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GM Wanted - Epic Game

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Ad Closes: Nov 26 '09
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Some of you may have seen the ads that went put for this game a month ago. However we are suffering from the loss of a DM and as such we need to recruit a new one. You can check all of the ad threads for previous information. You MUST be able to plan an epic level game - i.e. encounters and challenges. And you have to prove that you have the credentials to do the job.

Game Description:

The Stirring

Hell is becoming restless. Whispers are spreading from the pits like a wildfire. There is something big coming, and the angels are worried. The hordes of the banished dead are preparing, and no one is quite sure for what. But there are rumours. Is it Altheria? Or is it Fearn? Or is it something deeper, more sinister?

Hell is becoming restless. The caged pits of this fiery domain are beginning to rattle with the anger of the hordes, they are wearing out. The metal is beginning to rust and bend under the pressure. And the angels overhead are beginning to get frightened. Another war is not what they need. Not with their Lord in the condition that he is now...

Hell is becoming restless.

Trying to catch up while struggling with an internet fault in my area expected to remain for the next week and a half during which time I may completely wink out, so please be patient

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