Experience and Treasure (OOC)

Experience and Treasure (OOC)

For the awarding of the above, and OOC discussions related to the distribution.

Chapter 1 Rewards

Kyle: 310xp + 50xp = 360xp
Collin: 300xp
Regius: 250xp +50xp = 300xp
Mariel: 210xp +100xp = 310xp
Thistle: 170xp

Best characterization: Mariel +100xp (this was really close... Regius is quite good too)
Best single post: Regius +50xp (the inn entrance; Kyle's guardhouse interrogation was a close second)
Cleverness bonus: Kyle +50xp (disarming the guards at the Sheriff's house)

No treasure to speak of so far.

I like the idea of using XP carrots to foster the RP; which so far has been excellent all round, making this one of my favourite games!

Quick question: as level 1 characters, do we start with 0 XP?

Yes, so this is your initial allotment. About a third of a level.

I have no problem with unequal rewards so long as everyone has a chance to shine and do their thing. Of course that requires active participation from everyone. Loving the frequent post count kids, keep it up!

Indeed. I'm completely open to player ideas on how to give their characters more opportunities, so if you think of something you want to see or do, drop me a line and I'll work it in somehow

Chapter 2 Rewards

Thistle: 80xp + 100xp = 180xp
Regius: 110xp + 50xp = 160xp
Collin: 120xp
Naomi: 60xp + 50xp = 110xp
Kyle: 60xp

Best characterization: Thistle +100xp (Regius a close second again. This was hard, but the Elf's coming out was well-executed)
Best single post: Regius +50xp (The juggling act was such a great moment, it had to be rewarded)
Cleverness bonus: Naomi +50xp (Calling out Thistle)

Still no treasure, other than the priceless gift of information.

Combat rewards


1 breastplate, pristine condition
1 longsword, pristine condition
1 rapier, excellent condition
1 mace, good condition
Lots of random weapons and armor, decrepit condition
A pouch of cut gem stones, mixed
About 400 pieces of silver, heavily tarnished

Chapter 4 Experience

Collin: 400XP
Regius: 350XP + 100XP = 450XP
Kyle: 300XP
Thistle: 300XP + 50XP = 350XP
Naomi: 250XP + 50XP = 300XP
Narnae: 250XP + 50XP = 300XP

Characterization bonus: Regius +100XP (screaming noble being bitten by spiders)
Best single post: Tie, Naomi +50XP (bone analysis) / Thistle +50XP (proof by arrows)
Cleverness bonus: Narnae +50XP (smooth character takeover and expansion)

Chapter 5 Experience

Naomi: 200XP + 50XP = 250XP
Narnae: 200XP + 50XP = 250XP
Thistle: 200XP + 50XP = 250XP
Rhyoick: 100XP
Collin: 200XP
Regius: 150XP
Kyle: 100XP + 100XP = 200XP

Characterization: Kyle +100XP (various insights and plans)
Best single post: Narnae +50XP (mending Thistle's fences) / Naomi +50XP (inspection of the vial)
Cleverness bonus: Thistle +50XP (the plan)


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