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About Immunity

About Immunity

Let's say that I spent 80 points on Immunity. Now I have immunity to all Nonlethal Physical Damage, Lethal Physical Damage, Nonlethal Energy Damage, and Lethal Energy Damage. I'm essentially invulnerable to all attacks, right?

(I'm just now starting to read the book, so I don't know how many types of attacks there actually are. D;)

Someone could still take over your mind and make you walk off a cliff, but yeah.

Of course, you just spent over half your points on becoming immune, when you just buy twenty ranks of Impervious Protection for half the cost. And if there is a GM on the planet that would allow this, I would slap their face.

I'm no expert on MnM, but you could still be grappled and bound, or locked in a room or something, correct? You can take a nuke to the face and live, but you're not untouchable.

As long as it doesn't deal damage, they're still vulnerable to the attack, yes.

I was intending to use this idea for an NPC. A goddess, really, immune to time and pain.

Thanks, guys!

You could still be stunned, KO'd by failing a save vs the Stun power badly enough, paralyzed, nauseated, blinded, deafened, mind controlled, snared, confused, or indeed subject to any other non-damaging effect. You could also be damaged by mental blast, which does neither physical nor energy damage.

Originally Posted by Naturax View Post
If it's an NPC, then you don't need to bother with the mechanic.
If it's an NPC, there's something called "Trait X" that you might want to look up.

Indeed, Raveled has it: plot-important NPCs have whatever stats and abilities you want them to or they need to have, irrespective of the power level of the adventure. And realistically, whilst pumping yourself full of Immunities will make you extremely difficult to take down, you will also find yourself lacking in any skills or feats - let alone other actual powers - to make you even peripherally worrisome to any villain. They will spend a few days flinging stuff at you to test your abilities and then proceed to ignore you studiously thereafter, maybe sending out a couple of their stronger minions to keep you from being a minor irritation during the climax by blocking your route. And hey, if you are proving particularly resilient, they can just dunk you underwater, teleport you into space, hit you with something that causes Drain etc etc. Becoming Immune to those things as well renders you EVEN MORE ineffective. Seems counter-intuitive doesn't it?

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