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Heroics, Inc - 3.5e Open Ended, Forgotten Realms

Heroics, Inc - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Nov 12 '09
Estimated Members Requested: 4

See below for game details.

Submissions so far:

1. monkkami - Human monk 6 - COMPLETE APPLICATION
2 Elistan - Poisondusk lizardfolk swordsage 2/warblade 3 - COMPLETE APPLICATION
3. Genuine - Human Crusader 5/Dragon Disciple 1 (Martial Variant) - COMPLETE APPLICATION
4. Coolplayer - Human Paladin 4/Sorceror 2 - COMPLETE APPLICATION
5. mishra - Whisper Gnome Swordsage 6 - NO APPLICATION YET
6. MattMart - Hobgoblin Scout 3/Warlock 2 - COMPLETE APPLICATION

2. Thymin - Human Cleric 6 - COMPLETE APPLICATION
3. Tagan - Awakened Druid 6 - COMPLETE APPLICATION
4. Artistshipper - Azurin Cloistered Cleric 6 - COMPLETE APPLICATION
5. Viletta Vadim - Gnome Artificer 6 - COMPLETE APPLICATION

Arcane Magic Users:
1. Goblyn - Human wizard (enchanter) 6 - COMPLETE APPLICATION
2. Takanaki - Earth kobold sorceror 6 - COMPLETE APPLICATION
3. Viletta Vadim - Gnome Artificer 6 - COMPLETE APPLICATION

1. elfshadow - Human rogue 6 - COMPLETE APPLICATION
2. waicokid - Half-drow bard 6 - COMPLETE APPLICATION
3. Artistshipper - Changeling Rogue 2/Incarnate 4 - COMPLETE APPLICATION
4. MattMart - Hobgoblin Scout 3/Warlock 2 - COMPLETE APPLICATION

Game Description:

Campaign FlavorDancing lights alighted upon the dark cobblestones, their origin the 8' black iron lamp post that staggered each side of the streeet. It was late, as most of the town's occupants had retired for the evening. Distant sounds of the lingering merriment at the town's taverns could be heard, but this specific street was devoid of any individuals. That changed in the next few moments though, with the arrival of a pair of cloaked individuals. They entered from opposite sides and moved quickly to meet in between the illumination of two lamps on one side of the street. Both had hoods that masked their features, so it was impossible for any onlookers to identify them. After glancing up and down the street, the two began conversing.

"What did Mallec say? Was he willing to divulge the details?"

"Not at first, but after some free ale, his tongue loosened."

"Good, and what did our former associate reveal?"

"Belandrios has designs to start his own company, and he holds the loyalties of the city council's most prestigious members as well as their respective businesses. If he goes this route, we will lose at least a third of our dealings."

"A third, you say? I would say our loss would be greater once he finds his footing. He is a clever and influential man, that Belandrios. Who will join him on his venture?"

"Now, there is only one definate, Sara Valemar. She is disgruntled in her current position, and was ready to strike out on something more exciting anyhow. Her reputation will only improve his standing among the merchants."

"That is dire news. She could sell a mirror to a medusa. Surely, the pair alone can't expect to compete in our market."

"Sara is the only definite partner at this point, but Belandrios is seeking others. I know he is to meet with Broc Feldort in the near future, and he is looking for a team of mercenaries as well."

"Mercenaries, eh? What's his play? We own the sellswords of this town, unless he's looking to outsource to foreigners. Monitor the traffic, find out if any are coming to town at Belandrios' invitation. So, are we to name our competitor? What creative title has Belandrios chosen for his new entrepreneurship?"

The associate chuckled for a brief moment, before answering. "Heroics, Inc."

Game Master: Me, I've been playing DnD since 2e, and have had a few years of PbP/Pbe-mail experience, both as a DM and a player. My games typically tend to be episodic in nature, and are usually about 50/50 in terms of hack n' slash/roleplay. I believe strongly in the simple done well, and am not overly outlandish in my storytelling.

Game Information: In this campaign, you will play the role of a character whose been given an opportunity to join a new trading and acquisitions company, who outsources your unique skillset to various clientele, in an effort to improve the business reputation and collective wealth. Think of yourself as a very active business employee/partner. Your motivation for joining such an endeavour is up to you, be it to make a living, get filthy rich, gain fame, or simply help those in need. This campaign will be set in the Forgotten Realms Setting, with the company taking up residence in the town of Grannoth (a homebrew city), which is located in land of the sword coast, northeast of Scornubel. Within and outside this city, you will take part in all manner of adventure, provided it proves beneficial to the company. You will come across creatures of all manner, ancient dungeons, regional wars, and competing merchant/trading guild conflicts throughout the course of this campaign.

This campaign was conceived, as the result of me sifting through a variety of mini-modules and adventures that I've accumulated over the years. With this backdrop, I can stage much of this material, while maintaining enough flexibility to change direction based on my own and your preferences. This will be fairly open ended, and an ongoing campaign.

Applications: I'm looking for 4 players, who can post at least 4 or 5 times a week. I will be looking for the definitive stereotypical roles - 1 meathshield/frontliner, 1 arcane magic user, 1 healer/diviner, 1 skillmonkey. Now, there are multiple ways to fill these roles in terms of class make-up, but I will be looking for characters that can be classified in these terms. So, ifyou see 12 applicants for the arcane magic user role, I'd suggest applying for a differnt role, to improve your chances of being accepted. In terms of applications, all I need is a character concept (name/race/class), character description, and background. Character sheets are not required at this point. For the purposes of your character's background, assume that he/she is from a different town/region, and have come at the special invitation of Belandrios, the Heroics, Inc. founder. He invited you based on recommendations from your peers or hearings of your exploits.

For the purposes of character concepts, her are the general character creation rules:

Starting level - ECL 6, level adjustment buyouts are permitted.

Abilities - Roll 5d6 six times, drop lowest 2d6 in each roll. Use 34 pt. buy if you are not satisfied with rolls.

HPs - Max at 1st level and every odd level thereafter, Half hit dice + 1 on even levels.

Races, classes, PrCs, Equipment, Feats, Skills, Spells - Anything from any published WotC material with one exception: No psionics. Dragon magazine material approved on a case by case basis. No Homebrew material. Each character will get one free regional feat for free. Select from here.

Starting Gold - Standard for Level 6 per DMG

Crafting - No extra XP for crafting. Craft if you must, but you'll be reducing your starting ECL to 5 once you calculate the XP hit.

Flaws/Traits - Not allowed.

"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens."

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I'd be interested.
I've been wanting to play a Gray elf wizard recently. Would crafting be of any use?

Originally Posted by Cynic View Post
Would crafting be of any use?
Good question. You can craft, but I won't be giving any extra XP for crafting. You'll take a level hit with the XP penalty. I leave it to you to determine whether it's worth it to you.
Originally Posted by Scrivener
Do we roll here?
You may roll here if you want to. I would like to emphasize that character sheets are not necessary at this point. I plan on making a character creation thread once the party is selected from the applicants though.

Name: Arti Fell
Class: Monk or Monk3/Rogue3
Race: Human

Background: Arti was the son of an archeologist obsessed with ancient civilizations. His father believed that to know the past was to know the future. Whatever that meant. His mother was not around, and he never learned who she was. He went with his father on his expeditions, and was closely watched by his father's bodyguard. A monk of an unknown order. His training began as a way to pass the time, since his father could be distracted for weeks or even for months.

The monk who trained him had actually taken a vow of silence, but Arti knew he followed some god of knowledge, but never learned the name. Arti appreciated the training though. Never had he felt that his mind, body and soul could be so well connected.

At the age of 23, the monk left and his father bid Arti to go on a mission for him, since his father needed to spend at least another year in a library for his research. He was to go to a gathering of people interested in finding more about his father's skill, and meeting with a person named Belandrios, . Intrigued, but mostly with being out on his own, Arti took up his father's offer.

Personality: Arti is the silent type, he puts care to his thoughts before he speaks them aloud. Some might think him slow because of this, but it is more a need to cover every detail. he is kind and generous, and sometimes seems a little absent minded, but he is not, he just gives that impression.

Arti has a love of food and drink, and loves to share his knowledge, and seems not to be secretive at all.

I stand corrected. It appears you can't roll in the advertisement thread. If you'd like to roll for you character, you may do so here.

I am interested in playing a human rogue for this campaign.

Name: Taen Myndarr
Race: Human
Class: Rogue (6)


Taen stands of average height and of sleight build - though his cloak hid the sinewy form beneath it, his appearance deceiving to the casual observer. He appears unkempt and pale, greasy shoulder-length black hair, draping about his stubbled face - but his narrowed brown eyes betrayed this facade with their gleam and steely confidence. Upon closer observation one could tell the things that mattered were well cared for. His boots worn, but well oiled. His cloak, with large hood hung at his shoulders, dirty from the road but in no need of repair. His short swords always hung at his side, always clean, always ready.


Taen Myndarr grew up on the streets of Baldur's Gate. His parents were not poor, but nor were they wealthy - they worked to put food on the table and keep their family safe. One of four children - the other three sisters - Taen found the day to day grind boring and soon turned to the streets for entertainment.

While a good kid at heart he found himself running with the wrong crowd - and unfortunately very good at it. Though not built as strong as some of the other street urchins, Taen excelled at picking even the most difficult of locks - seeming to have an uncanny talent for it - and being able to slip into highly guarded places. He quickly earned his reputation on the street and soon was enrolled in a lesser known thieves guild of Baldur's Gate. Here he learned the art of fighting - again a skill he soon excelled at. Preferring to fight with a pair of short swords he soon learned to strike quick and use his weapons to put up a dizzying defense.

He spent his mid-teens working for the guild, still returning occasionally to visit his family. Soon he grew tired of all the politics, fees and planning of the way of the guild and decided to set off on his own. But not before he snuck into a co-guildsman's own home and stole several gems which he quickly pawned in Baldur's Gate before the fences were even aware of the theft and warned to be on the lookout for such gems.

Unfortunately he was immediately suspected of the deed and was forced to leave the city lest face the wrath of the guild. With the guild unaware of who his family was he felt they were safe enough, though he has been known to sneak back into the city and check on their welfare.

Since that time, Taen has fallen into the life of an adventurer. He found the rewards good and risk exciting. His skills proved worthwhile whether in the dungeon or in the city. His swords were a welcomed ally by many. His travels have taken him all about the Sword Coast region.

Name: Numenore Maile
Class: Bard
Race: Half-Drow Elf

I'm thinking a party leader with plenty of social and knowledge skills. Basically I am envisioning an overall support character to help back up what is weak and fill in for what is missing.


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