The Lost Episodes, SW Saga

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The Lost Episodes, SW Saga

Lost Episodes - Forum
Star Wars Saga - Legacy Era
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Hello all,

A special game has been running for just over 6 months now and we’re looking to add an extra person or two. It’s a Star Wars Saga game. However, everyone who plays is also a GM. We are running Star Wars adventures in a format similar to half-hour adventure series on television ("Episodes"), and then linking them together through a common theme into a "Season". Every GM is responsible for running one (1) Episode per "Season". At the end of the season one GM will run a “Season Finale” type of adventure.

Episodes are short adventures, ideally something that would only take a single night of face-to-face gaming. Something along the lines of 3-5 encounters (combination of skill challenges, combat, dice challenges, whatever). The GM who is running the Season Finale might ask for something to be inserted into the Episode, such as a recurring theme or plot device. Largely, each GM will be free to run whatever they want in their Episodes. One Episode might be standard Star Wars fare, the next might be a Call of Cthulu themed one-shot with Jedi fighting giant space squid. This is a chance to try to different things (though it helps give players a bit of fair warning if you are going to do something unusual) (also note that so far the group isn’t terribly subtle :P).

Seasons will consist of every GM running one adventure. No exceptions. At the end of the Season, one GM will run a Season Finale episode, which can have all the standard clichés of a TV series. The Finale might be bigger (6-10 encounters) but it could be the same size as an Episode, entirely depending on what the GM wants.

Every GM will have 1 PC. When a GM is running an Episode, their PC will sit on the ship, hang out in the cantina, or do something equally lame and boring. The other GM’s PCs will be involved in the adventure. So every GM gets to play, every GM gets to run a game. GM PCs may participate in an Episode if needed, but they should not be a focus.

Most decisions on disagreements will be made by simple majority voting. Since everyone is a GM, everyone has equal say in the future of the galaxy we’ll be playing in. Then, here’s the tricky part, we’ll move on and not obsess over the decision if it goes for or against us.

So far we have three GMs who are posting on the boards. We've completed the Season Intro, as well as Episodes 1.1 and 1.2. We’re almost done with Episode 1.3. We’re going to roll into the Season Finale shortly, and then we will start Season Two. New GMs will not be the Season GM, but will be expected to contribute an episode immediately after the Season Intro.

Game Masters

Everyone who is actively signed up for the game will be a GM. I will be the Head GM. I stick to the democratic system as Head GM and rule with a rubber putty slightly closed hand.
The other three GMs are tsuyoshikentsu, narrow24, and freeclint.

How to apply

First, please express interest here. If for no other reason that it keeps this thread relevant for a while.

Second, think really, really, hard if this is the right game for you. You need to be the type of person who has a cooperative spirit. No one has absolute control over the future course of the galaxy we’ll be playing in. Things that are sacred to you may not be sacred to others, and ultimately may be changed. This could be an incredibly rewarding game, but you have to have the right attitude coming in. Immaturity won’t work here.

Third, head over to our forums. Take a look around. Read through the posts. Get a feel for the game, then, you can work up a character and mention why you’d like to join the game.

Character Creation

Completed Applications

Applications go IN THIS THREAD, not in the forums.

Completed applications should include:

Additional Info

Post rate- At least 1/day, weekends we’re flexible at this point, but I’d prefer the games keep moving along at a brisk pace. We're going to enforce this more than a lot of games do. When we started we were a bit too flexible on this, and our game suffered because of it. Sometimes we were lucky to get everyone to post once every 2 or 3 days.

If a person cannot post, they would be advised to offer "robot" commands for their character's next action. The GM may NPC you in order to keep the stories moving.

Three of us post multiple times during the day. An applicant who can match that posting rate has a much better chance of success than one who barely makes 1/day. We will refer to people’s histories to determine previous posting rates. We tend to post the most during the day (in America).

The Current Cast of Characters:


Deadline for Applications will be January 11th. All the existing GMs will discuss applicants and decide who we’d like to join us, so we’ll likely post the “winner” after a day or three.

I’m currently on vacation until Jan 4, but freeclint, narrow24, and tsuyoshikentsu will be able to answer questions just as well as I can while I’m away. I’ll post summaries of information or rulings made as well so that anyone just scanning for my name will be able to find the answers they need.

We will take One (1) or Two (2) new GM/Players

Game Description:

In the year 155 ABY the galaxy is at peace. After years of struggle the Sith Empire has finally conquered the galaxy. The last remnants of the Galactic Republic were defeated 5 years ago in the Outer Rim. It was not a great battle, or one that will be remembered. Less than a dozen Republic ships had remained, arrayed against the Grand Fleet of the Empire. Emperor Arsaec, a powerful Sith Lord, left before the first shots were fired. The battle was a foregone conclusion.

Since the end of the Republic day to day life in the Sith Empire, for the common citizen, has been largely peaceful. Taxes are high, but not unbearable. Trade goods are flowing. Smugglers still thrive, though the punishments for crime are harsh. One system, Corellia, tried to rise up against the Empire. Over 80% of the population were either killed or enslaved. Since that time other systems have waited patiently and quietly, in no hurry to rebel; they see clearly that the Sith will soon take care of themselves. They are waiting.

The Jedi, the guardians of the galaxy from times long past, have largely disappeared. Most were killed by the Sith during the war. Some turned and joined the Sith. A few, a small precious few, remained behind, keeping the lore, history, and training of the Jedi alive. They operate largely in secret, trying to keep the peace. They are waiting. Hidden.

The galaxy is waiting, with baited breath, for something. Empires have risen and fallen. Republics have come and gone. Surely a sign must be coming, something to mark the start of a new age.


Call me DRK, if needed. Remember rule one- when in doubt, do something.
Mon-Fri (GMT+7) normal posting.

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Hello I just joined this site and would love to play. I have a progressive jedi type character I could use if your up for it. He is home schooled and trained by his mom and pop. They broke away from the order a long time ago. Umm I aint really sure how this site works yet so I will post his background here and then see if you can except him. I have saga rules but I hate them. West End is better lol. I have only played saga once. I am here primarly for storytelling anyways.

Real Last Name: Kyroen (He was adopted)

16 YEARS AGO....

A tall semi dark skinned, and rugged as all hell looking man stood atop of a small cliff overlooking a lush green valley. The valley was one of many lush green jungles and small marshes that overlooked a planet way out in fringe space, way behind Hutt Territory and even farther along then the Outer Core, it was a planet called "Nadelliana". The perfect place to hide out from the Dark Lord. The man's old tattered brown and gray Jedi robes blew within the wind as he studied the lower jungle. He had long hair tied into a ponytail that was gone mostly gray. An untrimmed and ghastly looking beard flew freely from his face, concealing all of his sharp jaw line and tickling his pointed and crooked nose. He was not a handsome man and what were most unsettling were his eyes. He had long ago lost them in a light saber fight against a dark Jedi, but that is a story for another time. A deep folding mass of burnt scar tissue rested across the bridge of his nose and across where his eyes used to be. He had an old light saber hooked across his belt, the same one he had been carrying for 40 years. What made this day so special was the fact that he knew he was going to die and it was also his birthday, he would be 58.

About 30 feet behind him stood 2 fine horses, both with a long black mane and fine leather saddles. But as well as the horses there was a woman striking in appearance as none other. She was a fair skinned human woman off abnormally pale skin and long raven hair down to her waist. She wore green and brown Jedi master robes as well and both her leg's where mechanical. She had freckles all over her arms and chest and as well as other places we won’t go into at this moment. But only 3 along the bridge of her nose, right in-between her emerald green eyes. She was as cold and unforgiving as she was passionate and generous, depending upon what kind of person you where. She held a light saber at her waist as well, although she had not used it in so many years. Her name was Rya Ken-Tella Kyroen, apprentice, wife, lover, and mother to Ashland Kyroen. She carried a 2 year old child wrapped in a shawl across her chest as she walked up to the man standing by the cliff and called out his name "Roxshendal Kyroen".

Rox smiled and looked down at his little bundle of joy and smiled. "Rya you look as beautiful as if you where still 22". Rox's said with a sheepish grin. Rya frowned and shook her hair out of the headband she was wearing and stared at the valley. Nestled within the valley was a small little farm with a house attached and a couple barns and Hydro pumps here and there as well as a small old fringe transport skip hidden in one of the barns. She loved that house and they had lived there ever since the great Jedi Purge had begun. She was only 42 and the first and only apprentice Rox had ever had. Rox was exiled along with Rya for having announced their love to the council 3 weeks before the council fell and Darth Sideous rose to power. They're where on there way to coruscant to turn in their sabers when there transport was shot at by the city's defense system and they found out all jedi where ordered to death. They fled and for the next 2 years tried to fight against the empire, up until Rox's accident. While on Kashykk trying to stop the enslavement of wookies Rox's and Rya where ambushed by 150 stormtroopers led by 3 dark jedi. Rya was injured in the battle and Rox's was blinded. The city was soon overtook but not before the wookies helped there rescuers to their transport and sent them on their way. Rya and Rox decided they would hide out on a remote planet somewhere and try not too enter the main system.

Life went well for the first year and so, Rya ended up doing odd jobs for the rebels , like storing ammunition and medical supplies on the planet they lived on. There was no highly intelligent life and the planet was devoid of all cityscapes and technology. The most abdundt resources were livestock, grain, fruit, vegetables, and wood..... The planet was mostly flat with a couple small mountains here and there. Rya turned to her husband and held his hand. "I hope the vision is wrong but well as soon as Ash was born out connection with the force surged and I mean I literally felt better then anytime during one of our evenings of passionate love making sweetheart.” Rox just chuckled and held his wife's hand strong as he stared up at the sky replaying back to her. "Yes I understand this and I know he is strong in the force but perhaps too strong I mean you and I both shared the same dream 6 times, its its..". Roxs stopped and looked down at his baby boy who was softly cooing and looking around with eyes full of excitement.. "I mean I can actually see him with the force but if the dream is true then we have to shut off the force and hope he lives a normal life... I can do it in the caves located beneath the valley the ones with all the focusing crystals there is enough energy in there to seal off his power so he just seems like a normal boy to those untrained". "And well to those trained he will seem like too have a minor sensitivity in the force" Roxs looked to Rya who just sighed, "I hope the dream doesn't come true and Ash doesn't grow up to be a powerful wielder of the dark side".

Roxs and Rya mounted their horses and rode down into the valley too prepare for the ritual. They spent the next week making sure everything was ready and taking turns meditating for 48 hour long periods to focus their force energy. They had constructed a lead box with a fur lining inside of it that would hold each of their light sabers inside plus a 2 page note handwritten by Rya that explained why they did what they did. Then they focused to make the led reform as if the matter itself was being rearranged. It looked like just a block of led with no clear openings or any markings, It was a lot harder then normal led and sealed up with the force but also masked so unless you where someone strong in the force you could not sense the presence which lived inside of the box, the feelings of love and joy as well as the parcels it contained. After that they trekked for 2 long days deep into the underground caves filled with light saber focusing crystals until they got to a small rock formation formed at the bottom of what could only be described as an upside down goblet and they made a small rock formation with the help of the force and set Ash's naked body down on the slab. There they put him in a deep force sleep and meditated for 4 full days. The whole interior of the caves hummed with force energy as Rya and Roxs simultaneously let out their force energy pouring into the boy like a rainbow of beautiful colors draining them until they could just barley feel the force in their body and not feel the force inside of Ash. As if their force blocked out his force like a protective blanket snubbing out most of the light almost like a flashlight underneath a dark blanket in the middle of the night. Rya stood up and helped Rox's too his feet as they both watched Ash wake up only to be cranky and hungry so they fed him right there in the cave. "Well big fella welcome to your new life and I sincerely hope you live a full one... I will be watching over you in your dreams both me and your ma ok so behave and always do what’s right.” Roxs spoke as him and Rya both cried because what they had too do next was the hardest thing they had ever done in their life.

Somewhere way off the grid in deep space...

Capt. Tiberius Handler was in every way and shape the exact mimicry of his name that he could be. He was captain of a Nebula sized cruiser and he owned a small salvaging operation that was one step above piracy and one step below Imperialism called "The Handlers". He was a short and stocky Zabrak with a brace on one leg and nubbed horns on top of his head as well as no hair. He was 36 years old and he carried a blaster rifle attached to his back as well as a knife in his boot. He was 100% devoid in the force but he had something else, a whole lot of guile. He did not know that 2 force users where making his intuition lead him to an old ship graveyard 23456789 thousand miles away from where he wanted to be but he knew he felt something out there. He had a crew of anywhere between 150-221 people depending on the order and right now he had 175 crew members and 15 passengers who where setting up a Holo Net Museum on Dantooiene of old ships so he had to fly them around and collect ship parts. When he flew into the old ship graveyard he was surprised to see a new 6 man transport ship of Czerka make just floating dead through space so he decided to have his 4 best men board it.

The four men on the ship relayed to him through their COM links that the ship had zero food in the storage supply and the oxygen was at 6% and it looked as if a massive EMP pulse had gone off in the main cockpit destroying the console and frying the computer and then some. It appears around 15 EMP grenades had gone off all at once. The most stunning thing of all was a small newborn baby found with a led box weighing about 2.5 pounds and the name "Ashland" written on both sides in red ink. Tiberious took the child in and washed him giving him some food and deciding what to do with him. Luckily one of the holonet curators was a twi-lek mother herself of 5 children and said she would take the child in and adopt him. Tiberious was grateful and smiled saying he would come by at time and visit the child as well. That was how Ash's life began in a small city in the middle of Dantooiene as an adopted child taking the last name of Merganna Dryborish a twi-lek last name that was fairly common..

Four Months ago...

Ash had grown up a really good strong lad with a good sense of responsibility and right. He had his fair share of childhood problems and was now out of school and thinking about becoming a planetary explorer. He always was fascinated with exploring new regions and he was always going off hiking and camping in the woods and disappearing for many days at a time. Merganna would get so upset with him and kept telling him to bring a buddy but he never found anyone who really wanted to go with him. He had a great respect for different species and not a single drop of intolerance towards any one kind of species out there, He even found an aspect or too about the Hutt's he liked, the top one being you can toss an egg at one and run and he will never catch you. Ash was outgoing and friendly and had never really been into many fights growing up. He seemed to live a simple life and just always dreamed of becoming a spacer. Not too unfamiliar with a certain farm boy we all know about...

Ash was just a couple months away from his 16th birthday when he made the announcement to his surrogate parents that he was planning on leaving on the next shuttle out and he had saved up 300 credits and was ready to see the world. There where hugs and crying and preparations made all around but everyone was in agreement that Ash needed to find out about him and the world and if they kept him here they would only be dampening his spirit. He was after all a different kind of kid growing up. He was soon packed with a small survival backpack with some sets of clothing inside of it and some rock climbing tools and a mess kit, small tent and camping gear as well. He kept a regular old archaic hunting knife in his left leather boot because one time when Tiberious came to visit he explained to Ash how a regular knife is better then a vibro knife cause if you ever have to hunt with it wont scare away you prey by humming, considering your too much of a coward to use a blaster rifle. Ash laughed at this but he just never felt comfortable using a weapon that could kill someone with just the press of a button. The only fight he had gotten into was with a tall rodian at school for picking on his younger brother and he lost that one because 2 other rodians and a trandoshan bully stepped in.

Having just heard of the events on Hoth Ashland was determined to go out and see the galaxy and find out more about his heritage. He said good bye to his adopted family and set out to look for work on a spacer. He could defend himself in hand to hand combat since he had studied a twi-lek based fighting style so at least he could do something. He was friendly to animals and people and usually got along with everyone. He just couldn’t use a blaster and all he knew how to pilot where hover ships and speeder bikes.

Ash is quick with a smile and a joke to soften the mood or break the ice. He may

Hi, I'm another GM/player.

It's nice to know you're here for the storytelling, but we do want to see a SAGA sheet.

Maybe you can give us the quick and dirty rundown of what's been happening so far? I have skimmed through your game threads, and honestly, that many pages of one-liners isn't really tempting me right now - it's not you, it's me.

I'd just like to learn more about the current crew, what brings them together, what are their long-term objectives, and what have they been running around the galaxy trying to accomplish so far?

The crew are a buncha rag tag fringers who work for a reclusive, senile jedi named Rynah. There have been some jedi in the party but those players didn't last. The group doesn't have any cohesive long term goals, so far as I can tell (I'm new). They work for Jedi Master Rynah in attempt to make some kind of difference for the cause of good. And he pays them fairly well when he remembers to actually pay them.

This season started with a bombing of a market on Curuscant at the same time the
think star destroyer that also has the death star laser
Emperor's ship was seen fly overhead for the first time since the capital moved away, if I recall correctly. That has been the loose theme of this season, masterminded by DRK. The game is really episodic like an action TV show. Each episode is supposed to hint or allude to or merely mention the season theme (this time, the bombing).

So far, the group has managed to acquire a trinket in the bombing (in episode 1), not get arrested capture an arms dealer to hand over to the Sith/Empire (in episode 2), escape from a very odd imprisonment flash back scenario (in the aborted episode 3), help rescue a pacifist jedi in hiding on Nar Shadaa (episode 4), and are currently responding to a distress call from a former ally that they didn't really know (now in episdoe 5). Next adventure is the season finale by DRK again.

I hope that helps, feel free to ask more direct questions if you like. My character spent her first episode (4) trying to figure out what the heck was going on and eventually gave up.

And I'm one of the other GM/players.

Thanks for the summary. That said, your avatar was driving me a little mad, so I took the liberty of fixing it.


...Wait, his avatar was supposed to do that this whole time?!

I should mention: right now, we're sort of without a long-term goal. This isn't really anyone's fault; it's just how the group has come together. That said, my season -- which I think is next up -- will be a little more directed than this one as an experiment.

Ok I can make the sheet that is find. I have never made a sheet for Ash yet. I also need to know what level I should make him and what are we rolling for stats?

If you had read the ad, you would know the answer to both of those questions.


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