Starfarers: a game of galactic proportions

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Starfarers: a game of galactic proportions

Starfarers - Forum
Ad Closes: Jan 13 '10
Estimated Members Requested: 6

Hi I'm looking at running my first real homebrew game, Starfarers. I've been working on this game for the past year or so, and ran a demo here awhile back. I'm looking for 6 total players this time around, though any people from the demo that wish to participate will receive automatic entry to this game for helping with the game.

What this game is:
In this game you will build an empire to span across the galaxy. You will design your own race from a combination of racial traits and will design their technology with the large list of available options. You will also lead fleets into battle and colonize new worlds as you explore the galaxy. This game does have quite a bit of rules to keep things balanced and moving, and newcomers may be overwhelmed at first, but the game itself is fairly intuitive. You will be keeping track of your fleet movements, world stats, etc, though I can look over your numbers if you need help.

Join this game if...
-You want to create your own race to lead into battle or explore the galaxy with
-You are looking for a game that will last a long time
-You are looking for a new type of game
-You are a fan of science fiction and space battles.

Do not join this game if...
-You don't plan to be around after a month or so
-Are not an active poster (you will need to post at least 2 times per turn, which is about 3 days)
-Do not like doing a little math (you will have to keep track of your world stats and constructions)
-Don't plan on roleplaying your race

I will accept applications until the 13th of january, afterwards I will choose those I feel will most contribute to the game.

What your application should have;

-Name of your race
-A physical description
-A brief description of their personality and society
-A brief description of their homeworld.
-Do NOT put any stats or racial traits down, those will be private

Rules are Here

If you have any questions feel free to ask , this game can seem a little complex and so I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

Completed applications:

Azerian Kelimon (Dea Animum)

Fullmetal Chef (Aracheons)

Rogue Dragon (Fulkomun)

Crucival (Kyralla)

Lothmar (Sontaran)

Pingcode20 (Serranids)

Foe9x9 (Ulatarim)

AbsentWizard (Mayugath)

Diagoras (Marathians)

Kommissar Engel (Rhaplanca)

El_frenchie (I.R.I.S.)

Arcanis_Shivilrah (Tarenth)

Christian (Noelani)

Daeron Alcarin (Ishrakai)

Game Description:


Welcome to Starfarers! This is a game where you create your own species and technology. You will colonize worlds and lead fleets of your own design into battle as you uncover the mysteries of the universe. You are not alone however...

This game is a homebrew creation that was inspired by the various evolutionary and space civilization games that have come out over the years, and contains the bits and pieces of those games that make them popular. This game is not for those who don't like to check over rules, this particular game is very in-depth and as such a lot of rules have been created. This game is fairly freeform when it comes to your race design, and your race's actions based entirely upon your own roleplaying.

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This game is a homebrew creation that was inspired by the various evolutionary and space civilization games

All I needed to hear.

I assume we're free to create any type of race we like, provided we stick to the rules? That is, could we create bloodthirsty warmongers, psychic dominators, or ultratech pacifists, for instance? Or is there any limitations you'd wish to put on the game?

you can make whatever you want, if you look at the rules for race creation you will see the possibilities. Really since you re-flavor tech and such to your tastes, you can make pretty much anything you can imagine.

Sounds very interesting and i will be looking over the rules you have and see if i can wrap my mind around everything before i decide if I want to play

Yea basically, come up with a race, there's enough traits that you can tailor the traits to the race rather than the race to the traits.

Oh-hoo. Me liiiiike.

I'll be putting in an application soon, methinks.

It seems like this is a mix of Civilization and
Sins of a Solar Empire
SoaSE. I like it. Reading the rules...

Possibly interested. Reading the rules right now.

Hello, I'm interested in joining this game and I should be finished with my application tonight. I look forward to this game.


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