The Kobold's Box: A Whimsical Adventure for Low Levels

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The Kobold's Box: A Whimsical Adventure for Low Levels

The Kobold's Box - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e - Forgotten Realms 3.5e
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Translated from the Olde KoboldLong ago, a powerful devil named Zorith stalked the kobold lands of Clan Gnurka. The brave kobolds did their best to kill him, using some of the dirtiest fighting tricks imaginable, but Zorith and his servants were just too tough for them. All seemed lost.
The clan chief called upon his fattest and therefore wisest kobolds, and threatened to eat those who didn’t solve the problem. The threat worked, and one of the kobolds a gifted and powerful sorcerer named Vert, came up with a solution: she would build a magic box to shrink the devil and capture him inside. She presented her plan to the clan chief, and in his desperation he allowed her full access to the clan’s treasury of shiny rocks to finance the undertaking. After toiling for many days and nights, the project came to fruition.
Vert called her creation the Devil Box. When the time came, Vert (along with a large number of terrified kobold bodyguards) confronted Zorith. It took several tries (and several bodyguards) before Zorith succumbed to the devil box, but in the end the devil was successfully imprisoned within, along with his minions. The box was closed, never to be opened again… Never ever ever!

But rarely do the convictions of man hold up against the intrigue of the unknown, much less can be said about kobolds…

Kobolds! Pastry! and Murder most Foul!

SettingLost somewhere along the road between Westgate and Teziir, the denizens of the small hamlet of Muffin's Honor (renowned, naturally, for the town's quality baked goods) live out their simple lives as they have for as long as anyone can remember. Forgotten by the world at large, the town is but a footnote of a way stop between her more illustrious and famous neighbours. But now something of the fantastic has been stirring in the town's back alleys and narrow lanes. Something that is going to change everything...
Hushed whispers spread like flu in the dark lit corners of the dusty tavern: three dead bodies were found! The mayor is terrified, the watch are powerless, and those in the know are certainly very scared indeed.

A call for adventurers! I require no more than 5 and no less than 3 hardy entrepreneurs to save small hamlet of Muffin's Honor from whatever goes bump in the dark night. The mayor is anxious to resolve the matter before the start of the Tillhoot, a late summer festival celebrating the quality of life and muffins shared by the prosperous small town!

This is a bit of a back to basics game for me, I'd like to keep things simple, so try to stick to core as much as possible. I'm looking for characters that either live in or spend a large amount of their time in the town. I'd like to capture the spirit of local lads done good sort of adventure. Of course if you have something else in mind just write a really good app and I'll put it into consideration. I'm also looking for players who are willing to take the initiative and who can foster a healthy rapport with one another.

Starting level: 2
Attributes: 28 point buy
Core Classes + Races
Sources: Standard PHB + PHB2, Complete Adventurer, Complete Warrior
Starting gold: 200

Application: The basic: name, race, description, background.
Also you have the option of creating up to 3 npc's that live within or around the town, someone that your character interacts with (family, friend, rival), could be anything, I want people to start thinking about small town dynamics.

Please post questions and apps in this thread.

Game Description:

Just because this is a low level game does not mean it will be boring. I promise drama, comedy, and cinematic action! But it is up to you to bring the story to life.

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I'll try to get a rogue put together in a while...or maybe a sorcerer or wizard, never played an arcane caster before.

Hmmm... Kobold druid? .... ^_~ That is if "core races" includes MM1 races w/ player stats.

This sounds like loads of fun! I am interested in whipping up a young Cleric! Should we use the Forgotten Realms pantheon or something weirder?

Galahad: Yes sir, I'm going to be limiting the sources for the time being, this is my first time running a pbp game, and I am still learning the 3.5 system. As the game progresses, I may open up more books for use and will allow the players to redesign their characters. Personally I think dnd heroes should be about personality rather than extraordinary origins or powers.
I've added phb2 for the list of sources, though I'd still prefer if everyone kept their classes core.

Sorak: Sorry buddy, let me reiterate, you will not be playing kobolds in this adventure :P

Scrivener: Yes sir! FR pantheon would be great. I would recommend you create a npc sketch or two if you would like to be part of a small monastic order in the town, this will help flesh out your character's place in the town. But of course being the lone clergy would be just fine, as well!

Name: Zio Casdon
Race: Half-Elf

Originally Posted by ObstacleCorpse View Post
I've added phb2 for the list of sources, though I'd still prefer if everyone kept their classes core.

Sorak: Sorry buddy, let me reiterate, you will not be playing kobolds in this adventure :P
Woops, sorry I didnt notice where you Iterated that in the first place >_< (other then the core part, which is why I mentioned MM. But understandable if thats what ya ment!)

Sorak: I always thought core classes/races meant those that are available in the PHB. Sorry, I didn't mean to be so vague in my first post.

luisrico: Great character idea! No knowledge of FR need apply! If you really want to get deep into the setting, I'd be more than happy to help you flesh out a background.

Cool. I'll have something up tomorrow


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