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Hard Times

Hard Times - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Dec 24 '09
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Not sure if I did this right, but the Ad should close on 12/24/2009

UPDATE : upon receiving some questions regarding specific towns and locales, I will be updating the Game description on 12/21/09.

Setting : Fantasy. No guns unless it's something like a ... very awkward cannon or primitive shotgun. Very dangerous to both the target and the user. Steam engines? possible, although unlikely. All races are more than welcome, restrictions on dark to evil races, with a very good reason I can consider it, please PM me. Please no inherently evil characters, if you are looking to play someone a little more on the "dark side" please once again, keep your alignments private. I"m not sure how people truly apply for positions but I should outline that a little more at the end of the post.

World : The land itself is unique to this campaign. A very large mainland is your home, and stretches for many many miles. (If there is a way to provide rough sketches of maps, I can post those and come up with some visual representation). A Picture of it for now would be... a croissant, with North being the upper crust, and the south being the concave curve, creating a large semi-protected gulf of the land. There are a few major cities, and several smaller towns as you would expect on a well established land, which has known peace for roughly 4 centuries.

Environment : The inner coast of the Gulf is mild, rarely any snow, but not terribly hot in the summer, bearable. The two peaks of the land, southern most points to the east and west are a desert that drops to the ocean, nearer to the salt air there are scrub grasses and small brush but quickly it turns to desolate sand. Oddly enough, the deserts are rich in the lands main sources of precious metals. The engineering capabilities of the land in dealing with Mining are quite advanced. The middle of the country, riddled with rivers and lakes, is where a lot of the farm land and smaller villages reside. Hundreds of miles of plans, forests and rivers cross-cross this land. The roads are varied, to stone high ways to ruts through the tall grasses.

Religion : I'm not one to impose whom you can and cannot worship. I will allow any from the PHB and if you have your own, please simply include what it is, the tenets and expectations of its followers and any of the the other impact it might have, such as alignment.

Background : The "Hard Times" is being felt across the land. There is a small shortage of everything it seems, from coin to food and while no one is dying, the pinch is being felt. Lords want to raise taxes, but fear revolts; villages want new clothing and tools, but can't raise enough crops to pay for them. The capital, Fafrhd, offers work and being the largest hub for denizens to meet, offers a good chance to earn some coin. There is trade between several islands and other large cities along the coast, and the occasional ship docks, bearing goods from a land about a months journey east.

Character Application : I did the 26 (CHANGED: upped from 22) point buy because I want the heroes to be, slightly better than average. You come from families where maybe you were the 5th child, or perhaps your village, had less food. But, these times are giving you the opportunity to start life anew. And while it may bring situations about where "running for your lives" is a wonderful option, please do not get the impression that it will be a theme. The campaign is not heavy combat. But there will be some. As for characters alignments, please keep these private, as you will be meeting your fellow companions for the first time, and the reactions of whom you are what you do should be discovered by all as we progress.

Character Application : Please PM your character application to me with Name, Race, Class, Gender, Personality, Background, and Alignment.
Completed Applications:

Questions? : please feel free to ask them, I will expand upon this section as they arise.

Game Description:

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So is the basic tone a survival game or just one where the inauspicious start is something that the characters are trying to overcome? Welcome to Myth-Weavers by the way

Interested. Applying for the amnesiac position; I'm also thinking about playing an Ardent(Complete Psionic). Unless psionics aren't allowed. Then I'll try for a hexblade, using the author's fix.

@ TheAscendant : It's an inauspicious start. Survival? only if you decide to make it that way, but no, It will have elements from mystery, to "that was unexpected" to "run for your lives". I hope it's varied enough but not discouraging.

@industrious : Psionics are allowed. I personally think they are great. Wonderful universal abilities... just.. anyways, my personal opinion.

Any details on the world, environment, religion, etc?

22-point buy? wow, that's harsh. Never seen less than 25 before...

I too would like to hear more details if available.

22-point buy, wow I think the PC's are in for more "run for your lives." However, the low powered characters will be fun to "role" play their ways out of what the holes they dig. I think I might try to come up with something but would like to hear more details about the world.

I would be interested in playing the amnesiac, and there are a couple of characters I'd like to play with it...

Dwarf Barbarian, Halfling Warlock...Or whisper gnome rogue.


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