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Thunderspire Labyrinth

Thunderspire Labyrinth - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e
Estimated Members Requested: 5


Game Description:

The Bloodreavers have captured a dozen villagers from the small settlement of Riverdown, one of the half dozen villages that make up the Harkenwold. Baron Stockmer, assisted by Sister Linora, a priestess of Avandra, assembled a group of adventurers to find them. Linora explains that a young tracker from the village followed the Bloodreavers and their prisoners until they reached the Trade Road south of Thunderspire Mountain.

Beneath the stormy peak of Thunderspire Mountain lies the Labyrinth, an ancient, ruined minotaur city. For over two decades, an order of wizards called the Mages of Saruun has controlled a portion of the Labyrinth, creating a relatively safe haven called the Seven-Pillared Hall. Here, underground denizens come to trade with the mages and with a small number of surface-dwellers. Visitors who leave the safety of the hall and venture into the Labyrinth do so at their own risk. For in the darkness of the Labyrinth, all bets are off.


I figure that ĎKeep on the Shadowfellí has been done enough times already, so Iíll make ďThunderspire LabyrinthĒ my DM-debut here on MW. I DMíd my local group through KotS and was the DM Assistant for TL, so I think I know whatís going on. That being said, Iím a relatively noob DM, so donít expect things to go perfectly!

I generally can post every weekday, and I expect you to do the same. I will slow down a little in February and March when things get busy for me at work.

At the moment, I do not plan on running this past the completion of this adventure. I donít know how long it will take to complete, so things may be quite different when we get there, but if youíre looking for a sweeping campaign that will lead you to the heights of Epic playÖ sorry, look elsewhere. Iím just trying to give some folks a good time for a few months, and I want players who share that spirit.


I want a relatively-balanced, five-PC party, fifth level. All standard 22 pt. point buy and item rules apply, no trading item levels (so you canít pick up three level 2 items instead of a level 6, but you may substitute a lower level item Ė for example, if you canít find a good 4th level item, you can take a 3rd level one instead, but you lose the difference). Anything legal goes, though I will frown upon limburger-esque entries, and that is Not A Good Thing. I can read CharOp boards, too. Go ahead and make a good, strong character, but if I see ďOMGWTF I do 100 dpr w/ Mage Hand!!1!Ē, youíre right out.

This adventure, at least when I went through it, was about 2/3 combat and 1/3 roleplaying. I like that ratio. This means that I donít need you to develop a 4,000 word backstory. You can do it, and I may read it, but donít expect that I will incorporate much of it. Iím going to run the adventure pretty much as is, unless I see something that fits in with little work on my part.

Other than that, I donít know what Iím looking for in an applicant, other than to apply properly. You are welcome to team up with other applicants to build complementary characters if you so desire, which may or may not work to your advantage. Since Iím still getting my DM-hat sized, I donít think Iím going to allow any re-flavoring of powers or items, but if thereís something that you really really want, and itís a minor thing, ask. I should also point out that Iím not overly-comfortable with hybrids yet, so while I wonít actually exclude them, they donít give me the warm-fuzzies.


To be considered complete (and only complete applications will be considered), an application must have the following:

Character Name
Race and Gender
Description in 40 words or less
Personality in 40 words or less

Why are you on this adventure? On the face of it, you are being asked to find some slaves that have been stolen; said Baron will, however, deny all knowledge of you if something bad happens (and probably hog all credit if you succeed), but youíre welcome to add a little on personal reasons for why youíd be doing this. This should be an in-character post.
What are your level 6, 5, and 4 items?
Tell me about you as a player.
Donít be discouraged if youíve not been in a lot of games Ė weíve all been there, and I wonít hold that against you.

Oh Ė pet peeve! Please donít post just to indicate interest, or to reserve an early spot in the thread. There are no bonus points for being the first striker, or anything like that. If youíre really interested, post something functional when it is ready, or at least mostly-ready. I encourage your interest - put your character where your mouth is!! Or something like that.


I figure on closing the general applications on Friday 10/30. Iím going on a business trip the following week, and while away Iíll narrow it down to The Finalists.

THIS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT, but if you build your character with the official WotC Character Builder and are a The Finalist, I will like you that much more if you can get me your character file and I can pop it into my CB to make sure your character is OK. Not that I expect it not to be.

Good luck, and feel free to ask any questions. Thanks for your interest!

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Question #1, from Abelard (yeah, I talk to myself; so what?)
Why are you running this game?
I've had a bunch of games fall apart this year, so I figured that the best way to avoid this would be to run my own. I know everyone has things come up in life that push playing internet games off the priority list. I promise to do my best to not let that happen, and I hope all you applying will make it, too.

Question #2, from IronChef33
Would you allow the Seeker class?
Oooh, showing off your DDI subscription? Actually, I'm going to say "no" to this, only because it means that players without DDI can't see your character traits and options, so it makes it harder to discuss planning. And I realize that when I started planning the game, I was going to require use of the Character Builder, and now I'm ruling out exclusive DDI content, which is a complete 180-degree shift. But in my RL game, we have started to discuss how if we take power X next level, it means if someone else takes feat Y, it can work well together, and that teamwork is cool.
**UPDATE** see answer to #6, below

Question #3, from FieryGriffin
How much gold do we start with?
Whatever standard starting gold is for a 5th level character... which I think is whatever a 4th level item costs. Even if that's not correct, let's go with it.

Question #4, sort of, from TheHumanDynamo
I will finish my application tomorrow if that is ok with you.
Certainly. I think I may have sounded like a jerk before, so let me re-phrase: as long as you're posting something resembling an application (or questions) and not just "Interested! Will write up character next week!", that's what I'm looking for.

Question #5, not actually asked, but alluded to once or twice in messages
What about Primal characters (Warden, Barbarian, etc.)?
Since Primal Power is due out in a couple of days, that is legal, as are any excerpts from it you find on the WotC D&D website.

Question #6, from a private message
Would you accept material from the Abyssal Genasi article [in Dragon 'Magazine']?
I've got to admit, I'm torn on this one. On the one hand, citing #2 above, that means that players without access may not be able to work as well since they won't know your character. On the other, you've paid a sub fee for that information, and it's a shame that you can't use it. Wow, I didn't know DM'ing would be so hard! I'm willing to allow this since it just gives a few options for the race, as opposed to, say, the Seeker class (see #2, above), where this is a whole new class with. I think in general, articles from Dragon/Dungeon are going to be OK. I get that it's not 100% consistent, but there you have it.

Question #7, from Cronje
Would you accept character options from third-party publishers, such as Mongoose Publishing's The Quintessential Wizard?
No; WotC only. I often tried to sneak Mongoose stuff past my DM in 3.5, and back then it was overpowered. I've not seen their 4e stuff yet, but I presume the same. In fact, now that I check it out, I don't see that Mongoose has published anything for 4e, so one of us is really confused.

Question #8, from the brilliant Abelard
What are your feelings about those youíve played with before, or veterans vs. players new to 4e?
I enjoy the lone game that I am currently in because the players are great. And it wasnít so long ago that I couldnít buy my way into a game because I didnít have history on Myth-Weavers. Anyone Iím currently playing with is welcome to submit an application, but I wonít be giving them any special preference. However, I do intend to give a little extra weight to either newish 4e players or those new to this site. Iím not saying that anyone will definitely get a spot, but I am willing to be a little more accepting. That being said, if anyone doesn't want to play with noobs Ė and Iím not saying that anyone who has already applied is like that, only that those people do exist Ė please PM me and I will skip over your application when I make my selections. No judging (well, maybe a little).

Question #9a, from TheHumanDynamo
Since we are about half-way through, would you offer feedback to those of us that ask for it, so we have time to tweak stuff if needed?
Question #9b, from bloodrever
Did I include everything needed in my application?
I didn't mean to set everyone's insecurities to red alert with my post about some incomplete applications. I think the ones that are incomplete are obviously incomplete, and I hope the posters come back to finish them. However, if you PM me, I will let you know if it is complete, or if anything is not correct. Note that I'm not looking over them too carefully until the deadline so I don't get the early ones stuck in my head.

Oh goodie! I had a character I made for another RP but she wasn't ready before the deadlin.
Name: Zrrverlia
What you see: Female Teifling
What you get: Devoted Cleric
Eye candy: Zrrverlia is unusually small, except for horns which she ineffectually tries to cover with long black hair. Her yellow eyes are nervous, darting, as though she fears being disliked. Her red skin is covered by her white cleric's robes, and her tail is usually held straight down.
The walk, the talk: Zrrverlia is disgusted by the history of her people, and goes out of her way to show that she is not an evil woman. She is polite, demure, and willing to aid anyone in need. Sometimes irrationally willing.
The dark and misty past: Zrrverlia was an unhappy child, disliking tales about her ancestors and their acts and feeling that her dark blood was a constant danger. One day, she made a decision: When she came of age, she would join the Avandran order. Her parents objected, telling her that she was better suited for a soldier or even a spy's work. They couldn't stop her, though; so they disowned her instead. She left her family, her parents, her two sisters, on that fateful day, and though she has had some regrets, she doesn't look back. Her loyalty to her order, and her compassion to the wounded, have been brought to the attention of Sister Linora, and so she has been summoned to join this group...
Technicalities that must be addressed: Still smoothing out the actual sheet. And the items.
Who, me?: I'm a role-player, not a fighter.... although my lack of any reference books makes me a bit slow regarding rules. Any help you could offer would be appreciated. still, the online resources have already helped me construct most of my character, and I can assure you Zrrverlia will be as well acted as I can make her.

Character Name: Shathys Valcyan
Race and Gender: Male Shadar-kai
Class/Build: Ranger/Two-weapon fighter (Chain Mastery Multi-class build)
Description: Shathys stands a little shorter than average for human height and is very thin, almost frail in appearance. He has alabaster skin with ritual piercings across both cheekbones and a fine silver chain that falls from his left nostril to his left ear. Shathys has shoulder-length black hair, and lustrous black eyes that seem to lack both sclera and pupil. He prefers to dress in drab grey traveling attire accented with a silver-trimmed black cloak and a swath of red cloth tied about his waist. Over this cloth is lashed a fine steel chain that contains several serrated barbs that seem to bite through the cloth and into the shadar-kai's flesh, making one wonder if the red of his belt sash is not made of his own blood.

In times of trouble or when expecting battle, the shadows seem to coalesce about the shadar-kai momentarily, falling away in misty tendrils to leave the ranger wrapped in dark leather armor. About Shathys' neck hangs an iron amulet forged in the shape of a raven's head.

Personality: Shathys is out to prove himself. He is known to be brash and even fool-hardy at times, though he knows his limits and is not suicidal. The shadar-kai is deeply devoted to his goddess, The Raven Queen, and can be heard offering small prayers to Her throughout the day. The shadowy ranger speaks with a gravely tone thanks to the thin strand of muscle known as a Tongueworm that has been implanted in his throat. Shathys is friendly to those that mean him no harm, and is curious about things in which he has little experience, such as the strangely-familiar mirror-world he finds himself in.

Why are you on this adventure?: Shathys is a brash fellow out to prove his worth to The Raven Queen in everything he does. He has hunted the undead beings of the Dark Lands, he has acted as guard and guide to those lucky enough to have had the foresight to hire him before entering the Skins surrounding Gloomwrought, and he has even quested to enter the temple Zvomarana, yet was found unworthy in the eyes of his Queen. This dismayed the shadar-kai, for he thought none were as worthy of Her favor as he. As a result, Shathys has doubled his efforts to prove his worth, and in his fervor he crossed the boundaries separating the Shadowfell from the mortal world. Though he managed to track down and destroy the undead creature responsible for his being ejected from the gloomy realm of his goddess, Shathys now finds himself trapped in a sunlit world that is as unfamiliar as it is known to him.

While lost in a world that is both familiar and unknown to him, Shathys still feels the need to prove his worth to his goddess and Queen. When word reached him that the brave were needed for a service to the Baron, Shathys knew he could not ignore the call to battle. Should he die in his endeavors, he is comforted by the fact that he will rejoin his Queen in Letherna to serve Her as She sees fit.

I will provide an in-character post for this as soon as it is complete, which should be shortly I hope.

What are your level 6, 5, and 4 items?: Level 6 = Summoned Leather +2; Level 5 = Quickhit Bracers; Level 4 = Deathstalker Spiked Chain +1

Tell me about you as a player. While I have almost 3 decades of experience with D&D, I have had little experience with 4e. I have also had little experience with pbp, though I have enough to know how it is done. I hope to launch my foray into 4e with this game and look forward to a very entertaining time here at MW.

Name: Whurthric, the Iron Champion
Race: Dwarf, Male
Class: Warden (Wildblood)

I've got a Dwarven Barbarian that I've been wanting to play ever since the game I wrote him for died in its infancy

Name: Thun 'The Bloody' Ahmair Nallien
Race/Gender: Dwarf, Male
Class/Build: Barbarian, Rageblood
Description: Rather tall, for a dwarf, and powerfully built, Thun dresses in rugged clothing of cured leather over fine wool, in addition to his armour of stiffened exotic hides.
Personality: Concise, often even curt, in his speech when it is needed, Thun would much rather allow others to speek what must be spoken, even sometimes, to the point of allowing them to speek for him. Thun is surprisingly patient so long as he does not feel himself to be threatened, but prone to resorting to extreme measures to remove such threats when they do arise unless there is someone nearby that he trusts to convince him otherwise.
Purpose: (currently retooling background to better fit this campaign, will update soon)
Items: +2 Mordenkrad (level 6), +1 Hide Armour of Durability (level 4), Gauntlets of Blood +2 (level 4), with a +1 Badge of the Berserker (level 2) purchased from the 840gp cash, along with miscellaneous mundane items

Me:I'm still relatively new to pbp games, though I've been on Myth-Weavers for a while, now. I've been in several games, but they rarely seem to go very far before dying.
I only have about 5 or so years of pen-and-paper-style rpg-experience in real life, but tend to pick up systems relatively easily, and quite enjoy telling an exciting tale.

Peren Farstrider
Male Half-Elf
Protecting Paladin

Description: Average height, broad shoulders, a ready smile, and perpetual helmet hair. Clad in pitch black armor with Avandra's Symbol hanging round his neck.

Easygoing, quick with a story. As at ease sleeping under a wagon with caravan guards as dining at a baron's court. Bold to a fault, averse to settling down, fiercely protective of his freedom, and that of others.

Why is he on this adventure?

Magic items:

Level 6: +2 Holy Symbol of Avandra
Level 5: +1 Flaming Longsword
Level 4: +1 Black Iron Plate Armor

Me as a Player: I have plenty of experience with 3.5, but this would be my first 4e campaign.

Name: Arashi Rayo
Race and Gender: Firesoul Genasi Female
Class/Build: Swordmage/Assault Swordmage
Description: Only problem with this is she only has 1 sword.
Some say a picture is worth a thousand words.
Personality: Arashi is quickwitted and she knows it, some people would call her flirtatious but she dosent do it on purpose. Arashi is bi-polar one moment she'll go around donating all her money to the poor the next she coundlt give a rats ***, but most of the time she's happy.
Purpose: Arashi was once a slave so she knows how it feels to be looked down apon and beaten, she now goes around killing all slave traders, bargenirs and exploiters. In herself she feels a very high un-explained level of responsibility for taking care of people less fortunate then herself.
Me:As a player of 4e you coundlt call me experienced, ive played 3.5 for a couple of years and know how to play 4e but i do screw up so please call me on it. On this site i have not played a single 4e game. I like to be strategic sometimes and sometimes i wanna watch stuff burn, overall i wont jeperadize my teams mission by walking threw the door then slamming it knowing there are hundreds of goblins around.
Magic items: Level 6 Amulet of protection +2 level 5 Bloodthread leather Level 4 Counterstrike guards.

Character Name: Naesala
Race and Gender: Male Earthsoul Genasi
Class/Build: Tactical Warlord

Description in 40 words or less: Naesala is an almost short for a Genasi, and sports a slight physique. His eyes are golden as well as the lines for energy that decorate his head. He wears simple, darkened hide, and a brown cloak.

Personality in 40 words or less: Most see Naesala as a scoundrel out for himself. Basically using the people he leads to his own ends, vaulting his status among those with influence, and using that to become as such. They really wouldn’t be far off. His eyes glow with the gleam of his own ambition.

Why are you on this adventure? "Let's face it. There's one way to better your place in society. Putting this noble in our debt would be perfect, if I do say so myself. Think of what we could get out of him, gold being the least of it...Besides, I hadn't had a job this fun since that time with that one Eladrin girl....Heh, good times..."

What are your level 6, 5, and 4 items?:
Lv 6- Amulet of Protection +2
Lv 5- Veteran’s Hide Armour +1
Lv 4- Bloodclaw Longsword +1

Tell me about you as a player: I like roleplaying. I like combat. I like running around yelling, but that’s not important. Eh, I’m a regular poster, so I won’t quit once the party is started. I’m pretty easy-going, and I fit easily into the party without causing trouble. Not that I want to make this sound like a rťsumť or anything. Hah.


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