One last recruiting round for Fighting against the darkness

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One last recruiting round for Fighting against the darkness

Fighting Against the Darkness - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 3

Unfortunately the other thread closed so here's the replacement thread. I'm accepting until I get three quality players. Those who were interested before the new year are welcome to chime in once more to renew their applications.

Number of characters: 3 dependent on the quality of applications

books allowed

core including PBH2
all complete
all races
dragon magic
libris mortis
heroes of horror
Magic of icarium
Tome of magic
Fiendish codex 2
Book of Exalted Deeds

Starting level 3 standard wealth by level.

Roll in the forum as well as post your character sheets

Stat generation: 4d6v1r1

Alignment: No evil
History: Must have a reason for joining the party

By the way we have


Game Description:

As long as there has been souls good and evil has existed. Vengeance, greed, power, along with other emotions have pushed beings to acts of cruelty and deprivation of legendary lengths. Along the way evil perpetuates itself in a myriad of forms. Each form wanting nothing more than souls to use in their perverse plans.

Yet they are opposed by the forces of good. The souls whom see past the illusions evil weaves. They fight for vengeance, honor, glory, wealth, or any number of unnamed reasons, yet they all fight a battle to save others from eternal damnation and pain. It is due to these few that the light still shines bright in the face of darkness.

Power and influence swings like a pendulum. Each side could only hope to stop the other side from gaining power. Evil though had the advantage in the fight. After all it was much easier to win through evil means. Yet victory for evil subjects usually came at a high price, their souls. The time has come for a new set of warriors to take their place among the warriors of good. To leave their mark in the world fighting against that which seeks to corrupt the world.

What happens when there are no wonders to be seen?
What happens when the poet cannot dream?

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Yay everything is fixed!

Ok I am kind of confused. What excatly are you looking for us to submit?
What is the world like?
What level are we starting out?
Are players already in this?

place holder, just checking some books to be sure of my character

Name: Alexis
Race: Rilikan
Class: Incarnate
Alignment: CN
Physical: Alexis stands about 5'10 with shoulderlength red hair, and emerald green eyes, her scales are mostly on her forearmm, innner legs, and along her spine, and they are a deep red color.
History: Alexis never knew her father and never cared she always figured if she didn't know her father she was better of for it. Her mother Belinda had a tendancy to flirt with every cute traveler who passed through town and didn't actually know Alexis' fathers real name. When Alexis was ten her mother finally fell in love with a traveling bard who went by the name of Wren, like most of the travelers he only stay a few days but returned a few months later to see Alexis' mother. This went on for two years and evetually the two decided to settle down, Wren revealed to Alexis' mother that he was a changeling and after the initial shock they got over that fact and started to try and live a life together. Alexis on the other hand at only 10 years old didn't really like the new stranger who had entered her life and objected to it like any young girl would. She stuck it out for a year before she finnally had enough and ran away, both her mother and Wren went looking for her but Wren found her first, and instead of bringing her home got in touch with Belinda and informed her that he was going to travel with her a bit first, so he took on the form of a female human and befriended Alexis and taught her to fight and differant things about traveling and showed her many things about the world, which only served to fuel her wanderlust. After a year though she returned home, and only then did Wren eveal what he'd done but something about the time let her forgive that and finnally acept him. Now she's a bit older and setting of again this time she made ren promise not to follow her, and she's ready to see the world through her eyes.
Personality: A love for travel and adventure, to see and experiance new things, to test herself and her own abilities. She prefers the bustling of cities to forests, a tavern to anything cultured (though sometimes she likes to change that around), she's as likely to fight with a sword as with her tonge. She smart, quick and not even she is sure what's going on inside her head sometimes.

and how are LA handled? Standard version, with one less character level, or same character level but with less xp?

Unfortunately the other thread closed so here's the replacement thread. I'm accepting until I get three quality players. Those who were interested before the new year are welcome to chime in once more to renew their applications.
You prolly clicked it's icon in game profile, we changed it to double click now.

also read the deatils of bug #17

You could of course just have reopened it by clicking the icon again.

You say that our history should include why we join the party. Is there anything in particular about the party that we should know about except 'they fight evil'? In other words, should our history basicly cover why we're angry with 'evil', or something else?
I'm thinking of trying the dragonfire adept. Although if we start at a reasonably high level, Eldritch disciple could also be fun... Do we start at lvl 1?

Thank you Pugsy for your help, but in this case I pulled a stunt and linked the advert thread to a different game. A game I ended up closing. Under the advert threads, but couldn't find it. That's why the new thread.


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