Re-recruiting for a Darwin's World game

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Re-recruiting for a Darwin's World game

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D20 Modern
Ad Closes: Jan 31 '10
Estimated Members Requested: 2

I'm looking for a couple of characters to add to our group. A few players had to bow out before we really got going, but now the game is afoot and I'd like to get a few more in. I'll be able to work new characters in at the first available opportunity.

The game is set in The Fertile Crescent region of Darwin's World (by RPGObjects), using the d20 Modern rules, along with a few house rules.

The original game ad can be found here.

The Premise Of The Game
Everyone wants to believe that the Ancients left behind treasure troves of power and knowledge. Some say that they lay hidden throughout the Fertile Crescent waiting to be brought to bear by those with the courage and knowledge to use them; or at least those crazy enough to try! One such potential motherlode has recently been discovered. The town near the site has begun the transformation into a boomtown, and just about every faction in the region wants to know what's behind “door number one”. Enter your group. You'll be working for the city of Bastion in an attempt to find out what's inside the vault and get it for the good guys, or destroy it.

About The Game
The Fertile Crescent region is like the poster child for environmental collateral damage. It didn't suffer the kind of direct attacks that the rest of the country did, and no one yet knows why. It is, however, suffering the proverbial “death by a thousand cuts”. Radioactive storms continue to leave behind their poison. The region's climate and ecology have changed. Forced evolution has played it's hand here as elsewhere. The handiwork of the Ancient's still lingers in the survivors even generations after their demise. And their tools, their weapons, their... magic, all remain in some way, shape, or form.

Expect to see several of your post-apocalyptic tropes throughout the course of the game. Some factions embody them. For example: The Highwaymen, descendants of a state police remnant remind me of Mad Max - powerful folks in powerful cars patrolling the roads; or The Learned and Geek Squad factions serving as your eggheads in the region. Of course you have your raiders and mutants, tribals, and vault dwellers. While not too gonzo like Gamma World, some things from Gamma World will find their way into the game. I hope there is something for everyone!

What all of this means is that while the game is post-apocalyptic, it won't be quite as bleak as you would expect. Oh, don't misunderstand me; there are dangerous denizens, environmental hazards, and no shortage of the need to scavenge for the essentials, but initially you will have what you need to get started.

I think that the slow nature of play-by-post gaming almost requires that the players have something to look forward to in order to keep their interest. With that in mind, I'll be using a freeform experience system to advance the characters a bit quicker than you would expect so that you can see your character grow, as well as a few other character development options described in my primer (see Character Creation below)

Character Creation
Check out this thread in our game forum. It's all there.

Application Process
I'm looking for 2 characters that think they have what it takes to bring order to the chaos of the post-Fall world. I don't expect everyone to have all of the Darwin's World material (even though I am a big fan of RPGObjects and would love to see them get some support because of this game).

Post an interest here and follow it up with a concept. From there you and I can hash out the details. I'll start a thread in our game forum for each applicant to develop a character. The game has pretty much started, but I'll work in new characters as soon as the opportunity presents itself in-game.

Characters begin play at 3rd level. Initially I'm looking for:
Mutant or non-mutant?:

Game Description:

The Twisted Earth is rife with violence and hardship. In the last days of The Final War, all manner of atrocities were committed and all of the stops were pulled out as the world's nations used every despicable weapon in their arsenals to destroy their enemies. In the United States, the government even unleashed the fury of it's weapons of mass destruction against some of it's own cities to stem the tide of invasion. Technological horrors unseen before or since rained down from the heavens bringing fire, poison, and plague. The earth shuddered, and mankind was broken.

Now, generations have passed, and mankind has once again clambered to the fore, only this time he is not alone. Mutants and monsters created by the tools of the ancients share the realm, and they intend to thrive.

Strangely, the Fertile Crescent was spared the level of devastation wrought on the rest of the land. Lying haphazardly between the blasted, irradiated ruins of the east coast and the desolate wastelands of the west, The Fertile Crescent region may be the single best hope for reestablishing some semblance of civilization after the long downward spiral that mankind has endured since The Fall.

Of course, that would require heroes...

There are several factions responsible for the underlying power-struggle taking place in The Fertile Crescent. Some of them have allied with one another, but most have an ulterior motive unknown to their compatriots. At the center of the conflict is the battle over the most precious resource on The Twisted Earth: water. More specifically, clean water.

The cities of Bastion and Purity, longtime neighbors and one-time allies, have severed their ties over Bastion's breaking of Purity's monopoly on clean water. In their anger, Purity has allowed itself to fall in with ideological enemies of Bastion in the form of The White Knights, the dominant group of Troy and spreaders of anti-mutant sentiment.

While the drums of war grow steadily louder throughout the Fertile Crescent, both sides seek the means to end the conflict on the winning side, and all around them skulk those waiting to pick the bones of the fallen. If war can be averted, mankind may finally pick itself up and begin the arduous process of building a new future.

"One is left with the horrible feeling now that war settles nothing; that to win a war is as disastrous as to lose one." - Agatha Christie
Darwin's World!

You know, Dominic ran a very interesting PBEM strategy game back when he was designing the fluff behind the 'Ruin at the End of the World' (Los Angeles), and I played the Purists in that - it was a fantastic gaming experience, and lots of fun. Long story short, I have a massive soft spot for the setting and the system in my twisted heart.

I'd love to play a slightly deranged, wandering 'cowboy'. Patterned somewhat on the Nameless Stranger, though heavily modified.

Is this the sort of character you'd like to see in your game?

If you're amenable, I'll get the character up and running in the next day or so.


I've read it mentioned somewhere (maybe the DW Yahoo Group?) that that was a really cool campaign.

The concept sounds good to me, but bear in mind that this campaign is adjusted from the default Twisted Earth setting. I'm allowing material from a few other sources in addition to the DW stuff, including some GWd20 stuff. It's set in the Fertile Crescent as well, rather than the southwest. If that's all okay with you we can get started.

No problem at all, I'll get on to the nitty gritty later today, and should have something posted by midnight tonight (GMT+10).

I'll probably only use the DW stuff, but I'm going over your character creation primer and the other document, in any case!

I've included the majority of the DW pdf library. I don't expect the players to have it, but I'll certainly be willing to help flesh out a character if you want to use something from a pdf that catches your eye.

Doh. I just tried rolling in the ad thread. Never mind!

I set up a thread for your character.

I got a character done for the most part Fluff and all, he is a non-mutant sniperesque character (charismatic hero) Millitary occupation and a Guardian background if your intrested let me know I worked hard to bang out his background such.

I set up a thread for yours as well Hisage.

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