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Converting Dark Heresy Powers to Rogue Trader Techniques

Converting Dark Heresy Powers to Rogue Trader Techniques

This is what I've got so far. More will follow.

Minor Powers: As the concept of Minor Powers does not exist in RT, I will be divvying these up between the Disciplines, putting them where they best (which usually means most thematically) fit.

Overbleed X: The difference between a successful roll and the target number on a Focus Power roll equals the Overbleed generated by a Focus Power Test. The maximum amount of Overbleed that may be generated is equal to the Psyker's Willpower Bonus times the Psy Rating used for that Focus Power Test. This Overbleed may be expended on Overbleed Bonuses. X is equal to the amount of Overbleed that must be 'spent' to trigger a given Overbleed Bonus. An Overbleed Bonus can only be triggered once per such expenditure. Unless otherwise noted, Overbleed Bonuses are cumulative and stack with each other.


Divination Discipline:

Telepathy Discipline:

Telekinesis Discipline:

Pyromancy Discipline:

Biomancy Discipline:

No idea why there are no comments on this, because its bloody awesome.

Consider it stolen for my current campaign

Very nice conversions. Have you had the opportunity to playtest them?

Thank you for pointing out the obvious, and for contributing to the bump. Had I seen it before, I would have posted in it then. It just happens that I've been toying with doing something like this for awhile and haven't gotten around to doing it.

Just as a sidenote, you did not change the Overbleed effects to Degrees of Success from the Power Threshold numbers. To keep in line with the Conversions FFG already did, just divide the listed overbleed numbers by 5 and you have the number of Degrees of Success required to gain the same effect. You could keep it as listed here, but that puts it out of synch with the rest of Rogue Trader's Techniques.

Thanks for making this conversion for Rogue Trader just had a question about the biomancy basic technique: Mind over Body. Here is what you wrote:

"The Biomancer may assume a number of the following effects equal to the Technique's Psy Rating / 2 (rounded up):"
Psy Rating 1+, 1+ Biomancy Techniques (including Mind Over Body):

Could you explain this to me? Unfortunately I'm struggling to understand what exactly the wording means in terms of how many effects can be activated at once. If you could give a direct example as well that would help a lot.

I know this is a really old post but fingers crossed someone sees this.

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