The MERLIN Chronicles

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The MERLIN Chronicles

The MERLIN Chronicles - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds
Estimated Members Requested: 6

This is going to be an Indiana Jones-like game, with adventure and Nazis and mysterious powers (it's probably very similar to the The Mummy films in some respects, too). I'm looking for a few players to be Haskill's team in London (see Game Description, below), a handful of these mysteriously-powered individuals. This game uses the Paragons and Golden Age supplements to Mutants and Masterminds, but none of them will be required to play this game. I'm not planning a rules-heavy game, and the differences are simple enough to teach to anyone who knows d20.

Right now, I want a name (no code names), appearance (pictures are nice but not required), personality, background (include the moment of their Breakout), powers, and a brief writing sample. All fluff right now, no stats, which is why I'm not assigning a Power Level yet. Remember, if you're playing a male character, you either need to have a reason to be exempt from military service or have a rank. Haskill would also have been looking for a nice variety in age, race, economic background, hometown, etc., so a variety in those areas would be nice.

A few notes on powers: Don't look to the books when deciding. Come up with something appropriate to the tone, time period and would be fun to play. We'll make it work. Flashy powers probably aren't a good choice (sparkles and rainbows don't really seem to fit) but I won't outlaw them. It depends on the concept.

As for how these powers manifest--it's entirely up to you. I'm using a variation of the Paragons concept of belief. How these characters believe their powers should manifest affects how they do manifest. For example, if an archaeologist believes his powers are magic spells read from an ancient scroll, then that's how it works. It doesn't matter if it actually needs to be done this way. This opens up a few more concepts to the game.

Also, don't freak out about the writing sample. I just want to make sure your posts don't go like this: "I move to bad guy and hit him with my melee attack +4 for 1d8+1 damage." And then you leave it at that. Mutants and Masterminds doesn't use d8's, but you get the idea. If you're at a loss, link a recent game post, or describe your character's actions during his or her Breakout.

I think that's it. I'll be gone tomorrow (the 19th) until 8 pm, Mountain Time, so I won't be able to answer any questions until then. So let's see what you've got.

Game Description:

In 1937, a major blackout rolled across the eastern coast of North America and the west shores of Europe. It lasted for two days. When the lights came back on, numerous people in both areas displayed strange powers. Some thought it was the work of the Devil, or maybe of aliens. No one had any answers. At the least, no one spoke of any.

Five years passed. Just as had happened in our timeline, Hitler invaded Poland and started World War Two, but now with super-powered individuals leading his armies. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the United States joined the war. Every able-bodied man with powers was conscripted into the fight, no exceptions. The women and children were left to take care of the home front.

At the University of Chicago, Professor John Haskill had founded the MERLIN Project, to study these powered individuals, funded by a grant from the US Army. Unfortunately, with most of the men gone, he was left to study the women and a few remaining men. Like everyone else during this time, he was forced to make do.

Then he received word that someone had made a discovery in post-Blitz London, a discovery that related to these powered individuals, these "Paragons" as they were called. Prof. Haskill was many things--none of them, however, was brave. So he sent some of his subjects to London in his place to investigate. What they find may very well change the world.

“Each day we are becoming a creature of splendid glory or one of unthinkable horror.” ~ C.S. Lewis

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Ok, from the sounds of it, this is kinda like a 'League of Extrordinary Gentelmen' style game, only mostly female characters, is that about right?

Either way I have a concept idea. and will submit an app.

Alright, I'm new to the boards, but not new to M&M and this game looks like it might be a good once to try out as my first. I've decided I want to play a female speedster. Below is all the details for the character, I put them in spoiler boxes to save room, but I can remove them if you'd prefer.

Looks like a lot of fun! I've played Core M&M v2, but that's all. Let's see where my keyboard takes me on this app... going to borrow format from

EDIT: Looks like I decided to make a Metal Manipulator, in such form as Magneto from Marvel.


Hm, females and males outside of the army? Was planning a gunslinger, but the half-demon turned sorceress is looking better and better...

Name: Terry Smyth
Home: Different dimension
Age: 40
Power Structure: 1st generation Cybornetics
Height: 6'-0"
Weight: 975 lbs (Cybernetis are heavy he looks like he weighs 185 lbs.)

How is this for a start on the background. He would wake up where ever you need hima and I would find out that there are Nazis here also and join the forces against them. The transportation could put him in any time and place you desire.

On January 1, 1957 Terry Smyth was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Smyth in New York City - a city in a different dimensional time line. This world was one where the Nazi's were in control of half the world and where the United States is a protectorate of the Imperial German Empire.

Early in his childhood, Terry watched as the Nazi Saucer Ships destroyed the city of Los Angeles in a fiery massacre. He also saw the release of the Nazi Cyber-hounds that patrolled the streets.

At the age of 15 he joined the Free States Marine Corps, formerly the United States Marine Corps, to fight in World War III. The Free States are comprised of the 41 Eastern and Central states that did not become German protectorates. He watched as the Free States were battered by the onslaught of enemy missiles, Nazi-saucer ships, mutated Cyber-Hounds and foot soldiers. If not for Captain America and other brave heroes, the Free States would have surely perished.

After the war was over in 1978 he had remembered the contributions that Captain America had made, and admiring his actions, he decided to search for these hidden bases. He found the location of Freedom Base #3and joined their Super-Soldier program. Joining their cause, he defended the Free States with the best of his abilities.

Early in the 1980's the free states started Project Cyborg, in hopes of creating more super soldiers. Having been a dedicated member of their group for years, they approached Terry with the idea of turning his body into a mechanized fighting machine. With no hesitation in mind he signed the consent forms.

Using advanced cybernetic designs combined with the Super-Soldier formula and "Vita-Ray" treatments, the scientists began to modify Terry's body into a Cyborg. This six month period was filled with innumerable operations and pain. From these trials emerged the strongest Cyborg yet. Terry was proud that he could be in the same category as the man he so admired, the famous Captain America. He was now a super soldier. He took the code name; Hardwire.

During the months of recovery and training after the bionic implants, he could not wait for his first mission and it came soon enough. He was charged with the task of finding the Overlord's American Based Camps. When he did, he had more trouble than he bargained for, because he discovered the newly formed group called " The Power League ".It's members were Blitzhawk, Panzerman, and Cybernaut. The battle that was fought nearly ended his life, but with pure luck he managed to punch a hole into the inexperienced team's defenses. With his mechanical reflexes and cybernetic augmented senses he escaped their grasp and returned to base.

After his recovery from the first mission, Hardwire quickly accepted another even more dangerous mission. That mission still continues today; to kill the Overlord and end this nightmarish terror that he has bred. He has made 14 attempts & has had 14 failures but each time he takes a bigger and better chunk of the Overlords tender underbelly. He has well deserved the 2 million imperial marks reward placed on his head.

On his last mission he led an Elite group of Cyber-Soldiers into Germany. His four member squad was comprised of Lady Steel, Litchpin, and Commando. They hit The Overlord with three deadly lasers but the cost was high as Litchpin and Commando fell. Hardwire and Lady-Steel escaped into the maze of sewers beneath Berlin. They were tracked by Cyber-Hounds and other monstrosities created by the Nazi scientists. Worse, they learned that The Overlord had survived the attack!!

Hardwire and Lady Steel survive three attacks by the Nazi forces but are running out of resources and places to hide. Hardwire contacts a member of the underground but is betrayed!!Lady Steel falls in a deadly ambush but Hardwire manages to escape back into the sewers. He tracks down the traitor and executes him. He discovers a Cyber-Hound base and manages to repair most of his systems. He also discovers documents that details a facility that is working on something called "Atomic Power". Hardwire attacks the facility and damages much of it before he is driven off. As he runs from the burning facility the night explodes as the experimental atomic reactor melts down. With a blinding flash, Hardwire feels himself picked up and swept away like a leaf in the wind.

When he awoke he found himself in a strange place …

Enter your campaign world and where it goes from here will be shaped by the feel of the campaign. Basically he would submit himself for interrogation and debriefing by United States military only. All others he would fight to the death. He is 100% devoted to the US and will do anything required of him. Where ever he can fight Nazis is fine by him.

Name: Lady Mildred Aprilton
Occupation: Noble woman
Gender: Female
Age: Would you dare asking
Height: 1m65
Weight: What an outrageous question
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Stature: Athletic
Disposition: Elegant
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Marital Status: Promised

Mildred Aprilton is an English aristocrat, the younger daughter of Lord Oswald Aprilton and Lady Doris Aprilton, born Doris Ascott. Family background draws from several roots from Burford, Oxfordshire, to Cairo. The Aprilton are the typical European noble house, with a
The holding A&A, standing for Ascott and Aprilton
lasting legacy in industry, a couple
General William Aprilton, Baroque composer Edward Truce Aprilton, family historical patriarch Sir Theodore Aprilton Senior
historical figures,
mainly banking, railways, mining and chemicals
significant assets throughout the country, tremendous power at
local level,
5: Henry, Valentine, Winston, Ronda and Mildred
many chidren and
good manners.

In December 1940, the Aprilton all fled the Blitz. Parents and girls found shelter in Chicago, while the two boys made their way to Cairo to secure the last family assets there. To the Aprilton siblings, Cairo is the city reminiscent to childhood, a time when A&A had joint ventures in the seaport town of Suez. The five brothers and sisters, spent many months each year there, living the prosperous life of miniature nobles. Lord Oswald Aprilton sold his most important Egyptian assets when Mildred was 16 but the family carried on with the tradition of frequent travels to the Nile Delta for nearly 5 years. During their last trip to Egypt, Oswald offered Mildred's hand to Wilhem Von Stauff, the son of his former Austrian associate in Cairo. Later on Europe fell into war...

Wilhem Von Stauff, enrolled in Field Marshal Rommel's Afrika Korps, did join the German army, which changed a lot of thing for the couple... but a promise is a promise, and such things are not taken lightly among the noble Aprilton: given Wilhem was a soldier but not a Nazi, that he was honorable and lawful, Lord Oswald Aprilton ruled that his daughter had to bear with the promise and wait and see the outcome of the war. Wilhem never stopped writing letters to his love... to which Mildred never replied since the declaration of war.

She never replies... but reads them all, then hides them and reads them again, although she'd better die than admit it. She was precisely reading a poem from Wilhem's hand when her "powers" first showed, during summer 1940. She was bathing in the sun, in the park, some pigeons around her and people walking by. Mildred suddenly glanced away from the letter of her hated love, and her sight crossed the flock of birds. She could not tell how but one "froze" in mid flight and fell to the ground like a stone. Mildred stood up and neared... only to discover it was actually stone. Again, she could not tell how, but she immediately understood she had made this happen. She shrieked, and ran away... but a woman doesn't run in the street like a common burglar! She was trying to vanish from people's sight but was in fact attracting all their attention. She stopped at the corner of the street, drew a deep respiration and decided to remain discrete and subtle in every similar circumstances... that she was rightly expecting to multiply.

Since then, Mildred has obeyed the rule and tamed her instinct. She knows that her gaze can petrify, much like a Gorgon's, and she blames Wilhem for it. Mildred believes it happened because of the impossible choices he made her face, because she feels secretly torn between opposite allegiances, because love became so similar to hatred because of him that she can no longer distinguish them, because his letters are always responsible for both her fool mood and joy and because he broke her heart, and never stops to cure it only to break it again. It is actually the word: Mildred thinks Wilhem literally broke her and that her petrifying gaze is the exterior signs that shows it.

In Chicago, Mildred heard about the MERLIN project because of the relations of his father: there was a dinner and the topic was whispered. She quickly came to Pr. Haskill to tell him said "powers" really symptomatic of "a deregulation or perturbation of one's inner feelings". What she was strongly believing in. But she later got involved in the study, and realized the truth might be more complex than that...

In any case she volunteered for the investigation in London, if only because of her proficiency with the land.

Ok, I finally managed to get the Idea I had down. Basically Alicia can use electrical energy for a veriety of effects, like energy bolts, defensive field of force. Her body also uses the energy to supercharge her regenerative abilities aka Regeneration. But if she doesn't disipate her excess energy in a timely manner, it hurts her, and potentiall can result in her exploding and taking a few blocks with her.

I can see a formidable League of Extraordinary Ladies (and the occasional gents) forming...

Cpl. Aaron Lancer


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