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Lost files

Lost files

Does anyone remember the KOTOR fan made book. Not for Saga. IMO they messed it up when they put out SAGA rules. I am sticking with the older version. Anyone remember it.

When you say "older version," are you talking about the WEG d6 or the RCR d20?

RCR d20.. one of the guys over on the wizards board let me have the file.

Then why not ask over there? If you can't even remember the title, there's not much change you'll find it.

You'd probably have better luck on the boards you got it from originally. I don't hang about on the WotC forum much anymore - can you not search their old posts? Even through google, site:[whatever]?

I see this thread's been in hibernation for a while, and my input prob won't help, but my uncle gave me a paper copy of that book that he printed out (in full color, no less!) and gave to me. I'll poke around to see if I still have the book. I know that I never had the electric file, did any of you ever find it? I remember that the author leaned heavily on the KOTOR computer game.

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