The Time for Ragnarok has Come?

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The Time for Ragnarok has Come?

The Time for Ragnarokhas Come - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds
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The new ragnarok has come at last and the gods need champions to fight the evil in order to end it. This is an MnM campaign using Core Rules and Ultimate Power. Immunity to aging will be given at the start this is a PL 14 game.

Game Description:

Something is going down in the relm of Asgard

The wind cannot move the sturdiest of mountains, nor can you move me from this spot
Will post something after class tomorrow, Graze. Any more information on the setting? Are we playing gods from Asgard or are we just "normal" humans?

EDIT: So I've got a concept for a speedster that I'm working on, but I'd still like an answer to my question before I get any fluff started.
EDIT: One more question whenever you get around to it. I'm planning on making my Super-Speed array a Dynamic one. Are you alright with that?

you could either be a son of god or a dead humon brought back from the dead.

Are you okay with the dynamic array? I may not go for the speedster now, but I may still include the array.

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