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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e - Eberron
Estimated Members Requested: 6

This is a game, set in a slightly different Sharn. It isn't a game of high adventure, it's a game of scraping by the best you can, on your ill gotten gains. It is RP heavy, almost no combat, player driven, and will lack an overarching plot except for that which is introduced by your characters (actions have consequences, and I'd like to work in growth for each character, but I'm not going to dangle plot hooks). What action there is will be trap laden heists, and running from the cops.

That said, I hope to run this game as an exciting and active campaign, with lots of drama, intrigue, and adventure. The danger might not be lethal, but there will be danger enough for everyone.

Character creation:
We will be using E6 rules, with a few modifications. Massive Damage is equal to your constitution score. All books are welcome (this is eberron) but I reserve the right to ban anything I feel isn't keeping with the mood.

Abilities are 4d6 keep 3, or a 25 point buy. Starting ECL is 2, you may play a 0th level character if you really want that +3 LA species. Starting gold is 50.

Applications should be formatted as:
Specialty: What brand of larceny do you hope to focus on. What could you bring to the guild? Surprise me for bonus points.
Backstory: This must be well thought out, and well written. More so if you are playing a non-obvious choice for class and specialty.
Personality: Very important. Include any quirks or habits, as well as general outlook on life.
Appearance: A mug shot would be fine, if not please describe any distinctive marks, mannerisms, and general appearance.

In this version of Sharn, the multiple underworld factions have been almost universally replaced by the Thieves Guild. If it's illegal, it's covered under their charter. The guild has a number of bylaws and advantages. So long as you are a member in good standing, it will:
  • Provide you with material support (maps, equipment, etc) in exchange for a small cut of profits (10%).
  • Aid in the fencing or laundering of stolen goods at fair value.
  • Provide information on Contracts (high paying jobs with specific goals).
  • Help conceal you from the law, and provide legal counsel should you be apprehended.

It will not:
  • Aid you in committing murder, or provide benefits on any job which involved the death of a bystander.
  • Provide benefits should you commit a crime while not in good standing.
  • Provide magical services of any variety.
  • Provide material support of more than 10% the estimated take on a mission.

To remain a member in good standing, you must not violate any bylaws, inform the law of guild activities or members, steal from a house under guild protection, or be in arrears on your dues. Dues are 5 gold per week. This grants you access to guild headquarters, a number of safehouses, fences, and contacts.

I'm going to be tracking wealth very carefully in this game (for obvious reasons). Food, lodging, and such shall be tracked. I'm going to be generous with XP, since there won't be as many combat encounters.

The thread closes when I feel I have enough good applications. Good luck everybody.

Game Description:

Sharn is a magnificent place to be. A place of hope, and opportunity. A place of riches, adventure, and excitement. A place of money, where they say a pocket is picked every minute.

Fortunately, you're not the pickee.

Having joined the thieves guild, you hope to look forward to a long and prosperous life, growing fat on the riches of Breland. You fear spending the rest of your days toiling in punishment for your misdeeds. Have you got what it takes?

So does the Boromar Clan, or the Daask, or the Tyrants, or House Tarakanan exist at all? Or have they just been absorbed by "The Guild"? Can you tell us more about the leadership of the Guild, their relationship with the Sharn Watch, their MO, etc. etc.? Thanks!

Boromar, Daask, and House Tarkanan all exist to some extent, however their interests have been curbed away from theft and information and more towards traditional organized crime activities (or in Tarkanan's case assassinations). Theft, burglary, and information crimes are firmly the auspices of the Thieves Guild. They allow their members to engage in any activities that won't embroil them in direct conflict with the Sharn Watch or the other criminal organizations. They accept contracts and broker deals. The dues are fairly high, but are a flat rate rather than a proportional expense.

Burglary is a good option, as is smuggling, or any other stereotypically rogue activities. Conmen, spies, and forgers are all great options. A fighter might find work as a mugger, and be an enforcer for times when such things are needed as well.

The Guild's MO is to act as an Insurance company for members: providing compensation and protection from the watch and from rivals; a Fencing operation: They don't crack down on freelance thieves, but purchasers of stolen goods had better be on their good side; and a provider of useful services to the other organizations (similar in some ways to the Tyrants) and to the populace as a whole: they will negotiate to return stolen goods to owners, and will provide information to the watch on occasion as long as it doesn't compromise members. They also help put together people with complementary skills for multi-person jobs.

Hope that helps.

This looks really interesting...I am kinda in a toss up on what I would like to play, either a warforged scout artificer or a changling rogue...can't decide....

Originally Posted by Kansas View Post
This looks really interesting...I am kinda in a toss up on what I would like to play, either a warforged scout artificer or a changling rogue...can't decide....
I assume you mean the warforged scout variant as an artificer, not a warforged scout/artificer?

Either idea would be fine. An artificer or caster could do great things with their powers. Terrible, yes. But Great.

Yes I was refering to the small sized Warforged form the MM...and yeah I think the artificer will be nice to play, how do you feel about a construct companion for him?

If you can swing it, that would be cool. I think that they're going to be a bit past your price range for at least a while though.

I've been tossing out thief ideas for awhile, this game seems like it will be just my style. Lemme see if I can respin an old idea into something fun.


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