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Mordae, did you have a name in mind for the Asgard? How about Volund, mostly because a legendary smith would be appropriate for an Asgard engineer.

Not that he is going to have a speaking role....

I thgouht he was dead.

Thanks for the suggestion. He is dead, but I plan to write up a full crew manifest (or at least the significants) so you guys know who you are/were with.

Volund would be appropriate, I agree, although he was a mortal in the sagas and not technically one of the gods.

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OK, we're now closed to new applications. I'll start the game tonight and fit in Disaster, Sorak, and Karrth (who each have incomplete apps) as they finish.

I've still to look at equipment and what not but its late and I'll have to do that tomorrow now....time-zones! (GMT)

There'll be time for gathering whatever you can scavenge from the ship. You can decide what you would have had on your person at the time, of course.

that's what I meant...not a full equipment list that would take some explaining unless she starts in her room...


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