Re-Recruit : Hard Times

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Re-Recruit : Hard Times

Hard Times - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Mar 1 '10
Estimated Members Requested: 2

Re-Opening this for two new spaces. The party is just completing their first day in the campaign and are one encounter deep. The game is focused on roleplay with combat mingled in there.

While there are two spots, one is defined as a Cleric who has amnesia. They cannot remember their past, and as such, walk a divine path, divining the world around them, hoping to find what their life once was (sex of the character is not pre-determined, and can be changed to follow whichever deity etc.)

The other slot has been requested to be filled (by those playing) by a more combat oriented class.

as of now we have a bard, a wizard, and a wizard who is training in the Armored Mage class.

Please read through what you can of the posts to see if you're comfortable with the style of play and how the story has progressed NOTE: how the story has progressed is key. The initial information only says so much. I as a DM accept feedback from the players as this started my DM'ing here at myth-weavers and I am looking to create a fun and stable environment that we can all enjoy playing in.

Posting is once per weekday really (I'm not available on the weekends too much) and I respond mostly during the day (8am EST and 5pm EST).

please feel free to post questions and inquiries.

Game Description:

Because RP'ing is just that fun

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I would love to give a barbarian a shot. Never have played one and it would fit the need a bit.

Of course! All applications are welcomed, and we look forward to seeing what you have to offer to the campaign.

OK. I am planning to make a Dwarven Barbarian - looks fun. I am working up the sheet but will probably take me a couple days. Weekends are especially busy for me so may slow me down a bit. Would you consider adding 3 players should you like 3 of our apps?

[roll=HP]2d12+6[/roll] Sorry, my bad.
No dice rolling in the ad forum thanks

numbers of players are being debated, we shall see. If an app is mentioned to be forthcoming, I can certainly hold off on the date of the ad closing.

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