The Rise of Alakzur

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The Rise of Alakzur

The Rise of Alakzur - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 3

NoticeI am BACK! 2/15/10

Addendum 2/13/10:
More on applying to this game...I know these guys (the ones already in the game) are making crazy builds. I haven't had a chance to look them over but I have played with them for so long I kind of know what to expect. You new (to me) folks need some screening. Right now I am looking for a few key things in order of priority:
  • Fun: Does it appear likely that you will have fun and create fun for others? This is a game, and I take that seriously.
  • Writing style: I need to know how you are going to respond to me in the game. One liners or one pagers? Are your posts going to be filled with typos or spelling/grammar errors? Most of all, can you capture the magic of fantasy?
  • Concept: unique perspective on a plausible and likely powerful build.
  • Discipline: Are you able to follow instructions such as making a table for your character build progression? When you don't follow instructions do you do so with style or in a manner that is irritating and distasteful? Are you able to post regularly for an extended period of time?
  • Getting into Character: Are you going to spend most of your time spamming the ooc thread about the upcoming encounter or are you going to start formulating how your character would respond independently and with consideration of the newly formed group? You don't know each other. You may know of each other, but planning a battle to a t before it even begins will be highly frowned upon and will likely result in closure of the ooc threads during encounters. In fact, I will have a private thread for each of you and there will likely not be an ooc thread for the game talk. Just the mainstream social club which will be closed if metagaming arises.
  • Build: You need to be strong, but don't fret about that right now. Work on your concept, writing style and whatnot but present your build idea. We will help you optimize your build if and when you are accepted.

Game Description:

The ethical problem is that I have a tendency to want to crush my players...
Ten Commandments of Optimization

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Expressing interest. I love to play in the mid-level range.

I see "The Ten Commandments of Optimization" in your sig, so I'll brainstorm something useful but not overpowering.

Anticipating rejection but asking anyway (Someone has to): How do you feel about Tome of Battle? Also, I wonder if the Races of
Destiny, Stone, etc.
lots books are a forgotten omission or otherwise. Similarly, what about region specific books from Eberron or Forgotten realms (personally, I'm primarily interested in these for the sake of Changelings and Warforged)? Finally, it's only sort of a source question as it's also in the SRD: Are traits and/or flaws available?

Actually, expressing interest with a Psion (Telepath), I do love the slight Asian flavor. I think I'm going to run with some sort of
I do not actually mean monk as the character class, but rather someone who has spent decades sitting cross-legged on a mountain.
sage/monkish character. If ToB is available I'll see if I can't build a swordsage/Master of Nine.

I'm leaning either to a straight Druid, or an Arcane Hierophant from Races of the Wild (dual progression druid/arcane), if that is permissible.

If straight Druid, I'm thinking some kind of druid courtier, from a corner of the empire where druids run things (ala Eberron druids, but not necessarily with any of their fluff). If Arcane Hierophant, I'm thinking a legendary solo magical warrior who protects the forests and the common folk, etc.

Would either be appealing?

I'd love to make a Samurai.. However not using Samurai from Complete Warrior.

Would non-abused Iajutsu Focus from Oriental Adventures be acceptable?

I'd also have to clear a few more things but that is the first question.

Just checking in to say howdy. Glad to see interest in this already. I'll pop by to answer some questions here and there as needed.

As a definite member of the party, I feel that I should warn you that my character will be a martially minded cleric, putting the C into CoDzilla as it were. Not abusing any persistent cheese, but definitely capable of laying down the smack for his god. The other definite members have yet to stake their claim, as far as I am aware. Though RogueJedi does seem to initially be going for a Barbarian of sorts.

To throw out an answer to a few questions of sources: As Gath mentioned in the opening post, he has been away from D&D for a while and is coming back slowly. He has restricted sources to make life easier on himself. So if there is a single feat, spell, item, etc. from a book not on the list, there is a decent chance that will be approved. However, big stuff like allowing all of ToB (which I personally love, and would probably be playing a RKV if it were allowed), is probably going to be denied.

Happy gaming.

I'd love to give this a shot. I've got an idea for a Sun Elf (FRCS, basically an elf with +2 Int instead of +2 Dex) wizard that's actually sort of based off myself, just with super wizard brains instead of half a brain

He'd be spacey, always have his nose in a book (his spellbook, or history books), has a tendency to say "Huh?" and "What?" a lot because he lacks patience and bores easily, but is actually pretty smart when he's not off in ADHD land. Also has a penchant for picking spells that make big booms, or just lots of pretty colors. Will probably specialize in something that isn't Enchantment or Necromancy (real specific, huh?).

EDIT - come to think of it, the Inattentive Flaw would just be icing on the cake, it sort of conflicts with the whole "elf ears/eyes" deal but I think it would be appropriate given that I'm likely to roleplay the crap out of it even without the flaw

I am interested in some sort of cleric, utilizing persisted spells to power combat support. If you allow the character type, we can work out appropriate rulings for what turns are usable for fueling the DMM (I may take DMMuicken if I have enough feats for it, now or later in the campaign). I will try to take enought cha + extra turns to power 2 persists, if possible. Everything else is gravy to me, although I'd like to have the capacity to use equipment generated turns for turning undead, if we run into them.

If that's a no-go, I'd be glad to go back to the drawing board and see if another I want to tinker with another mid-level character concept. Some sort of conjurer comes to mind here (I'm happy to go wiz9...I just want to play with conjurations).


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