General OOC

*Slaps himself*

Sorry about that.

C'mon Mordae! I need to know how much of the ship just imploded and now the hydrospanners are going critical and we have to abandon ship!

It's not you, it's me I'll update tonight.

Remember, when in doubt, the first thing to do is to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow!

And sonic screwdrivers pwn hydrospanners.

True enough.

Well, Mordae, you wanted us all planet-side. I think that will juuuuust about take care of it.

"Where's the Ka-boom? There was supposed to be a ship-shattering Ka-boom?!

...oh, there it is!"

Originally Posted by The Bushranger View Post
...and she then slams her hand down on the intercom button.
<This is Major Thorsson. What the blod blinkande helvete just happened, Doctor, and how long do we have?"
I'm sorry, should I have called first?

Hey, Doc knew Eileen would chew his ear off. So Eileen obliged!

FYI, Im imagining the scene in Stargate universe where people and equipment are now being thrown into the star gate at the same time. This time it is the ring transporter and we are just tossing stuff out of the way. I think every two minutes another load comes in instead of about 5-10.

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