Experience and Treasure (OOC)

Chapter 6 Experience

Collin: 300xp + 250xp = 500xp
Narnae: 300xp + 300xp = 600xp
Thistle: 250xp + 300xp = 550xp
Kyle: 250xp + 300xp = 550xp
Naomi: 200xp + 300xp = 500xp
Rhyoick: 150xp + 250xp = 400xp

Chapter 7 Experience

Everyone earns 500xp for successfully navigating this challenging situation. Additionally:

Thistle and Naomi both earn 100xp for best overall characterization.
Kyle earns 50xp for the best single post (reaction to Betty's appearance).
Narnae earns the 50xp for cleverness (inquiring about the hound).

Chapter 8 Experience

Everyone earns 1000xp for the lengthy exploration process.

Narnae earns a bonus 100xp for stepping up in the leadership role when rg had to take a break.
Collin earns a bonus 100xp for knightly characterization.

Chapter 9 Experience

200xp each.

100xp each to Narnae and Caitrin for deep thoughts and managing not to strangle each other

Chapter 10 Experience

450xp each.

+50xp to Caitrin for the scene at the gates of Redmount Falls; well characterized to put the guards at ease.
+50xp to Thistle for this post.
+50xp to Collin for engaging the dwarves.
+50xp to Narnae for initiative in learning what business the Watchers are in.
+50xp to Rhyoick for good memory.

Chapter 11 Experience

500xp each.

+50xp to Narnae for not giving up on Thistle and Asclepius just because their players disappeared.
+50xp to Caitrin for the reveal scene on the source of her mystic power.
+50xp each to Roarke and Rhyoick for this exchange.
+50xp each to Narnae, Caitrin, and Tae'liva for not managing to kill each other (yet?) while having pointed philosophical disagreements
+50xp each to Roarke and Tae'liva for making the best of the situation while most of the group did their private conversation thingy.
+50xp to Collin for hooking Caitrin back into the party with her previous commitment.


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