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I second this statement!!!

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Ah, I'm jealous! I fell in love with Jewel Staite on Firefly

Gonna give Bushranger a few more hours to post. Then there's going to be some NPCing to send the military up...

As of tonight I am officially back online. There was some shenanigans on the shipping companies behalf, and was lame. But I'm back now. It seems it didn't cause much grief, but I apologize anyway.

*flails madly*

Life. I hatesssss it. It burnsssssss me.

So uh Merlana........ what happens on the 11th? Your exclamation marks and vagueness have pushed my curiosity button with much force.

The last day of the semester. Then "summer vacation," which at the university level is really "a time without students to catch your breath and do all the work you have been putting off for the last 9 months."

Maybe I missed it, but how are we getting to the ring site?

You put one wee foot in front of the other wee foot?

I was hoping you could manage describing the walk (hustle? run?) to the transporters--there is a thread for that, though it was hiding. I do recognize I owe you all a thread for "up there".

This might be the longest 3 minute nap of my life! (lighthearted sarcasm)

I wanna see the MALP go through the gate! Or at least see what happens with the bugs! Or what else they find up north! The scientists are at the military's mercy

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