Heroes in the Making - Seeking 1 Replacement

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Heroes in the Making - Seeking 1 Replacement

Heroes in the Making - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 1

This advertisement is for a replacement character to join a party already in progress. Applicants may either take over the extant character (Daera Fairchild, Divine Sorcerer) or create a new character to join the other four.

This is a 3.5e partial Gestalt game. Specifically, non-casting characters are Gestalt, while casting characters are not. Please read the rules carefully.

Overlooking EisenbergThe clear blue sky stands out against the stark grey slate of the mountainside, while a chill wind blows down the rocky face to remind the villagers that winter's grip is not quite ended. On a gravelly promontory overlooking the rustic, half-timbered buildings of Eisenberg, a handful of boys have gathered for a bit of fun on a late afternoon, now that the work of the day is done. Armed with axes, hammers, knives, or makeshift clubs, and clad in heavy clothes or working leathers, the lads have come to play out the fantastic tales of their childhood with a real adventure into the abandoned iron mine--the one old Lars claims is haunted when he's had a few too many ales at Goodman's tavern. With a pair of borrowed lanterns to light their way and a small snack tucked away in their belt pouches, the boys bravely make their way down the dark, dank tunnel.

What happens next will change their lives, setting their feet on the path of greatness...

Welcome to Heroes in the Making, a D&D 3.5e campaign for 3-6 adventurers. It begins with a collection of youths in a remote mountain village and ends... whenever their destiny is fulfilled. This game focuses on their development into great heroes.

Applications should be posted in the Applications thread in the game forum (linked here). Applications posted in the advertisement thread will not be reviewed. Feel free to use this thread to ask for clarifications.

Game Description:

In a quiet mountain village, following in the footsteps of your father is a way of life. But for one group of boys, a little fun in an abandoned mine becomes a life-changing experience, one that sets their feet on the path of destiny: to become Heroes.

Status: We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.
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What level is this at? What, if anything, has happened in the game so far?

Just checking, would you allow the Scout base class from Complete Adventurer or the Expert from Unearthed Arcana? Or any of the class variants. Or are we just totally limited to the classes you listed in the application.

Originally Posted by Mordae View Post
Knight is not available since there is no logical in-character way, in a back-woods setting, to have learned that trade. It may be available later, should you find someone willing to teach you. I have allowed Rogue with fighter feats variant.
I'd argue that at first level the Knight's few abilities are hardly those that require teaching (a code to follow and the ability to shout at your enemies to attack you?) but I can see where you're coming from and it could be interesting trying to find someone to teach him later on, becoming someone's squire and learning the tricks of the trade as it were. Going from your first post then, if I was to take say... Barbarian//Rogue with fighter feats and later found someone to calm the angry person inside, teach him a new way, I'd be able to replace Barbarian levels with Knight levels?

Cyfer, that would definitely work. There is one other character in the group on a similar path, but that doesn't bother me.

Tichrondrius, the game is still at level 1. They're mid-way through their first exploring-an-abandoned-mine-to-relieve-teenage-boredom adventure, which is about to take a dramatic turn (Dun dun DUN!). Expert is acceptable, but not Scout (yet).

Sorry, I've been simultaneously soliciting feedback from the team (who have been lax in posting!) and away on a business trip. Decision to be made by Monday.

The final selection has been made, and Maika has been invited to join the game. Thanks to everyone who put in applications, and I hope to see you in another game soon.

Oh well, I was going to agree to play Daera Fairchild, Divine Sorcerer... she looked fine to me.


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