LFR - The Sea of Fallen Stars - 2 places available for next adventure

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LFR - The Sea of Fallen Stars - 2 places available for next adventure

LFR - the Sea of Fallen Stars - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e - Forgotten Realms 4e
Ad Closes: Nov 8 '09
Estimated Members Requested: 2

Many Hands
Make Light Work

Westgate is a dangerous city at any time, but today it’s about to live up to its name.

Today, a band of pious Silverstars have arrived in your precinct and they need a little help with renovations ...
and removals.

Group 1 'The Black Dragons' are moments from the completion of 'CORM1-1 - The Black Knight of Arabel' and group 2 'The Green Dragons' are progressing well with the same. Next in the series will be 'DRAG1-1 - Many Hands Make Light Work' and I am looking to bring each party to six characters before starting them on that adventure.

Currently I am just looking for two players to join the Black Dragons and will close this advert once they are chosen and reopen it (or repost it) when the Green Dragons are near to completing their adventure.

I will be seeking feedback from the existing players before choosing. Just to reiterate that following my application guidelines to the letter is a sure way to improve your chances of being selected.

See the Game Description and Game Information thread for application process and requirement. Feel free to ask any questions you may have in this thread or via pm.

“Fortune Find You”
Lammath drios

Game Description:

An RPGA-sanctioned Living Forgotten Realms Campaign based in and around the Sea of Fallen Stars.

Each module will be an official LFR module though I will be making minor adjustments as per the allowed guidelines to suit the adventures to the party. There will be no major changes to any NPC’s or Plot lines and the rewards and rules will be official.

Me. Long time roleplayer and dungeon/game master. Have already run a couple of LFR games here and plan to run more. I also ran a few dungeon delves and am DMing a long running FR campaign which is the only public game for those interested in checking out my style. Each game is ran slightly differently with me being more strict with formatting for the LFR games.

Each party will consist of five to six characters that are either newly created using the official RPGA Creation Guidelines for LFR adventurers or are already level 1 or 2 LFR characters. As I write this the current guidelines are version 1.9 and are available from the character creation page reachable via the RPGA LFR homepage.

I’ll am looking for characters that will work well together and be fun to play with.

Please format your application as set out below. If you need assistance with the formatting open the spoiler below and copy the example template there.

I would like to see two or three paragraphs for each of the three sections (100-200 words each), if you want to expound on your characters background further please wait till you are in character as there will be opportunity for you to do just that. Following my application formatting guidelines to the letter is a sure way to improve your chances of being chosen.

If you also include a little about yourself, such as roleplaying experience and posting frequency, it won’t go unnoticed. I would also be interested to hear about any LFR experience you already have. Also if you are bringing in an existing LFR character details on their previous adventures and treasure bundles will be essential.

Application80x80 Thumbnail Headshot to Represent your character in all IC posts, no photos please.
(you can also include a larger image in spoilers if you wish)

Name: Name
Gender: Male/Female
Race: Character Race
Class: Character class and build
Region: FR background region
DCI#: RPGA/DCI number

Myth-Weavers Character Sheet:
For the game I would like to see a completed Myth-Weavers character sheet will all class, racial and feats described in the notes section. I am fine with you using either list tags or OOC tags. All powers should also have their mechanics listed out ideally along with final bonuses for whatever weapon you are using. Please also make sure the sheet is set public or at least viewable by me.

Here are two of my characters, the first with his notes as a large list, the second using OOC tags. Neither are 1st level so they have rather a lot more notes than a beginning character would have but I think they get the idea across. Feel free to copy any of the formatting or come up with your own. As long as it's easily understandable it'll be fine.

Posting Requirements:
I am looking for a reasonably fast posting rate such as one to two posts weekdays and one post weekends. The average post does not have to be lengthy (ie two to three paragraphs of around 100 words total would be good) but they do need to show your character’s personality and should respond to other characters as much as the environment.

I understand occasionally people will be unable to post for a certain period of time, holidays, sickness and such forth. But I do ask that you give as much notice beforehand or as soon as possible and I will endeavor to do the same if I will be unable to post for any length of time.

Also check out my formatting requirements here.

I would love the chance to get back into an RPGA game. Haven't played one since '01, but I have my number.


Name: Vilthos
Gender: Male
Race: Kalashtar
Class: Devoted Cleric
Region: Aglarond
DCI#: 9210-184-282

Note: I would apply a pic to this char, but I couldn't find any that caught my attention. really sorry about that.

Originally Posted by Cecil63077 View Post
Would you have a problem with me applying with two characters instead of the normal one?
No problem here. Though for both to be considered they should each meet all the application requirements. I also think to simplify the thread they should both be in the same post each within a separate fieldset.

I'm intrigued by the LFR thing, although I'm having trouble getting a request in for an RPGA number. I can get to this page, but then when I click on the link at the bottom of the answer my browser just shows a blank page. Any help you can offer would be great.

Assuming I can find someway to get that working, I'd like to put together a ranged Cleric of some variety to advance the religious undertones of the campaign arc. Is there any way to take a glance at the storyline so far for the Black Dragons group?

@Dark, if I remember rightly, you need to have cookies enabled both from the WotC site and from one of their adservers before you can sign up

This looks like a good chance to join an interesting game in progress.. i'll have to think about characters.

+1 to the request for being able to look at the archive, if that is somehow possible.

I have a dwarven cleric I'd love to use, I can post around 5 or 6 times per day, and am running my own game. Will have an application up soon.

@maniki @Dark

Unfortunately, according to the LFR guidelines you can't have games viewable to people who didn't take part in them, so that's out. However, you can take a look at the character descriptions from the original application thread to get a feel for the characters.

Just to point out, the campaign is not necessarily a religious one, it's just one adventure of many we'll make

I don't know about the rest, but I'll give you a hint on what I would want, most of it obvious.

Of the character:
  • We're looking for two new companions. From the party composition, one will surely be a leader, the other will probably not be a striker (at least without a strong secondary role).
  • A character that complements ours will be placed higher than one that is redundant.
  • A well written background (but not too long!), a well written sheet and a good picture of the character really brings it to life.

Of the player:
  • Somebody capable of posting twice a day or more is better than somebody that can log on only a half an hour a day and disappears on weekends.
  • Somebody that follows Cyco's rules, no repeated one-liners.
  • Must love to roleplay AND combat AND social encounters AND problem solving.

Wow I'm getting stricter than the DM! . Apply people, Cyco is awesome.

I just gotta get this guy a game, haha. As well, I'm still working on getting the MW character sheet up, so I'll just leave the DDI build here...

Name: Alrahir
Gender: Male
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Valorous Bard
Region: Cormyr

Btw, there isn't any rules about playing out of your region, is there? Just wondering if I had the option of playing this guy elsewhere. Anyways, here's hoping I get in!


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