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Murdoch is the crazy one? or Mr T? (Sorry... too young to remember the series and didn't the the movie :P)

No, Klaus is Murdoch (CLEARLY crazier than anyone else), Eileen is Face (Sarah might fit here too), and Friedrich is Hannibal (smug superiority and all!). That makes Michael our BA Baracus... "I pity da fool who don't make proper salutes an' run up his action chits through the doggone chain of command!"

Murdoch was crazy pilot (I was going with pilot for Eileen, not crazy... but those crazy moments were all an act)
Mr. T was BA Barracus - big burly black guy

I'll contend that Klaus is just as smug and arrogant as Friedrich, even if Friedrich is more charming and personable (did I just say that?!?!)

And you know, all this talk of the A-Team makes me sort of want to go back and watch the REAL Battlestar Gallactica. Not the crazy SciFi knock offs from the last few years.

But explosions are fun D: Was busy last night with football and subsequent we lost party! Reading and thinking on a reply now.

I hated me the Sci Fi ones. Terribad.

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Murdoch is the crazy one? or Mr T? (Sorry... too young to remember the series and didn't the the movie :P)
Don't worry, you and I are in the same boat there. But I'll agree with Merlana, Friedrich is much more personable than Klaus (or anybody else, for that matter), just ask him! He'll tell you

Man, Sarah missed out on all the good stuff from the last series of encounters. So many great things to say that she doesn't know about.

Oh... And my latest humor... Been on an 80s binge in terms of music lately, and have been greatly amused by the lyrics to Starships's Sara and Dexy's Midnight Runner's Come on Eileen. Ok, and a lot of other stuff too, but those two in particular.

Psssst. Friederich is actually not military, he's just a smart-ass linguist who happens to know how to use guns. Scary. Oh, and he's nothing but trouble... And a whole lot of fun.

Feel free to look through The Cast to get a feel for who's who. It makes life much, much easier, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't refer back to it myself!

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