Checkmate: War For the City (Take 2)

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Checkmate: War For the City (Take 2)

Checkmate: War for the City - Forum
World of Darkness
Ad Closes: Nov 9 '09
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Checkmate: War For The City is recruiting again after a failure to properly launch.

Current Players:
Lord Tyriok
Kommissar Engel

Let's play a game. We just happen to have a unrealistically large city waiting to be ruled. All you need to do is play the game. A word of warning however, once you start, you can't stop.

This is a Primacy game, you are a high level supernatural being or hunter in a position of power in The City. The goal is to take control of The City while preventing others from doing the same. The game is not played at street level, but at city level, meaning you are controlling others who do your bidding for one reason or another. You take on two roles, a "chessmaster" and an "agent." The Chessmaster is the role controlling operations in the city as a whole, directing assets, running politics, and so on. The Agent is the street level role, acting as a normal character in the World of Darkness. Every player MUST own a copy of Damnation City.

Application FormatChessmaster Name
Physical Description

Agent Name
Physical Description

Sheets in private text or PM

NOTE: I'm looking for creative in your apps, something that sets you apart from the others trying to take the city.

Game Description:

Let's play a game. We just happen to have a unrealistically large city waiting to be ruled. All you need to do is play the game. A word of warning however, once you start, you can't stop.

Can I request the Genius template? This game seems perfect to start building a robot army.

... Then again robot armies and kill sats might be overpowered.

Mastigos Master who is the "Power Behind the Throne" of either the Mayor, or the largest police district in the city, with an Acanthus Agent who is her sneaky little minion that goes around solving problems the police can't (Or won't). Or something. Doo dee doo . .

-Scribbles applications down-

Edit: Actually, let's take the FUN route. Same characters, but the Chessmaster takes on the Queen Bee role, trying to take over the city through it's social elite and money. Looking at 5-Star Hotels and Banks for her sites, moneylenders/politicians/socialites for her Assets?

Edit2: Here's a thought, Apostate Mages. Y/N?

A mage that doesn't have formal training, so they use the Banisher template. They don't get the Rote Skills for casting spells, organization benefits, access to Rote Spells, etc. They instead get 11 Merit dots at creation instead of seven, and can buy merits to make up for the loss of those organization benefits.

Edit: Ah, I was very, very wrong. 17 merit dots, with the option of buying merits to try and get some (not all) of the benefits normal mages get. I was thinking 11 because I always do the Gnosis tradeoff. x.x

THanks! I'll have my mages up later this evening then. I assume my idea of lording over the hoity toity hotels and trying to influence the socialities and business owners of the city is okay for my Sites and Assets?

-Still trying to figure out the specifics of Assets, though.-

Is anyone already in the game (Okay I know the answer to that, but this leads into question 2)? Should we know about what they are playing as?

Genius now allowed. Currently there is a Vampire/Lust Possessed team and two Vampire/Vampire teams. I'm unsure if they are still in, but we may also have a Changeling/Immortal team as well. Looking at our vampire heavy load out, another vampire is likely to be passed over. Unless you truly believe that you can make a vampire that will cause my head to explode ala Scanners, I suggest having a backup.
Also, I believe I should clarify "assets." Assets represent people who specialize in a certain skill. You use their specific skill when taking actions requiring that skill. For example, let's say your Agent has just lost a fight to a pack of werewolves. If you have a Medicine 3 asset and an intelligence of 4, you have a dice pool of 7 to mend your rather broken agent.


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