Slasher Flick: Who wants to die horribly?

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Slasher Flick: Who wants to die horribly?

Slasher Flick: Dying Horribly Is Fun - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 4

I'm trying to organize some online games of Slasher Flick here on Myth-Weavers. The system isn't the greatest for PbP but it could be adjusted. It would be pretty easy to play it over an IM or Chat client as well.

I'm not entirely certain how many players I'll be taking either, so it could be more or less than stated.

Slaher Flick is a game by Spectrum Games based on the concept of well, Slasher Flicks. You know, those movies where attractive, promiscuous, and generally stupid young people are stalked and slaughtered by a psycho killer... The players take the role of the victi- er, characters in the movie. Each having control of one primary character and several secondary characters. The Primary characters are meant to survive at least for most of the flick, while the secondary characers generally get offed more quickly. The goal of the game is sort of to keep your characters alive, but sort of not... Generally you want to keep at least one of them alive so you can play, but there is a system called Genre points that rewards you the player for taking risks with your characters and even losing them. These can then be used on any of your characters for various beneficial effects.

Anyway, the best summary of the basics I can give is the one posted by the author of the game herself:

So, please post your interest in playing, and any ideas you have for what specific sort of flick you're interested in. I should be able to help with the details of character creation, which are fairly simple. The rule book PDF is quite cheap though.

Game Description:

Slasher Flick by Spectrum Games is a system designed to recreate the atmosphere of those trashy violent sexually explicit films known as Slasher Flicks or to Roger Ebert, "Dead Teenager Movies".

The genre itself for the most part is basically a thinly veiled cautionary tale about illegal drug use, premarital sex, and generally all that stuff that goes against good christian values. While the premise varies to a degree the key factors are usually the same. A group of photogenic, shallowly characterized young people participate in various forms of debauchery and are then hunted down and horribly murdered by a seemingly unstoppable killer until the killer is finally stopped by the most least debaucherous female member of the cast. This is the most common premise, but I'm not dedicated to sticking to that outline.

The main point of the game is not necessarily to survive, but to have fun roleplaying the characters and situation.

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I can't really say if there's an application process to be honest. I figured I'd just take whoever I wanted to. It seems like right now that'll be everyone who posts in this thread. Which whill probably be less than 4 excluding me.

Do you know how to? The process is fairly simple,but you still need to know it to do it.

I kind of get it but not really, I know you change the four stats (Brawn, Finesse, Brains, and Spirit) but I'm not sure how you change them.

I can walk you through it if you like. Do you have any thing with IM or chat? Gmail? IRC? ICQ? Steam? Facebook? Skype?

I thik I've got an idea for a flick to run. Mal if you join the game I'll tell you about it so you can make a suitable character.

Oh alright. I see you joined now.

Check your PMs.


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