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Stargate: New Journeys

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Game Description:

The First Good News All DayIt happened thirty one hours ago.

It started out as a simple fleet exercise, tactical training between Odyssey and your ship, George Hammond. An easy shakedown, designed to test your crew's readiness to deploy to the Pegasus Galaxy to relieve the Daedalus.

And then, the Ori dropped out of hyperspace right in the middle of things. Odyssey engaged the mothership and ordered you to retreat to hyperspace. Just as you were about to make the jump, the Ori hit you with a full salvo. It almost destroyed the ship, but somehow the hyperdrive survived the attack. Long enough to get you moving somewhere--anywhere--at least for a little while.

By the time the ship dropped out of hyperspace on its own, power sources nearly exhausted, the survivors had managed to gather themselves in the few remaining habitable sections of the ship to take stock of the situation. Colonel Thomson: Dead. The Asgard Engineer: Dead. The list went on and on. Out of the entire crew that was aboard the ship, only ninety six survived the attack.

The ship didn't fare much better. Hyperdrive, sublight, navigation, targeting, weapons, shields, all offline. Hull badly damaged, probably more from the hyperspace trip than the Ori assault--in any event, barely safe to fly. The generators seemed to be functioning, though noone could reach Engineering to be entirely sure. The Asgard transporters were unreachable without a spacewalk due to damage, but the ring transporters were within the habitable zone. Sensors and maneuvering thrusters were the only major systems still operational.

As the ship drifted through empty space, the sensor array picked up the presence of a nearby solar system. It wasn't much, but the spectral analysis indicated the potential for a habitable planet.

Welcome to Stargate: New Journeys. The first thing on the agenda is: Survival.

This game is a takeoff of the Stargate: Universe idea. In this game, the survivors of an Ori attack has been thrown somewhere into space. The ship can barely support those who survived the attack, and death is inevitable unless a miracle occurs. And that is where this game begins: with a 'miracle'.

Weird, I was just watching SG-1 right now... I'll post a character if my other applications fall through.

It was meant to be...

:does his best wavy hand thing to entice you to apply:

Heck if I land up with 10 to 12 players... I might do two teams, same storyline.

Harold "Harry" Jones-Choo

Character Name: Harold "Harry" Jones-Choo

Character Nationality: Republic of Singapore

Rank and Service Branch: Lieutenant (Helicopter Pilot), Air Force (125 Squadron "Puma", AS332M Super Puma Helicopter support + search and rescue)

Downloading the system now to take a look through, if I like it I'll definitely throw together an application. Was eagerly awaiting Stargate Universe and so far it hasn't disappointed and is, in my humble opinion, a lot better in tone than either of the previous two Stargate series (ignoring the existence of the animated one entirely). I will probably try to throw together some kind of engineer, one whose very much at home in the clean room back on the ship working on technical problems and not at all happy to find that he has to leave said ship for the dirtiness of exploration. He might even try to take the room with him if he can...

Edit: Okay, maybe not... I get about a minutes worth of reading and it crashes my .pdf viewer, no other .pdfs from DTRPG have ever done this before =/ Oh well, it's not meant to be?

You can either scan the sheet or just do a stat block (actually might be easier to do it that way). I don't mind either way.

That's odd about the PDF not downloading right. See if you can do it again (maybe just a bad night!) and if not, let me know and I'll see what I can do as far as you getting a copy. If THAT doesn't work... well, we'll come to that bridge when it happens.

I take it by the fact that we have 15 skill dice that we are not using the skill specialization rules?

If I take coordination: pilot, I can use it to pilot anything that flies?
If I take Knowledge: languages, I can roll to understand any language I come across?

Are you using the extranormal attribute for anything?


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