Vampire: the Requiem - Six Shades of Darkness

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Vampire: the Requiem - Six Shades of Darkness

Vampire: The Requiem - Six Shades of Darkness - Forum
Vampire: Masquerade
Ad Closes: Nov 13 '09
Estimated Members Requested: 4

I'm having you guys play up-and-coming Kindred. You begin with 40xp and nine merit dots rather than seven. You also begin with five dots of Disciplines, but none of these starting dots can raise a discipline over 3. You need to spend xp for that.
EDIT: You may not raise Blood Potency above 3 with merit dots. Not sure how I neglected to mention that before now. -_-;;

The details of your home city, your position there, all of it... is up to you, assuming you have the Status merit etc. to back it up.

Please submit your applications in the following format. I sometimes give a few bonus xp for outstanding character fluff, but I don't want to read a novel.

All Bloodlines are ostensibly allowed pending my approval. I will say this: I'm not a fan of the really bizzarre ones. Like the one with the bees. Picking a really off-the-wall Bloodline may hurt your chances of getting in. Of course, by "off-the-wall," I mean thematically. Malkovians are more than welcome.

I plan to accept four players for the time being, possibly more.

Application Format:

Covenant (If Any):
Bloodline (If Any):

Let me know if you have other questions.

Game Description:

This is a Vampire: the Requiem game set in Castleport, a fictional city of about 600,000 (4 million metro area- so that's give or take 80-90 Kindred). The Theme of the game is Shifting Allegiances. The Mood is Spy Thriller. The Bourne Identity is a good example of the tone and pacing I'm going for.

The game will begin in early February 2009. Your group, who may or may not heave met before, have been kidnapped, drugged, and taken from your home cities to an indeterminate location where you are each placed in individual concrete holding cells to ride out the predator's taint. Your future is uncertain.

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I'm interested if you don't mind someone with little to no experience.

Gonna think up of a concept, but expect a Daeva

Sleeplessghost- as long as you can make a character you should be fine. I've found the Storytelling system is one of the easiest out there to explain on the fly. 95% of the time you just need to know "How many d10s do I roll?"

Both armory books are very much allowed.

Noctuku's a little iffy, but if you think you can make it work in a group-oriented chronicle (ie: not give in to "Wolverine syndrome,") then I'd allow it. Thematically they're very cool in my opinion, they just seem like they don't make the greatest team players.

Is the Zelani bloodline from Carthians allowed?

Unfortunately not, Kommissar, as I do not own any of the Covenant books.


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