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November Challenge

November Challenge

The Challenge: The Story Behind the Dungeon
System: D&D 3.5e
Party: 4 Level 2 PCs
Objective: Develop a backstory that describes how the dungeon came to be in the state shown, with the PCs just about to enter.
Specifications: This dungeon level will be used as the basis for the story. Entrance to the level is provided by a ramp from above that arrives at the dead-end passage, middle-left of the map, and stairs from below that arrive at the dead-end passage in the bottom-center of the map. Points are assigned as follows: 10 points for each NPC; 5 points for every monster set (a set consists of all the monsters in a room); 2 points for every trap; 2 points for every treasure item; and 1 point for every room feature (including doors). The description of each item must fit logically into the overall context to earn points. Sentient monsters/NPCs may be aware of (and in possession of) treasure in their room, and use it to their advantage. Up to 10 bonus points may be earned for describing the overall context around the dungeon level (location, environment, etc.).

Deadline: November 30, 11:59 pm GMT


1) No unremovable barriers can be added, but you may add inconvenient barriers (a partial collapse that could be bypassed with enough digging, a barricade erected by the monsters, etc.).

2) You may make minor alterations to the monsters, assuming the overall challenge of this level remains consistent with the party's capabilities and the changes are explained. The CR of the dungeon as a whole should not be changed significantly. Adding a class level to, say, one of five kobolds to make it a 'leader' wouldn't be a big change, but making the entire kobold band a group of War1's with a War3 leader would. Swapping NPC class levels for PC class levels on the elves is also OK.

3) Traps - the as-generated dungeon is remarkably trap-free. You may add up to 1 CR2 and 3 CR1 traps of your choosing, as long as they fit within the context of your story.

4) Features - You may add features (not rooms, corridors, doors, traps, treasure, or monsters unless otherwise allowed) but you don't earn any points for doing so.

5) Context - You are free to fit the dungeon level into a larger context of your own describing. In fact, I'll encourage it by offering up to 10 bonus points for a general description of the environ in which this level is found.

Unfortunately, circumstances conspired against me (along with some serious procrastination) to prevent me from submitting anything close to a completed entry. Still, I do have something.

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