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Stargate: New Journeys

New Journeys - Forum
The Window
Ad Closes: Nov 15 '09
Estimated Members Requested: 10

Greetings! My name is Mordae, and I will be taking over this game concept for the benefit of those interested, many of whom were disappointed by the former GM's behaviour. If you expressed interest before, feel free to jump back on the bandwagon. If you didn't but would like to, you're welcome also

Game Description:

The First Good News All DayIt happened thirty one hours ago.

It started out as a simple fleet exercise, tactical training between Odyssey and your ship, George Hammond. An easy shakedown, designed to test your crew's readiness to deploy to the Pegasus Galaxy to relieve the Daedalus.

And then, the Ori dropped out of hyperspace right in the middle of things. Odyssey engaged the mothership and ordered you to retreat to hyperspace. Just as you were about to make the jump, the Ori hit you with a full salvo. It almost destroyed the ship, but somehow the hyperdrive survived the attack. Long enough to get you moving somewhere--anywhere--at least for a little while.

By the time the ship dropped out of hyperspace on its own, power sources nearly exhausted, the survivors had managed to gather themselves in the few remaining habitable sections of the ship to take stock of the situation. Colonel Thomson: Dead. The Asgard Engineer: Dead. The list went on and on. Out of the entire crew that was aboard the ship, only ninety six survived the attack.

The ship didn't fare much better. Hyperdrive, sublight, navigation, targeting, weapons, shields, all offline. Hull badly damaged, probably more from the hyperspace trip than the Ori assault--in any event, barely safe to fly. The generators seemed to be functioning, though noone could reach Engineering to be entirely sure. The Asgard transporters were unreachable without a spacewalk due to damage, but the ring transporters were within the habitable zone. Sensors and maneuvering thrusters were the only major systems still operational.

As the ship drifted through empty space, the sensor array picked up the presence of a nearby solar system. It wasn't much, but the spectral analysis indicated the potential for a habitable planet.

Welcome to Stargate: New Journeys. The first thing on the agenda is: Survival.

This game is a takeoff of the Stargate: Universe idea. In this game, the survivors of an Ori attack has been thrown somewhere into space. The ship can barely support those who survived the attack, and death is inevitable unless a miracle occurs. And that is where this game begins: with a 'miracle'.

Status: Currently experiencing a higher than normal call volume. Please try your call again later.
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For reference purposes, here are the apps that made on the previous advertisement thread. Feel free to reuse them if you wish, as long as you put them in the application thread as requested above.

Harold Jones-Choo (Disaster)
Amy Rose (AmyRose)
Walter Haden (kbrn62)
Kira Zjukovski (Sorak)
Seigfried Theobald (Ventus)
Travis Andersson (AsaTJ)
Eileen Thorsson (The Bushranger)

interested very very interested

I've always loved the Stargate show and for ages I have been looking for a game to play in...

But I'm sort of scared of the freeform thingy... I need a system to play so I'll just read along if that's ok with the GM?

WW: Excellent!

Karrth: Well, technically we ARE using a system (the Window), but it's more of a framework than d20 or even d6. Up to you

Hmm looking at the system I might make something up. It looks like more like something I'm willing to use.

Thinking Army ranger or special forces from the EU.

Hey Mordae, glad to see you starting another game. I'm in if you will have me, and would not be afraid to carry Simon Wright over from the Earth game, especially as that seems to be falling slowly into oblivion ( )

Still very intertested, I will convert my character from the other thread at my earliest convenience.

Any idea how many will be accepted?


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