Epic of Corush: The Heroes Recruiting.

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Epic of Corush: The Heroes Recruiting.

The Epic of Corush: The Heroes - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e
Ad Closes: Mar 31 '10
Estimated Members Requested: 2

Original game recruitment thread- copy pasted.

[Game Explanation]

What I'm doing here is accepting applications (which include a 3,000-5000 word writing sample) to a game with a setting that hasn't been erected yet. I'm doing this because:

A. I want to make sure I can get enough quality players before going to the trouble of dreaming up a campaign.
B. I want the world to fit the PCs, and not the other way around.
C. I figure once someone has invested that much time into their character through the writing sample, they will hopefully want to follow that investment up with active participation in the game.

You lead, I follow.

Now here's the somewhat unusual part. For your application, I am looking for a writing sample of roughly 3,000 - 5,000 words. This should be an episode in his or her life that will allow you to "show" the PC rather than "tell" about him or her. This sample can be written in either first or third person, and in past or present tense, though I will request writing in third-person present tense for the actual game because it feels more immediate and alive to me, which I think is good for an RPG.

In addition, please give the following when you apply:

Background/Biography: (500-1,000 words here)
Goals: (List 3-5 goals that the PC has, or that you have for the PC)
Allies: (List 2-4 allies that the PC has. These allies may become an important part of the campaign)
Enemy/Nemesis: List and describe one.
Pbp Resume: (see #3 below in "What and Who I'm Looking For")
What I really like in a game/DM is: (Tell me what you like. Also feel free to suggest something in terms of setting and mood, because I am open to that).

Things like the character's appearance, personality, and motivations should be apparent through your writing sample.

You can collaborate with others on your characters' backstories and submit a co-application if you wish. If accepted, just make sure to interact with the other PCs a lot too, i.e. the ones you didn't collaborate with initially.

I realize that this is a hefty application process, but the creative process is its own reward IMO. And if you aren't chosen for this game, you'll no doubt have a rich character ready for another game.

[What and Who I'm Looking For]

1. A writing sample that shows a fascinating character that I want to spend potentially a few years of my life helping to develop.
2. Players that will meet the posting requirements (see below) at least 80% of the time (i.e. at least 4 out of every 5 weeks).
3. Players that can demonstrate a consistent history playing in or DMing other play-by-post games. If you can't do that, then try to demonstrate something else that establishes your credentials as a likely dependable pbp player. You can do this via PM if you want.
4. Players that have taken the time to study the 4th Ed. rules and have a pretty decent grasp of them (we're all learning, though).
5. Players that will get along well with other players.
6. Players that will read this game advertisement and follow the instructions in it.
7. Players that are in control of their own computer situation. If your parents might ground you from computer time, or your machine is old and you'll be gone for a month when it goes down, please do not apply.
8. Motivated and creative players that will work well with my somewhat reflective approach to DMing (see above).

[House Rules]

I will have some house rules in play, partly for the purpose of making pbp work better and more fairly.

I will lay down some other initial house rules that hopefully will add to everyone's enjoyment of the game. For example, I like seeing skills used, so I have added a little bit to the 4e skills in other games to make them a little more interesting and useful. I also up the benefits of Skill Focus (to +4) and Skill Training (so that it also gives +2 to an already trained skill) to make those feats a little more attractive.

To make up for the new Weapon Expertise and Implement Expertise feats being considered almost mandatory by many, I'm giving all the PCs an extra feat. You don't have to take the Expertise feat with that if you don't want to, though. I'm also going to allow one selection of the Expertise feat to apply to one weapon group and one implement type so that classes that tend to use both don't feel like they have to choose the feat twice, and everyone gets the same benefit. So you can call the feat Weapon/Implement Expertise if you take it and choose one weapon group and one implement type with it.

Here's a big one. One of the few criticisms of 4e that I actually agree with is that combat can be a bit tedious. We are going to reduce the hp of every thing in the game (both PCs and enemies) by 15%, rounded down. This means that you would determine your hp as normal, including the use of any feats such as Toughness; then, multiply your hp by 0.85 and round down. Determine your bloodied and healing surge values from the adjusted hp total. Because of this house rule, XP for minions will be worth 133% the normal total. I'm pretty much convinced that this will improve the game. Not to be a hard-ass, but this house rule will be non-negotiable.

I've also made some changes to make multiclassing more flexible as described in this post.


Selection of the players will be made by the current players. Hammerfist, Abelard, Ventnor, and I.

Game Description:

A band of heroes must overcome an alliance of evil forces that seeks to revive the ancient empire of Arkhosia--an island empire of dragonborn lost to the known world for thousands of years--in order to use the dragonborn to conquer the world known as Corush. During the first cataclysm three thousand years ago, Arkhosia saved the planet from subjugation by the tieflings and their goblinoid allies. The dragonborn, and their island home Io's Talon, disappeared long ago, but for a small number of ambitious men and women each with their own agendas, Io's Talon has been found once again, and there lies the beginnings of their epic destinies.

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Good freaking G-d. As interesting as this games looks... 3-5K words? I don't have time to write that in anything shorter than... like... a week!

Oh- no one said anything about it being done in a week, the original game advert ran for a long time. I actually copy-pasted most of it. I think me and the other players are willing to give plenty of time for this writing exercise. I think the main purpose of the game is to have an epic for your character.

Thanks for the interest Feel free to stop by our OOC forums to say hi and stuff

I don't know if I have time for another long app but at least this post will bookmark the thread for me and I'll consider it over the weekend maybe.

I have to say, the length of the requested submission is scaring me off too. You're already requesting 500-1000 for the background, and adding another three to five thousand words on top of that, just to have a chance to get into the game in the first place?

I have a major academic research paper due this week. You're asking for a longer submission than my professor is.

I like writing, but that's just too much work.

Are you guys looking for characters to fill particular roles, or is anything and everything on the table?

Current player, here. We've got a paladin, warden, avenger, and bard. I don't think we've specifically ruled out any classes or roles, but it sure doesn't look like we need another defender.

I agree that the length of the background is rather...long.

The hope was, and still is, that after you put in significant amount of work into the character, we will be able to develop a fuller storyline- with a lower dropout chance.

Here's the link to the original applicants, for your quick reference

Thanks, good to know.


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