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Eileen Thorsson

Name: Eileen Thorsson
Nationality: Sweden
Rank and Service Branch: Flygvapnet (Air Force) Major
Physical Description: Eileen is tall and statuesque, with an athletic figure and long blonde hair flowing down past her shoulders, and is always modestly dressed (to the dissapointment of many). Her green eyes often sparkle with amusement, but she is capable of being deadly serious when need be.

Background: Eileen Thorsson was one of the first females to be trained as a combat pilot in the Swedish Air Force, and quickly gained a reputation for her cool head and icy-cold resolve. With experience on the J32, AJ37 and JAS39 fighters, when Sweden joined the IOA she was a natural for assignment to the Stargate Programme.

Unlike many, Eileen has spent most of her two-and-a-half years working for the SGC as a member of a starships' crew, starting with a cruise aboard Prometheus, including its final battle over Tegalus, then transferring to Dadeleus, including several runs to and from Atlantis.

Eileen hopes that her new assignment aboard George Hammond will be a stepping stone in the direction of commanding her own ship some day. However, fate may have other ideas.
Personality: Eileen is usually quiet and reserved, measuring her words before speaking and only saying that which needs to be said. However in combat she holds nothing back, striking to defend Good and Freedom with everything she has.


Harold "Harry" Jones-Choo

Character Name: Harold "Harry" Jones-Choo

Character Nationality: Republic of Singapore

Rank and Service Branch: Lieutenant, Air Force 125 Squadron "Puma" (AS332M Super Puma Helicopter support + search and rescue)


Items to consider when developing adjectives lists (may not be applicable to everyone, and certainly isn't complete):

- Combat - unarmed, melee (normal/energy), missile (normal/energy)
- Spaceships - piloting, navigation, engineering, fire control (weapons), communications, damage control
- ATA gene
- Survival skills
- Leadership aptitude
- Intuition
- Luck

COMPLETE (For good now, I think)

Name: Travis Andersson
Nationality: United States
Rank and Service Branch: 2nd Lieutennant, USAF

Complete - I think

Name: Dr. Evelyn Archer
Occupation: Archaeologist and Archaic Language specialist.
Military Status:Civilian Expert
Age: 28
Nationality Scottish

Let me know if I need anything or need to change anything...

Complete! As far as I know

Name: Dr. Klaus von Braun
Nationality: German
Rank: Civilian

work in progress, Mordae let me know what else you may need or suggestions

We're gonna go with "done" unless you want me to change something Mordae. I'm flexible, let me know.


Name: James
Occupation: Army ranger
Military Status: Lieutenant.
Age: 26
Nationality Amarican

Captain Michael Tillinger

Take Two


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