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Forsaken; the Unknown

Forsaken: The Unknown - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 6

Took me some time to find out why my game add was vanishing; closing time had not been set, ending up closing at the same day. Fixed now (hopefully)

Anyway, I am recruiting only for casters now; we have more than enough meleers.

Game Description:

You come out of sleep's dark embrace stiff and cold and uncomfortable. Even before you open your eyes, you know it's going to be one of these days. Like in that small village a few days back that the villagers mistook you for that outlaw band with the huge bounty on their heads and came in with torches and pitchforks. Or when the king's niece turned out to be the evil alchemist and when you tried to confront her she had the palace guards throw you into the dungeon-except for the party rogue that is. That one she took to her rooms for more... experiments. Strange though... You do not remember her name. Or the king's name. Or the name of that village. Oh well. The ale the night before was cheap, if not good. At lest, you think it was cheap. Damn...
Opening your eyes takes a few moments-just to make sure that they are open and that you're not still dreaming. The first thing you see confirms your fears; you have, indeed, slept in you armor. A little bit of checking later you know-to your dismay-that the nice girl from the night before could not have done anything to you to warrant your missing coins. She would have had to be quite talented to warrant the twenty-six gold and eight silver that are missing. So why can't you remember her name?
The second problem you notice is your current accomodations; cold, damp and far too rocky for your taste. Catacombs often are. Before you can recall why have you been sleeping in a glorified tomb and what happened to the inn, you notice the rest of the group. Not your group though; while you can't remember their names exactly (not that you bothered to learn them in the first place), you're quite sure the party did not include a scantily-clad redhead. You'd have noticed if it did. And you'd probably remember that other guy in the black platemail with the pink ribbons if you'd ever seen him before.
So, to recap; no money, no memory of last night at all or of how you came to spend said night in a dungeon. A musty, old, abandoned dungeon from the looks of it. The rest of the party is nowhere to be seen, replaced by total strangers that seem to just have woken up as well. Well, shit happens. It's not as if you haven't been in worse situations before. There was that incident with the dragon...
That's when you notice the third problem; your name is one more thing you cannot recall...

The Unknown: The PCs find themselves in a ruined building with no memory of how they got to be there or of the country the building is located in. They posess vague memories of their previous lives; they know their name, job, social position, family members and important events but cannot recall any definite info, especially other names, dates and places of their past. Fully armed and equipped for travel, they must venture out and find what is going on.
The Awakening: Very soon after finding themselves stranded with nothing but eachother, the PCs discover they have abilities beyond what they had in their previous lives. They know nothing of the nature, origin or extent of their extra abilities but as events progress, they get hints and urges related to them as more of those powers surface. To understand what happened to them, they must investigate those clues... and themselves.
The Forsaken: A hidden evil seems to be following in the PCs' footsteps; unnatural events and strange coincidences, unknown enemies striking from the shadows and terrifying occurences seem to indicate that someone or something is hounding the heroes and does not have their well-being in mind. They must survive those events and discover who or what has orchestrated these events and why.

Campaign mechanics so far:
1) DnD 3.5. You don't know in which campaign world you are on.
2) Level 8 PCs, 32 point-buy, standard items. All items must be on your person and you can't have spare coins (gold or otherwise) on you.
3) Race must be medium-sized humanoid with no LA. At least 2 PCs of each gender.
4) 3.5 WotC books only. Anything campaign-specific has to be approved first.
5) Expect lots of unfathomably horrendous occurences. Tentacles are optional.

I was thinking if I could us this character idea.

Oh wow, this sounds amazing. I've only just read the game info and not the previous thread yet, so forgive me if I'm missing anything, but I'm definitely interested in applying. He'd be a wizard, most likely. Expect to see an application soon!

EDIT: Hmm, I just started reading the other thread and realised the deadline is today (or at least it is where I am, don't know when that translates to). Also, the character concepts seem to be awesomely elaborate, so I don't know if there'd be time for me to create something up-to-par. I'll still try to give it a shot though.

I happen to have a fairly good idea for a Favored Soul, but is this concept possible in your game, since we don't know what campaign world we're in? Only real problem is that I had his backstory entwined with religious events and festivals of the religion, which I would would have to change for this if I understand the concept of the game correctly?

Sounds interesting. If you need casters, I love playing Clerics. What are you looking for in terms of backstory and such, since we don't have any memories? Or do you just want a sheet and personality?

I might draw up a Binder for this one...
edit: if that would sufficiently qualify as a 'caster''s kind of a wildcard class...

Originally Posted by gopherbob View Post
Oh, also - standard starting wealth for level 8's? 27k?

I've been wanting to play a druid for a while now. What's your stance on BoED, specifically Vow of Poverty?
If it's too much cheese, I'm happy to go a different route.

Evil allowed?


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