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Eating Monsters (D&D 3.5)

If the rats are carriers of any microbiotic disease, then cooking them sufficiently to denature proteins will certainly eliminate all disease from them. By eating them instead of being bitten, the eater should gain a +5 circumstantial bonus to any save remaining from improper eating, since the eater will have the additional defenses of saliva enzymes, stomach-secreted hydrochloric acid (and its related low-pH lysing enzymes), bile, and such digestive juices in the chyme before absorption begins in the duodenum. The day-old part should eliminate diseases that require a living host to propagate and do not have a cyst or spore mode of perpetuation. For example, malaria would not survive the day but tuberculosis would. A good judge of the existence of outside-host perpetuation is whether or not the disease can be passed by some form other than biting or fluid exchange.

Also, ChaosHarbinger doesn't have a clue as to what he's talking about because he doesn't have a clue about biology. Being bitten has less immune defenses in the way than eating.

I'd also like to point out that if the disease is magical in origin, it probably won't fade without a cure disease spell.

Course, you could always cast purify food and drink to make sure the rats are devoid of any non-magical effects.

If anything, that "day old" part would make me more leery of getting sick due to eating rotting meat (depending on what climate it was found in, of course).

Having a bit of rough day, aren't you, AbsentWizard?

Didn't need to bite my head off about it. My field of expertise is philosophy and literature, not - as was pointed out with a little hyperbole - biology.

Absent's not mean, he's just blunt.

I don't mind bluntness when it's not being hyperbolic. Had my response been ungrammatical, dyslexic and/or otherwise a corruption of the English language, then I would expect and fully deserve a scathing response. I have delivered more than a few of them myself. I consider it substantially better to say: "As a matter of fact, x, y and z re: topic..." because you thusly maintain dignity and smug superiority as well as being correct.

I'm not being hyperbolic, parabolic, elliptic, or any other form of conic section, degenerate or not. As far as I can tell, every part of your post was incorrect. It's a matter of honesty, if you've learned this incorrect information from somewhere, point me at it so I can give them a piece of my mind, CH.

Note that there's more to eating it that can pass the disease. Preparing it can easily lead to disease via contact with the body fluids, esp. for diseases like rabies. In the lack of waterproof latex gloves, the proper procedure is to use mage hand or unseen servant to do the work. As to the one-day spoilage, the main danger comes from toxins produced by anaerobic bacteria; specifically, I mean the gut flora. Has the intestines exploded yet from gas buildup? If it has not, then a cooking check to dress the carcass correctly (gut it, skin it, etc) avoids it. If it has or the DC 10 Cooking check fails, I would inflict Filth Fever in severe cases of undercooking or just a DC 12 1d2 Con poison for food poisoning in light cases, since the microbes themselves are dead but the toxin's not denatured.

Yes, I was wrong. However, considering our mutual level of intelligence, albeit with yours at a higher standard in this area, I feel it is more appropriate merely to point out the error without thence making a judgement about its maker. I'm not particularly offended or upset, but it does go against what grain I have when engaged in discussion with someone who is not evidently greatly ignorant. Don't worry about it.

I think you guys are kinda overthinking it. lol

At least in this case.

We fought a swarm of rats, people who failed a fairly easy save were sickened for a few rounds... Thats about it.

As for the area, the first level of the worlds largest dungeon. Basically worked stone and alot of refuse. As well as a few orcs, stirges, darkmantles, and 1 really stupid and gullible mount for the kobold warlock named bragdor.


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