The Good, The Bad and the Ugly [GURPS]

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The Good, The Bad and the Ugly [GURPS]

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 8

[An Introduction]

The sky blackened around North Canada from the NASA weather satellite approximately a thousand miles above.
'Looks like a storm is coming in Jame, huh?' asked Commander Harreth from Control 1.
'That doesn't look like a storm to me - can you zoom in?' replied Commander Jame from Control 2.
'Sure... Here we go... What the hell is that?' shouted Commander Harreth as the screen blackened and stopped displaying anything.
'Is anyone's monitor working? I repeat, is anyone's monitor working?' screamed Commander Jame into the telecom system - which was still working.
'No sir, we're blacked out' replied Captain Jeremy from Control 6.
A chorus of no affirmatives went like static through the telecom system. Eventually the monitors returned - to the sight of a clear Canada, but of a not so clear sky. The Large Binocular Telescope was being interrupted by what looked like swarms of bats on the lenses. It looked like they were trying to get in.
On the ground there came a gabbled emergency message, followed by screams of various kinds.
'I think that we won't be servicing the weather for a few days...' stated Commander Harreth matter-of-factly.

[Game Master(s)]

Me, alphaalex, or just Alex. I have had several years of roleplaying IRL, but only of GMing on PbP.

[Game Explanation]

This game follows the events caused by and assailing either the supernaturals that were thrust into this reality, those fighting the supernaturals in this reality or of the various lifeforces that were drawn to particular movie props after the 'Incident.'

[Application Process]

You should apply in this thread, ask any questions in this thread, etc. I would first like you however to give me your concept in this format:

Type of Creature: (E.g. supernatural slayer, vampire, werewolf, etc.)
Proposed GURPS template: So that I can check that with my vision of those creatures.

After all of that has been approved (you just post that here and I will PM you about it), then you may give me all of the rest.

Link to sheet:
Any links to other people's backgrounds:

[Character Creation]

800 points! That is right 800 points! However... if you are any type of supernatural creature then you must take a UB of 50 points (seeing as only 1 in 500,000 people swapped with a supernatural), if you are any type of movie prop that was animated then you must take a UB of 75 (seeing as this is just ridiculous) and if you are a combination of human and supernatural (shapeshifters not included) then you must also take a UB of 50.

Magic in this world cannot enchant items permanently - only temporarily with the spells that say temporarily. Nor is it driven by mana - it is only driven by fatigue points.

Psionics are allowed but discouraged.

Supers do now exist in this world - I'm pulling out all of the stops! Still with a UB of 50 (part-human, part-supernatural)

[Any additional information or requirements]

This ad closes when I feel that I have enough people.

Any rulings will be posted here.

Ruling: Unkillable 2 and 3 must be taken with at least 1 vulnerability

Game Description:

The government of Canada sat around the Maple wood table that signified the identity of the country. The Prime Minister of the country sat at the head of the cabinet - the conservative party was currently in power, it appeared not for long. All of the ministers had the long-drawn look on their face of being awake for over 24 hours. They had in fact all been awake (save for, ironically, the Minister of Defence) for over 48 hours. The reason was the sudden collision of two realities. Had it not been however, to the chagrin of each member present, for the eccentricity of the Canadian populace then they would all be wrapped up in bed.

Two realities colliding is one of the rarest events to ever have occurred. In fact it has only ever happened once, mainly due to a large magical disturbance and strong electrical field happening on exactly the same spot in two different realities. Exactly the same spot, to within an exactness not ever seen before. It was so precise that it could have only occurred by chance - which of course it was.

At approximately 12.45AM on the 7th June, 2010 a 'Dr Harris Lisengay' (New Scientist for the Defence Sector) was working out a new way to send a bullet flying through a barrel of a gun. Recent advances in this area included caseless ammunition lit by electricity. However, why not charge the bullet and repel it from a like charge in the barrel? As with many previous experiments in weaponry, he decided to test it on a cannon first. A 95mm cannon. All last night his team had worked on converting the cannon. He was given the honorary task of firing it. Three. Two. One.

At approximately forty-five minutes past five in the morning on the Forty-first of Grunemoon in the Year of 4017, a 'PoM Freightic Lasindale' (Professor of Magic) was in battle with seventeen wers, currently surrounding him on all sides. After making a shield strong enough to hold them out he decided that a shield in the Revigulan tundra was not very homely and so he decided that he ought to probably kill them. Gathering the last reserves of his strength (which was still considerable) he was ready to finally make an arcane ball. Three. Two. One.

Two worlds with the same amount of power in the same spot collided with each other for only a second, enough for one scientist to suddenly see 17 wers around him and for a wizard to suddenly see 17 confused scientists appear around him. All around both worlds the alteration of physical laws began to take place. Including several film props coming to life, several fossils regaining their skin and blood, and several beings from both worlds switching places. Magic became available in one world, while in the other the imagination to advance and create was brought down. The old laws about heaven and hell in one world came into being, while in the other the idea of civil rights suddenly exploded into thousands of dungeons.

It is often important to note that nothing that already existed was altered in any way during this transformation - only creation of new things happened.

But what of the new things and beings in this world? The world that we live in? What will they do? Will they try and hide their powers? Or embrace them? This is where they go. This is their story.

Trying to catch up while struggling with an internet fault in my area expected to remain for the next week and a half during which time I may completely wink out, so please be patient

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I was contemplating playing a vampire, but with their sunlight weakness vampires are very difficult to play, so I was going to see if I could take a magic amulet that mitigated this weakness. However, I noticed you said no permanent magic items. So would this be out? And if so, how about a vampire that simply doesn't have the sunlight weakness?

Name: Kyle / Tamago(Vegeta in our realm)
Age:17 / 28
Race:Human / Sayian
Kyle stands roughly 5.9 and weight about 175 pounds. His sandy blond hair is often pulled back over his ears exposing rather soft blue eyes.He is rather calm in nature and some could even say a bit timid. Tamago on the other hand.....(See Vegeta SS lvl 2 Version)
I am to play a DBZ character(Stick with me) Ok the creators of the world of DBZ was in fact having dreams about a alternate reality / world where DBZ is real, BUT he got it wrong in the dreams he never saw them 100% perfect so he added what he needed for story sake and so on.In fact Vegeta is the Prince of Sayians and Goku is his best friend. They are the last sayians and in fact are defenders of the universe and have always been. But Vegat is still as arragant and prideful(His Real name is not Vegeta- Its Tamago(Another Japense food sinse all DBZ characters are named after food).

How he gets here. On our side there is a cult. We will call it the Cult of the Dragon for now. They worship a dragon entity known as Shin Raun(DBZ dragon). One of there magical rituals goes horrible wrong due to our current story supernatural occurence of some kind.

A teenage boy passing by during this occurance is nearly killed and as such his energy mixes with the energy of the dragon ritual. Because the teenage boys soul is about to be ripped from his body the dragon essence saves him the only way it can. It draws Vegeta(Tamago as he is known as in there world) into the boy. Connecting there souls together(Fusion) as one. So now we have a supernatural defender in the realm.

Not without a cost. The boy has almost no powers until he powers up(Super Sayian style at which time Vegata(Tamago takes over). This can even happen at random times when the boy is in trouble. Or some great peril is needed righted.So I will make a sayian martial arts master....BUT now comes the funny part I spoke of. As they join so does their memories and feelings begin to merg. So later one they will be 1 entity but not for a long while. Kind of like Fusion...and so when Vegata gains the boys memories who had in fact watched all the DBZ episodes he becomes furious that he would be an enemy in a show about his and Gokus life.

So his one goal besides being the good guy(like he really is) is finding the fool that created the show and beating him until he gets it right. So it will be fun game play when random people see him in his Vegata form and say stuff like" Ain't you that Vegeta cat that was always messin Goku up?"

So that is my basic character idea. DBZ Vegat(Tamago) with various martial arts and DBZ attacks, but sharing a body with a 17 year old kid that shares his space as it were.

@Saabre, put dependency or some such down in your vampire template and say: 'Virgin's Blood - weekly'.
@Zenninpo, show me your template for a saiyan
@TW Teczka, how badly do you want to die? If you can't fill up the 800 points then your concept isn't powerful enough - maybe a wizard who downloads his spells from the internet?
@Ultima, well give him the amnesia template and I will make sure that he has some... friends to help him realise who he is
@Crossroad, Never before have there been supernatural beings, ooze - sure why not, but send me the template before you start working on it, UB-50

I have plenty of ideas, so let's throw the first one onto the table.

Type of Creature: Phoenix
Proposed GURPS template: There really isn't anything that describes my vision of it very well. The closest (and it's not very close at that) templates to my character concept would be the dragon template and the body of fire meta-trait from the Basic Set.

I'm thinking of a rather large bird completely consisting of fire, though solid enough to maintain a coherent shape an preferably able to grip things in his talons. He'll have a couple of fire-themed powers, and an alternate form for everyday use.

I'm not married to the idea yet, so if there's a problem conceptually with my character concept then I'm willing to either try to work it out or move on to the next idea.

No that looks fine, please however show me your template of the phoenix before you do anything else.


Type of Creature: Possessed Human
Template: What I am thinking is to build two different characters, one is the regular joe, while the other is the spirit that is sharing his body.

Right now I'm thinking about having the human be a regular high school student, with the spirit belonging to a blind sword master. I haven't worked out the details of the possession yet, who is the dominate persona, is the other aware of what is happening, and the like. Right now I'm thinking of making the split 100(human)/700(sword master), but I want to get the general idea cleared by you.

PS: Haven't reached the stage where it can change into humanoid (Cosmetic-Morph + Shrink), working the stages according to its history.

@ Crossroad: Immunity to paralysis only, other than that: great.
@ Voux: the concept sounds great, I really like the idea, please continue

Ruling: Unkillable 2 and 3 must be taken with at least 1 vulnerability

Would it be possible for an item to cross over?

I ask because I was thinking about basing the possession off of the Student drawing the sword master's sword. Like the cliche "A Samurai's soul is in his sword," except this time it is much more literal. Since the sword master's soul is much more powerful than the student's when ever the latter draws the blade, the possession happens. With the only thing that puts the student back in control is either sheathing the blade, or any form of unconsciousness.

Also how much of the otherworld have you developed? Can I build an organization of sword masters? Also BU cost? 50?


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