Fording the Dreiset [Gauss, Merlana, mzipser, MzNurse, The Bushranger]

Fording the Dreiset [Gauss, Merlana, mzipser, MzNurse, The Bushranger]

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The group spends the night at the farmstead, enjoying the slight comfort of the nearly abandoned home as a significant upgrade from the rainy, cold, unyielding outdoors. The grandmother is as hospitable as she can be, even after Talia's magic has worn off. The old woman seems to gravitate to Layna for some reason, making sure to offer her a drink or a bite to eat every chance she gets. It's almost alarmingly ingratiating behavior.

Meanwhile, Abby only has eyes for Tobie after the carved gift the woodcutter gave the shy little girl the day before. She's nowhere near as knowledgeable or insightful as her guardian, but Abby makes up for it with a pert politeness that belies her dreadful situation.

"Which way are you bound?" Abby asks as the ensemble enjoys a light breakfast in the kitchen, with grandmother watching at the front window and Astaban covering the back.

Astaban smiles at Abby as he responds, "We were planning to cross the river, perhaps visit the town. However, given what we know now..." he trails off as the smile slowly vanishes from his face.


Talia seems a bit happier not having to sleep out in the cold she does seem better off than before as she wakes and gets ready, a bit disappointed about the lack of water she does make do with it, she may have to wait another night. "well Thanks for the night, though we should get going, well see you around abby." she does say as she packs up her bedroll and gets ready to leave, still eager to get to town.

With the breakfast in her stomach Talia is definitely ready to leave, not wanting to out stay their welcome she does, thank the old crone and prepares to head up stairs. She lets some ones else answer the little girl as she has been running out of patience about it never liked kids and didn't want to have them.

Karn bows to the old woman and the little girl as he packs up, "Thank you for your hospitality. It is good to know that, even in these times, there are still good people around."

As they leave, he quietly slips a gold piece onto the table, under a plate, when nobody is looking.

The grandmother smiles graciously. "It's good to have a guest that's not trying to take something from you. I know all Astan-folk aren't bad, but it's hard to overlook your stinking army. Someone ought to do something about your prince." She glowers in a generally westward direction, giving the impression that she'd do the doing herself if she had the means. "Good luck with your journey... may you find a more peaceful place somewhere."

Unless anyone has anything else to say or do in the farmstead, I think it's time to be on your way.

Astaban thanks the grandmother for her hospitality, and proceeds to gather his things.

In doing so, Astaban quietly leaves several sets of rations in the area where he had been sleeping.


Talia waits for Astaban then smiles at him, "Astaban dear can you help me with my stuff a bit?" she asks him sweetly not wanting to do work this early in the morning she leans close to him pressing her chest up against his back a hand playing a bit with his hair. Not waiting much for an answer she does hand him her bedroll and stuff before heading up the stairs swinging her hips a bit. She pauses half way up and looks back at him, "Thanks, your such a sweet heart!" Smiling at him she give him a wink before continuing up the stairs and out to the horses.

Astaban gapes for a second as she goes up the stairs; then, when out of eyesight, proceeds to drop everything on the floor next to the stairwell.

He then proceeds outside.

Everyone finally manages to gather up at the horses, with belongings packed and ready to be on the move. Just as Layna is about to set off, though, Abby comes running up the stairs and out the door. "Miss Talia, Miss Talia!" she calls, huffing and puffing as she lugs a bundle of belongings in her two small arms. "You forgot your things," the little girl says, handing them up to the raven-haired woman.


Talia looks back at the girl then shoots a dirty look at Astaban, she does move over to the girl, at least the kid was good for something. She kneels down and accepts her items from the girl smiling at her and patting her on the head, "Thank you, ... Abby seems I would have forgotten them if not for you!" she winks at the girl and stands up putting her stuff back onto her horse as she tire to tie it on right. Once done she gets back onto Night puffing up a bit trying to look special before waving to the Abby as they leave.

Once out of sight of the girl Talia just glares at Astaban before moving ahead of him just enough to be in the way of him and his horse as they keep going. Sitting up strait she like she had smelled something rather unpleasant she proceeds to just stay in front of Astaban.

Lol, can't believe that Astaban was just going to leave her stuff there, its not like she did anything wrong just asked a favor of him. Oh well guess he does not like the idea of being a porter, lol."


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