Broken Mountain - Level 1 Dungeon Delve (replacement characters)

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Broken Mountain - Level 1 Dungeon Delve (replacement characters)

Broken Mountain Delve - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e
Estimated Members Requested: 1

The party successfully completed the 1st encounter of three before holidays interrupted play. During the break we have lost two of the party due to various reasons. Whilst I was willing to continue with five characters four is too few. We have lost the ranger and wizard but willing to take any two roles that will work well with the remaining characters.

Remaining members of The PartyVimkor, Goliath Guardian Fighter (Ashwolf)
Ixen, Dragonborn Dragon Sorcerer (Mando Knight)
Goreshade, Revenant Vestige Warlock (Fox)
Berzkin, Human Protector Shaman (Tiwaz)

GM AssistsI currently have two gm-assists running the creatures and assisting with combat updates. I am willing to take on board one more gm-assist for the following two encounters. There is no set guidelines for the gm-assist application but whoever applies needs to be able to describe combat and be familiar enough with the rules to be able to deal with not only their creatures actions but also work out the results of the players actions.

I will be asking the current players and gm-assists for assistance on choosing the replacement players and additional gm-assist. Plan to choose between any applicants next weekend so advise people to have their application in and complete by Thursday 15th. Please feel free to ask any questions here.

The following text is as per the original ad.

Going to run my level 1 delve for the second time.

As per my idea in the gaming planning forum (link) I am going to be handing over control of the monsters to other players. For this particular game I am going to be using three of the players that actually participated in the delve the first time around to run all the monsters.

At it's heart it'll be essentially the same delve that they enjoyed though the monsters are being updated (another excuse to use the WOTC Monster Builder)

Looking to fill out a fairly balanced team of five to six character. Would like players that able to post once a day and ideally keep track of the battle so they don't end of only posting once every two days due to initiative order. Players will need to keep track of their own status and hitpoints in their statblocks.

My character application format should be followed as closely as possibly. (link to details and example)

Please note this is a delve were the aim of the game is to survive the three linked encounters. Character death is a real possibility here and no punches will be pulled though I will try to setup up the encounters so they are survivable. Good luck!

Game Description:

SettingSix month ago the central peak of the Black Mountains split with a crack that was heard across the entire continent. A mostly stable peace that had held for almost a century was briefly shattered as civilisations blamed each other for causing this event and the terrible atrocities that followed. But the councils, kings and various other leaders have come to the realisation that none of them were being spared the attacks and incursions from the various dark, alien and previously unknown creatures that now plague all their lands. All creatures seem to originate from what is now known as the Broken Mountain.

Armies were gathered but met heavy magical opposition and physical force in the badlands that now surround the mountain. Thunderstorms sprung up, swamps appeared overnight and entire divisions were swallowed by chasms that opened in what were once fair plains. Then hordes of the creatures swept out of hiding and slaughtered the survivors.

Finally the authorities turned to the adventurers that had been tentatively exploring the outskirts and promised great wealth, fame, titles and land to those that could seek to the centre of this mountain and find and destroy the source. From across the lands adventurers gathered in border cities and formed small bands to venture into the badlands. Some bands made it to the broken mountain and found walls of a strange partly transparent slightly luminescent rock with numerous caves leading in.

You are a member of one of those bands.

PremiseA quick setting for what is essentially a series of dungeon delves. Many of the creatures the party will face will be new, though probably almost always just a re-flavouring of creatures from official sourcebooks. All creatures will have types and, though knowledge skills wont represent known information, the correct skill will provide the occasional clue to behaviour.

Goals are simple; survive and defeat the three encounters of the delve. There will be a short rest between each encounter but no extended rests during the delve. Any character or party that chooses to flee will not be seen again. If you so choose you can believe they made it to safety and retired to a happy life.

Delves will be all my creation but based on the experience point totals used in the official dungeon delve supplement. I'll set the scenario and try and make sure it's beatable, but there will be no pulling the punches but also no cheating, I'll try to make sure creatures act logically but I won't explain the logic or strategies I will be using for each creature.

I have two characters that are looking for a game. One is a defender with a splash of controller, the other is a controller with a splash of striker.


Name: Rinea
Gender: Female
Race: Eladrin
Class: Swordmage (Shielding)


Name: Lillithene
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Class: Druid (Predator)

I've just recently gotten my hands on the 4th ed. books and am interested in trying it out. Are you open to a 4th ed newb? I am familiar with D&D but am late to the party on the newest edition.

I have no problems with a 4th ed newb as long as you can follow the formatting we use in the game.

Note that this is a delve and there is limited character interaction. It's just combat encounters coated with a layer of roleplaying which means it's probably a good way to learn the mechanics of combat.


Name: Vylencia
Gender: Female
Race: Half Elf
Class: Valorous Bard


Name: Jessica Rawthorne
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Whirling Barbarian

Name: Corwin Moonshadow
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Class: Rogue (Brutal Scoundrel)

I'm eager to play a swordmage|warlock hybrid, but first wanted to check what is your oppinion on overlapping warlock curses, since I see that there is already one warlock in the group. The way I see it we both can deal curse damage to a cursed target (regardless who cursed it), but only the one who actually cursed it can benefit from its death to fuel his pact boon. Am I right in my assumption?


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