Mynd's Eye, Looking For A Resident Baddie!

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Mynd's Eye, Looking For A Resident Baddie!

Mynd's Eye - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
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Yup. I'm looking for people again.
But this time, just one person. Just the one.

I'm GM-ing this whole gamut, and there's a slight twist on the app I want.
The app must be evil. I'm looking for an evil person to disrupt the continuity of the game, but that may be putting it a bit strongly. In other words, I would like a villain; there are just too many heroes in Norreth.

There is a large lack of description, I'm sure it has been noted by now. The world is very mutable, very few things have been set in stone. I'd like to provide a large amount of freedom for all players, good and evil.

So then, to the crunch.

Books Allowed: All. As long as you specify where the things came from. In rare cases, I will disallow things. Homebrew too.

[b]Name:[/b] Just a name. Character comes later.
[b]Alignment:[/b] Must be evil.
[b]Description:[/b] (7-10 sentences minimum)
[b]Background:[/b] (3-5 sentences minimum)
[b]Personality:[/b] (7-10 sentences minimum)
[b]Plans:[/b] What are your villain's overarching goals? Short term? 3-5 sentences minimum.
[b]Homebrew:[/b] (Optional)

For those that are interested, the villain will start at a higher level than the PC's. At level 4, to be specific.
One might note that the fluff part of the app has been amplified from past apps, and the crunch part has been subdued. Why? I would like to make sure that this would-be villain is a dedicated one. Or at least, one fleshed out enough that if one were to disappear for one reason or another, I could pick up without much strain. The crunch is unimportant for now; I want to know the grand plans of the baddie.

I will select my villain in 2 weeks, give or take a bit.

To clear up any confusion, the game is not gestalt.

MadHatter - Scar
Ninjaguineapig - Kirix
Dominicus - Azir
FieryGriffin - Shinto
EvilWalks - Maggie The Crone
Elistan - Dragen
Orin - No Definite Character
Kladams707 - Jack
Genuine - Kurrier
Wrasynth - Wrasynth
Ramael - Hadeth
Mask_De_H - Melodia
Onimasha - Dorsura
Ikul - Soulvessel
Venia - Malesesaniane
L120 - Henchman
Thaerith - No definite character
Tamm - No definite character

Homebrew for game

Game Description:

A world where anything can happen. This fledgling world is not like those other worlds. It toes the line, steps over it, and does a damn pole vault over it too. Welcome, the land of homebrew awaits.

A mind wasted is a terrible thing - Mindflayer Proverb

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I would like to give this a try. I have an evil character in mind. Rogue/Assasin type character. He would be sort of manipulative so a high CHA AND INT are what matters to him. Well thought out plans and enough charm to BULL POOP his way past things. I will post background here, personility is included somewhat into it but I don;t do that until I have completly fleshed the character out. It is the last thing I do with a character

(NO SHEET OR URL HAS BEEN CHOSEN.) But my guy would make a good bandit leader or decoy type character to lead members astray and kill them. Scar also loves to operate on people. SO a fighter would make a good character to hack off a leg and leave in a dungeon and see how the fighter does. Scar is a twisted type killer. He loves challenges and studying poisons, human anatomy and daggers. His weapon of choice would be daggers. Tell me what you think GM.

FATHER: Octavos Blackstone, Human Drunkard (DEAD)
MOTHER: Barbella Blackstone, Half Elf, Human, Whore (ALIVE)

That sounds like something which would give me nightmares.
I would love to see Scar in action, and if the next few apps are going to be as in-depth as this, I *may* have to accept more than one.
So far, Scar is a very tantalizing character.
Though I may have to go stare at a corner for a bit after reading the text wall.

LOL sorry to make your job hard. The wrist blade I stole from the game assasins creed but have modified it with added poison. I don't know what is a good class that gets good poison use but I will probably just be a skill heavy rogue and have craft alchemy. OH and its of course Excotic weapon proficiency to use the wrist blade and I have not come up for stats for it but I am thinking something like,
1d4 Damage, 17-20/x3 crit. Hardness-1 Hit Points-7
It is designed to hit vital organs and sever arteries and stick in deep but is a brittle blade and hard to use if you know its coming. The wrist is also slightly more weighted then the other so it takes training to before to fight and insert the blade. With good training and improved unarmed combat you could make a kidney punch and the blade flies through the missing finger and plunges into a lunge or kidney flushing poison into the body. So a good bluff would need to be rolled to make sure no one saw the blade. I am thinking level 4 rogue. Would you like me to make a character sheet of a level 4 human rogue just to be ready in case you pick me. Also if you let more people join you could always let them work for me LOL scar could use a bodygaurd.
I was thinking Human Rogue.
Improved Unarmed Combat
Weapon Focus-Daggers (including wrist blade)
Excotic Weapon Proficiency-Wrist Blade
Iron Will

Well, first off...
Character sheet not necessary. If you've got a good app and stuff, that's all I need for now.
Also, I would think that the wrist blade would have to trade a little more for the 17-20/x3 crit; that's just unheard of.
I'll try to work this out with you, but I feel that a wrist blade as you describe it is awfully close to a punching dagger.
What do you think?

It was meant to be 18-20/x2 excuse me LOL. Oh and punching dagger stats are just as fine with me. But I will need a good list of poisons or should i just pick and choose some from the DMG. That is t he only book I got poisons in lol. PUnching dagger stats could work. I am unfamiliar with them but that could work out alright.

Sounds good.
If you want poisons, you can use:
Make your own (run 'em by me)
Here's a nice list of assassin-y items: Copyrighted material removed (If you've got the books)
I feel poison is a bit costly, so if I take you, we'll work something out with that.

Gotcha. Maybe I could exchange services for poisons. Of course going Rogue I could just steal things. I plan on murdering about 30 peopl in game. As a way for Scar to practice shadowing people and killing them. I was thinking a Ranger/Rogue Gestalt theme but no animal companion and no spells. Instead maybe we could supplement Poison Use ability assasins get in the DMG. I can go core rogue though if not and do Assasin as a prestige class. I am going to bed now tommorow I will look at your url you sent me.

Depending on what develops over the next couple o' days, I may give this a shot. I love playing villains, so this sounds great! I've no clue what I would play, really. Perhaps a Dread Necro, but as I said, I'm gonna wait for a few days first.

But just so I know: you list minimums for the lengths of the fluffy stuff. How do you feel about long stuff? Especially for villains, I tend to get a bit long winded.


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