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Working on it. The ship has to fall apart a little more first
Wait, what?

Quick! Begin work on the deus ex machina! Warm up the corbomite!

*casts Summon MacGuyver*
*casts Summon Carter*
*casts Summon McKay*

Who needs corbomite?

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I was wondering why no one sugested Dr Archier.
*sniffs* its ok I don't mind *sniff*

hey its easy to forget the civie whose not healing you or saving your lives with their techy genius ... spare part .... invisible like that old coat stuffed in the closet and forgotten about till you need a translator to save your butts...mah ha ha then she'll remember this!

Cant blame me! I wasnt in charge when it started.

Yes, but it's an eccentric orbit. Dr. von Braun, in his head, calculates the perigee at 50,000km and the apogee at 8,000,000km with a 38 hour period and a ~10 day decay span, assuming no thruster activity to try and stabilize things. Even with thrusters, it'll take a long time to get into a circular orbit.

With that orbit, the rings will be in range to transport for about 20% of the period, about 8 out of every 38 hours.

I guess the answer is "for varying definitions of orbit" then.


Can I give Eileen a d8 in Schlock Mercenary Lore?

Had to jump in there if for no other reason than to break up roadford and amy from taking five pages in a row

sorry we have more free time then you and I am is breaking the ship a good idea? We already have a structure problem....don't yo think this will make us unstable and possibly KILL us?

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