew to be fact. This is not to say that the deva is gullible, only that be believes others should be allowed to express their own views and beliefs without fear of condemnation or retribution, and if someone states a fact to which he has no personal knowledge of then who is he to contradict such a statement.

When faced with an obvious evil the invoker pulls no punches for to do so would only invite ruin. It is his belief that evil is unredeemable and should be rooted out and destroyed before it infects those surrounding it. These beliefs do not hold true for man, for man is often led astray and many times mistaken, but rarely evil.

Background: Anastasi is an invoker who believes his most recent incarnation to be on a quest of peace and reunification of the kingdom. He is a devout worshipper of all of the gods of good, though he places Pelor above the others and feels that he must embody the Light of Pelor if he is to ease the suffering of man and that all should be ever-vigilant in the war against evil.

Anastasi most recent life began as the light of Pelor diminished in the lands and torrential rains crashed down upon the kingdom. Though that would make him merely a newborn amongst mortals, this being has lived a thousand lifetimes and held a thousand memories of love, laughter, and even hate. As the lightning crashed and the first raindrops fell, Anastasi stepped into the world, his stark-white eyes staring through the darkness as the memories began flooding into this new existence.

Vorash, yes that was the name man had given this land. Surrin was the Lord of these lands, yet his memory held no place here any longer; no, he was gone. Atryn ruled these lands now, or wished too; her hold was tenuous at best. The fey…the memory was gone as quickly as it had come to him, and he paid it no further heed. Anastasi had grasp enough of the situation to know that evil tried to root in the kingdom and that was something he could not, and would not allow.

The lightning crashed once again as the deva set upon the muck that was once the trail to Monec, set on the site of one of the numerous battles of the Dawn War and his mind drifted as he walked, reliving faded memories of righteous battles and fallen comrades.

Stat BlockAnastasi, Deva Invoker
Init +0 HP 24/24 Bloodied 12 Healing Surge 6 (0 used /8)
AC 16 Fort 13 Reflex 13 Will 15 Speed 5
Str 11 (+0) Con 14 (+2) Dex 10 (+0) Int 15 (+2) Wis 18 (+4) Cha 12 (+1)
Channel Divinity: Preserver's Rebuke
You call upon the gods to punish the enemy that dares harm those entrusted to your care.
Encounter ✦ Divine
Immediate Reaction Personal
Trigger: An enemy within 10 squares of you hits your ally
Effect: Before the end of your next turn, you gain a bonus to your next attack roll against the triggering enemy equal to your Intelligence modifier.
Channel Divinity: Preserver's Rebuke,
Channel Divinity: Rebuke Undead
Undead flee and then cower in your presence, their bodies seared by divine light.
Encounter ✦ Divine, Implement, Radiant
Standard Action Close blast 5
Target: Each undead creature in blast
Attack: Wisdom vs. Will
Hit: 1d10 + Wisdom modifier radiant damage. You push the target 2 squares, and it is dazed until the end of your next turn.
Level 5: 2d10 + Wisdom modifier radiant damage.
Level 11: 3d10 + Wisdom modifier radiant damage.
Level 15: 4d10 + Wisdom modifier radiant damage.
Level 21: 5d10 + Wisdom modifier radiant damage.
Level 25: 6d10 + Wisdom modifier radiant damage.
Miss: Half damage.
Channel Divinity: Rebuke Undead,
Sun Strike
A beam of radiant energy extends from your hands to bathe a foe in searing light and force it to move.
At-Will ✦ Divine, Implement, Radiant
Standard Action Ranged 10
Target: One creature
Attack: Wisdom vs. Reflex
Hit: 1d8 + Wisdom modifier radiant damage, and you
slide the target 1 square.
Level 21: 2d8 + Wisdom modifier radiant damage.
Special: You can use this power as a ranged basic attack.
Sun Strike,
Vanguard's Lightning
Bolts of divine lightning arc from your hands to scorch the area before you. The bolts linger, ready to avenge any attacks made by your foes.
At-Will ✦ Divine, Implement, Lightning
Standard Action Area burst 1 within 10 squares
Target: Each creature in burst
Attack: Wisdom vs. Reflex
Hit: 1d6 + Wisdom modifier lightning damage. Whenever the target makes an opportunity attack before the end of your next turn, the target takes lightning damage equal to your Intelligence modifier.
Level 21: 2d6 + Wisdom modifier lightning damage.
Vanguard's Lightning,
Blades of Astral Fire
Gleaming blades of radiant energy appear and strike your foes. The blades then transform into spectral shields that protect your allies.
Encounter ✦ Divine, Implement, Radiant
Standard Action Area burst 1 within 10 squares
Target: Each enemy in burst
Attack: Wisdom vs. Reflex
Hit: 1d6 + Wisdom modifier radiant damage.
Effect: Each ally in the burst gains a +2 power bonus to AC until the end of your next turn.
Covenant of Preservation: The bonus to AC equals 1 + your Intelligence modifier.
Blades of Astral Fire,
Binding Invocation of Chains
You whisper ancient words of binding, invoking the power of the gods to hinder your foes’ movement with spectral chains.
Daily ✦ Divine, Implement
Standard Action Close burst 10
Target: Each enemy in burst
Attack: Wisdom vs. Reflex
Hit: The target is slowed (save ends).
Miss: The target is slowed until the end of your next turn.
Binding Invocation of Chains
Notes +1 to all defenses made against attacks by bloodied creatures
Necrotic and radiant resistance 5


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