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OK, need Bushranger's help on this one. Were the Asgard teleporters controlled from the Asgard console or elsewhere? And where would emergency forcefields be controlled from ?

Well, we know, OOC, the Asgard transport beam thingy is dead. IC, of course, is another matter...

I believe they can be controlled either from the bridge or from the console in Engineering - it seems the 'default' location is the bridge. Emergency forcefields would presumably be controllable from the same locations plus Auxiliary Control.

I keep hearing Rodney's voice in my head for some reason....

And just to voice my frustration, that is actually the second time I typed all that in. Took too long the first time and was logged out. Grrrr....

lol yes Amy Rose is buisy but she is dragging people into helping her move people around. Since I was told to bandage people up and send the rest to Ms. Rodgers. So in reality Ms. Rodgers is REALLY busy...

...I first read that as "Rocky". Maybe it was a Freudian slip given your avatar.

From my experience, if it logs you out, it will still post if you sign back in at the "you're signed out" screen.

You can expect Eileen to be comparing Klaus to Rodney as things go along, I'm sure.

Originally Posted by Mordae View Post
OK, we're now closed to new applications. I'll start the game tonight and fit in Disaster, Sorak, and Karrth (who each have incomplete apps) as they finish.
>_< I appologies for the lack of story in my back story. If I can sweek it out I will for sure try in the next 48 hours or so.

Oh, yeah, I did.
Eileen didn't.

I can't wait until she gets the chance to compare him to the other scientists she's worked with.

my we have been busy, I'm offline a day! and Doh *slaps head* on the Habitual! lol

Has any one seen Karrth?

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