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Cosmic Powers

Cosmic Powers - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds
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[An Introduction]
Here's the king, I have been looking for him all around this planet. A couple of guards standing a good 3 heads taller than me are standing in my way and they don't understand that I am superior. They shoot their blasters at me and I grin as their energy blasts don't get past my skin. I hear a sniper readying his blaster and grab one of the bodyguards and throw the body at him as they get slammed to the wall. One of the bodyguard other hand unsheathes his sword and slashes down at my shoulder and hit it. His eyes meet mine and his face came to the horrifying notion that he isn't going to hurt me. I grab his neck and choke him until I see his body twitch and the sound of his neck snapping.

The king is behind the throne, begging for mercy. His cries are pathetic and I fulfill his wish as my eyes glow and shoot a beam right through his skull frying and exploding his brain in the process. Now I look at my hands covered of blood, so many lives just to protect this king.

I sit down on the throne and grins, one guard come walking into the halls and without hesitating, he put down his weapon and get on his knees.

"Please be merciful, no more people need to die. The world is yours. This was the last king of Men-Lis."

"Do you know the name of your king?"

"Yes, King Taskmaster, the greatest of all beings in the entire galaxy, you have conquered numerous worlds and have made kings fall on their knees. Even Maar will tremble under your wrath and beg for mercy."

"Good job, now I need people to build me a statue, gather the servants."

"Yes, my liege."

[Game Master(s)]
Yours Truly.

[Game Explanation]
This is going to be a cosmic superheroes travelling across the universe, with space battle and stopping tyrants from expanding their intergalactic empires. Anything goes in the universe, you could be a space freelance hero, a cosmic herald, a sorcerer, an alien, an android anything you can think of.
The universe is on the fringe of war; a war that could change the universe as we know it. The pieces have been placed on the chessboard and now we just need the players.

The game will be mostly action packed but there would be time where our heroes will have to use their brain. The heroes would have found a way by your own means to hear about the conquest of Men-Lis by the Taskmaster as presented in the introduction and try to stop him.

[Application Process]
Make a character using the MW character sheet of course and provide a physical description of your superhero, his personality, and background involving the origin of his powers whatever it may be and possibly what he has been doing and why is he in space?

Post your character here

[Character Creation]
--Power Level 14, 210 pp.
--Sources allowed: M&M2E, Ultimate Powers and the Book of Magic
--Provide a background, appearance, personality and reason for being in space.
-- You are open to create your own planet(s) and have your own struggle, I'll work with your character to make it fit in the setting as much as possible and keep your origin intact.
--You can be anything you want, a sorcerer, a mutant, an alien, somebody who is wielding a powerful powered armor from alien technology perhaps? or you have been chosen to work for the intergalactic police?

[Any additional information or requirements]
Hero and Antihero are ok, villains are not. I'm going for a heroic feeling to it, so no the psychotic murderer who pulls out his blade and cut innocent people for no reason is not a heroic character. If you have any questions about the setting ask me, it's fairly generic and did intentionally so people can make any place they come from.
Earth is like present day with slightly more advanced technology mostly for the military and other special forces kind of like any generic comic settings like Marvel or DC.

Ask any questions here and if you need a special approval just ask me in this thread.

Game Description:

Cosmic Powers, an adventure that transcends throughout the entire universe with heroes that are larger than life and their acts that would alter the galaxy forever.

"The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence"-Gin Rummy

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An idea I had kicking around was playing a Computer that sent an "Avatar" out to adventure. Similiar to ISAAC from Marvel or the Nova-Prime worldmind.

Oh I love Nova-Prime, go for it!

Okay I have never played Mutants and Mastermind before and don't have the books. Is there anyone this can be taught to me or am I pretty much pissing in the dark. I love superheroes but have never played a space farring type before. I am thinking of doing a Green Lantern type character with a device that gives me my power and I am assigned as a Guardian or Protector of a specefic planet. I would probably want to kick King Taskamaster's ass lol. If I could

Like maybe I could be Joe Somebody from earth who was chosen to be a Galactic Gaurdian or what not.

Ok as I mentioned on the interest thread, I have a character in mind. He is Singularity, the personification of the force of Gravity. He was born a minor mutant with some control over gravity but was later selected to be it's Avatar. Sound good?

I've got three options in mind so far Hyperion. Which would you think will fit in best?

1st - A paragon/gravity controller who's the last of his race. Recently he has heard rumors of surviving members of his race in the Men-Lis sector and he has come to investigate.

2nd - An ancient sorceror, several millenia old, who was revived in the resurrection pools of his demense by refugees fleeing from the war in Men-Lis.

3rd - A fragment of a Cosmic entity symbolizing hunger which was chipped off from the main entity and comes crashing down to Men-Lis and taking the form of a humanoid.

Yeah I am thinking of a couple marvel based characters but kind of hard with so many to choose from.
1- Quasar
3-Nova Prime(current version....oh Wait that was STOLEN from beneath me lol)
4-........more to follow upon my self update

@Madhatter: well be happy King Taskmaster is indeed the first mission.
@Drakos: Sound good to me.
@Avalon: They could all fit but you might want to consider idea #2 and #3 since someone is making a gravity hero.
@Zenninpo: Indeed lol


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