Tale's of Faerun - Recruiting

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Tale's of Faerun - Recruiting

Tales of Faerun - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e - Forgotten Realms 4e
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Ad Closes: March 12th

Howdy folks. Figure while I'm waiting to get into a game to play, I could run one of my own. I like to think I'm a decent multi-tasker. Anyway, on to business. I'm looking for four people, amount of experience you have isn't too big of an issue. I have DMed two games before, but they were private and with some friends, so less pressure =P

# 1st level characters, please. Standard 22 point buy system.
# You get 200gp starting gold to purchase your own basic equipment. The Adventurer's Kit listed in the PhB is free.
# The feat for weapon and implement expertise is also free.
# I'd like the usual background/appearance/race/class/etc format you usually see in Ads. You can post them right in this thread. The completed sheet itself isn't necessary until you know you are accepted for sure, but if you wanna send it go ahead. But I LOVE, and I mean love, unique and interesting characters that want to develop over time.
# I'm not too sure what to say about posting. Obviously I would like at lease once a week, and once on the weekend as a minimum. But if you guys manage to do more then that, that is awesome too. I am around my pewter a lot so it is all good.

Allowed Material: The only books I currently have are the 4e Core Books, the Forgotten Realms Player's Guide, and the Forgotten Realm's Campaign guide. As such, I would really prefer to stick to material only from there.

So! If you're interested, please feel free to post you applications here. Any questions, ask here or shoot me a PM.

Things to know: I am fairly new to 4e, but not DMing in general. I am, again, very big on roleplay and character development. If you've got interesting goals you can PM them to me and I may just try to work something in. The idea here is to start with a small adventure, and hopefully lead into a nice campaign. I may miss some rules. If I miss a rule that specifically causes an issue to your character or something you are trying to do, please point it out to me and explain. I'll be happy to fix my mistake. At the same time, I may leave something out in the interest of fluff or visualization. One request I have (and I don't know the norm so if this is it, please disregard) us that when using a power, you paste the info of said power to the spoiler tag when you make your roll, for easy reference. Likely the only rolls you see from me will be the usual DM stuff, such as when i deal you damage =P Also, and I know this may be a turn off for some, but I don't use maps. Sorry. I may somewhere along the line, but right now I'm beyond bad with them, and don't want to spend a lot of time learning the basis perfectly.

Game Description:

Velen. A small, independent Duchy a ways to the Southwest of Amn. Once a part of the realm of Tethyr, this Duchy gained it's independence in the year 1424 DR. The initial breakaway caused much tension with the nation of Tethyr, but over the years Velen has managed mend the relations until it was finally able to call Tethyr an ally in truth.

But all is not well in this isolated kingdom. Due to it's position, Velen is forced to do most of it's trade by sea, but lately Nelanther pirates have made it all but impossible for Velen's merchant ships to sale. Left with no other options, the High Duchess of Velen gave merchant groups that were brave enough, permission to try to transport goods overland. The merchants would have to cut through the Ogre Kingdom of Murranndin, in order to reach the trade way. As to be expected, things did not go well. But even odder is the increased sightings of groups of ogres, being spotted closer and closer to Velen's borders. Being the small Duchy that it is, Velen can hardly spare a decent portion of it's soldiers to multiple investigations. As such, the High Lady has put out a call to adventurers, stating that there is work to be found in Velen.

And so, your story begins.

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I forgot to point out, you'll all be starting in the Drunken Dwarf (Is that a generic enough name? I think so) tavern, in the city of Velen. While it would be easier if you all knew each other at least slightly, I realize some of you may not know each other out of the game, so it could be hard. Once I've got four of you, I'll see how I'll play it.


Are you allowing any type of backgrounds, Forgotten Realms or others?

Well what do you mean by any type? I'm not familiar (in the sense I know any lore) of any official campaign settings, other then FR. But really, if it's something I can wrap my head around I don't see it being a problem. I'll just need enough info to understand the setting.

I think he means the regional benefits found in the FRPG.

At any rate, what are your thoughts on Spellscars?

Oh yeah regional benefits from the FRPG are perfectly fine, probably shoulda pointed that out in the post. Haven't done anything with Spellscarred characters in any of my games yet, but it seems pretty strait forward so go for it.

Core books...So just PHB right? No PHB 2? No Adventurer's Vault either?

Don't mind the restriction, just making sure since different people I know have different definitions of Core...=S

Very true. I only have the PHB, DMG, and the MM. The only reason the restriction is really there is cause I'm fairly new to 4e, and this is my first shot DMing for random people. So trying to limit my instances of looking like and idiot =3

But I suppose if you want to use something else within reason and can show me the essentials of what I need to know about it, I can handle it.

Nah, it's alright...FRPG was written when all the other splat books aside from PHB didn't exist yet, so it's probably most balanced when only used with the PHB stuff, heh. =P


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